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Sell With Us

Selling Terms and Conditions

Lil Dusty Online (LD) conducts auctions via online web cast and live bidding, subject to the following terms and conditions. The terms and conditions may be changed and updated at any time via our online auction website. It is our customers' responsibility to stay up to date on our terms and conditions. The laws of the State of Michigan shall govern these provisions.

All customers of these auction services must be at least 18 years old.


According to Michigan law sellers may not bid on their own items. This offense will result in loss of seller privileges.

The seller is solely responsible for reporting any income received as a result from their listed items.

These items are not allowed for sale in LD auctions: guns, alcohol, opened make up, opened hygiene products, chemicals, pornography, automobiles, food or items deemed illegal by state and federal law. Used clothing is subject to prior approval by LD. If you are not sure whether an item is allowed for auction please feel free to contact our office.

Sellers must accurately describe all items up for auction. Though the auction is listed as 'as is-where is' condition it is the sellers' responsibility to provide truthful disclosure regarding condition of item. If an item has been deemed misrepresented the buyer will be granted a full refund. In this occurrence the seller will be charged the amount of purchase price; no listing fees or commissions will be refunded.

Once listed an item cannot be removed for any reason.

Communication with buyers must be conducted through LD. Descriptions of items may not contain sellers contact information including but not limited to name, address, phone number, email or social network identification.


  • Listing fee - Zero listing fee
  • LD commission - 25% on final bid total
  • No Sale Fee - $1.00 for each item receiving zero bids
  • Seller is not entitled to any portion of the 10% buyers premium charged to the bidder.

Sellers interested in consigning with LD will need to set an appt with the office for the purpose of reviewing the items they wish to consign. Consigning with LD will result in additional fees and commissions to be discussed upon appointment.

Items returned by buyer for reasons of misrepresentation will be returned to seller and seller will not be paid on the final bid amount for that item. Any listing fees will not be returned to seller.

Sellers will be issued a check on the second Wednesday following the auction ending date. The amount of check amount will be determined by the final bid amount minus listing fees, commissions, no sale fees and any amount returned to buyer in the case of misrepresentation.

Our hours for drop off are Thursday FOLLOWING auctions ending. Items MUST be delivered to the auction house by 7pm the Thursday after the auction ending unless prior arrangements have been made with LD. Penalties will apply to items not received by this time, up to and including the price of the items not received and removal of selling privileges. Items dropped off prior to auction ending and not receiving a bid will be returned to seller during regular pick up hours. Exceptions for drop off may be made in cases of large items to be picked up at seller's location. This exception will only be made for items that are too large or heavy to be transported to the auction house. This must be noted in the item description and an email of notification sent to to Please remember that listing items for auction constitutes a legally binding contract and it is the seller's responsibility to insure all sold items are available for the buyer to pick up.

All items must be clearly marked with the item number. When you arrive with your packages an LD representative may review your drop off list to insure all items have been delivered and are properly labeled. Please allow time for this process.

Auctions begin closing at 7pm on Wednesday. 10 items will end each minute until all items are closed. New bids placed within 5 minutes of the ending auction time will extend that item's time by 5 minutes with every bid placed to make the bidding process fair for all buyers.

How to Sell

Step One - Register as a Buyer.

Step Two - Read and accept Terms and Conditions. Please read these carefully as it lists additional information regarding selling and fees.

Step Three - Contact us to receive a seller number. You can do this by email, phone or visit the auction house during regular business hours.

Step Four - We will send you a seller number, a password and the item numbers permanently assigned to your account via email.

Listing Items

Step One - Click on 'Seller' tab on the Home Page. Enter your seller number and password.

Step Two - Click on the 'New' button.

Step Three - Choose an item number from your designated permanent item numbers and enter it in the item box

Step Four - Choose a category for your item from the categories. If you are unsure of the appropriate category, leave this box blank and we will enter it for you.

Step Five - Enter a description. This is what buyers will see when scrolling items. Be sure to accurately describe condition, size, color, measurements, brand, and any defects.

Step Six - Additional Information. This step is optional. You can use this space to enter information not needed in the description of an item

Step Seven - Click 'Add Item'. Your item is now listed on the site and you are ready to add photos.

Step Eight - Adding Photos. After adding the item five boxes will appear beneath the description section. Click browse to locate the picture file you wish to use for this item. The file must be in a .jpeg format. Once you have opened the file you can use the remaining boxes to add additional files. When you have loaded all the pictures you need click on the 'Upload Image(s)' button. As a default the first picture you load will be the primary picture. You can change this to a different picture by clicking the 'make primary' button underneath the photo. You also have the option of deleting a photo.

Click on the 'New' button and repeat Listing Items steps 2-8 for each additional item you wish to list for auction.

If you have trouble loading pictures the files may be too large to load quickly. For photos to load faster they may need to be resized or you can load your photos using Mozilla Firefox as your Internet Browser.


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