How To Buy

Lil Dusty Online is an ascending price auction. The bid you enter is the highest amount you are willing to pay for that item. This is a private bid, no sellers or other buyers will know your bid amount. Lil Dusty places your bid automatically until you are outbid or the bidding exceeds your maximum amount . There are no restrictions on how many times you may bid on a single item. All items have a minimum bid of $2.00. Any amount bid less than $2.00 will automatically become a $2.00 bid.

How to place a bid

To place a bid on a lot, click the “ Bid Now” button. A new window will pop up, Here you have two options: “Max Bid” or “Regular Bid”. Max bids are described below. Mark the box of the bid option you choose, place your bid amount, and click place bid. Bids cannot be retracted after it has been placed.

All item you bid on will be added to your watchlist.


Clicking an “eye” icon on any lot will add that lot to your watchlist without placing a bid. To view your watchlist, click Account, then click the tab “watchlist”.

Max Bid

When you place a max bid, the system will automatically bid for you up to the amount that you have entered. Any time another person places a bid, it will place the lowest amount required to outbid that user while staying under your max bid.

Bidding increments

Bid Amount – Increment 2.00 – 0.50 20.00 – 1.00 35.00 – 1.50 50.00 – 2.50 100.00 – 5.00 500.00 – 10.00 1,000.00 – 25.00 10,000.00 – 50.00 100,000.00 – 100.00