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Wednesday, August 7th
Listings will end starting at 8pm Eastern Time. -
Bidding starts now, and ends on Wednesday, 8-7-2019. Listings will end starting at 8pm Eastern Time.

Item Description
020.Side by side secretary hutch/bookcase.Great condition.Meas 61" x 38" x 13". Plenty of organizational space.Detailed engraving on the front.
021.Mid 1800's Dining Table and Chairs. Chair seats are raw hide and in good solid condition. Would make a great Cabin table
022.Pembrook wingback chairs in nice condition.
023.Single axle Trailer. needs lights, pulls well, roughly 14' box
024.Stainless Steel/Chromed shelving wardrobe in good condition
025.Stainless steel/ Chrome shelving unit
026.King-size headboard with framing, mattress and boxspring see pictures for brand-name.nw...
027.Antique 4 drawer dresser with original label on the back, skeleton key holes, removable copper and brass hardware. See pictures for the label on the back. Message 35 inch by 40 inch by 18 in.nw,,.
028.Japanese decorated round coffee table, detail top. Measures 15 inch by 36in.nw...
029.2 door wood cabinet, detailed raised heart design. Inside has shelf railings. Cut out backing.. measures 43 inch by 24 inch by 37 in.nw...
030.Large grill with tiered nesting trays appears to be in good condition. Brand name has worn off. Time to break out the hot dogs in the burgers.nw...
031.Black painted drop leaf tea cart with glass topper, turn casters. One of the casters needs to be reglued see pictures. Measures 29 inch by 28 inch by 17 in.nw...
032.Curtis Mathes turntable fully automatic system with AM FM stereo amplifier equalizer cassette deck and VCR player. Comes with rolling cart and two freestanding box speakers.nw...
033.Knotty pine custom built changing tables,would make a great planter stand. Measures 3 foot by 36 by 18.nw...
034.Wooden electric fireplace with mantle, floor Base, fire dogs and screen grate.Meas 47 by 15 by 60.nw...
035.Blue painted three tier wooden shelf with scroll cut sides, measure 28 by 39 by 11.nw...
036.Yakima space cadet car top cargo carrier.nw...
037.Two-door media cabinet white painted with antique style hardware. Pull out shelf on rails. Good condition. Can be used for more than just a media cabinet. 36 by 35 by 19.nw...
038.Yellow painted wooden dresser, skeleton key holes, six drawers, dovetail joint. just needs to be repainted has a lot of cute qualities. Measures 43" by 32" by 20".nw...
039.70 x 46 wood framed wall mirror. For the person who needs a full-length mirror.nw...
040.Stanley furniture beautiful wooden buffet, would make a great refinish coffee bar. 31 by 70 by 19.nw...
041.Wrought iron heavy fireplace caddy with tools. 8C1..
042.Whirlpool clothing dryer, see pictures for model number. Tested and works.
043.5 drawer wooden dresser, brass hardware in detailed etching on the front. Measures 52 in by 3 foot by 18".
044.7 drawer wooden dresser, brass hardware. Measures 33 in by 18th 64.nw. ..
045.Lexington desk with Dixie hutch topper.
046.Antique kitchen table with 6legs on casters . Great condition
047.Beautiful knotty pine handmade hutch
048.Tall dresser with swing out doors. On casters great shape.
049.Options lifestyler 8.0 ESP treadmill with digital monitor tested and works.
050.Cape cod style desk , measures 30 inch by 44 inch by 18 in.
051.6 drawer oak wood dresser,meas 31 inch by 24 inch by 18in.
052.Hooker furniture computer cabinet
053.July 3rd number 38.
054.Black leather davenport style couch with pull out bed,very mad men style.Bed has mattress in good condition.
055.Retro table with iron base and rolling chairs.
056.Large vintage army tank remote control battery operated tiger head decal and number details. Coloring is in great condition.
057.Erector with reversing electric engine and flexible cooping by the AC Gilbert company New Haven Connecticut USA made in USA. Copyright
058.AMF Junior toy division scat car comedy kale on the back of the seat. In really nice condition.
059.Louis Marx company steam type electric train made in USA. Comes with the original box, tracks and motor power pack.
060.Vintage Tonka cement mixing truck, pressed steel and plastic. Number xmb-975 on the tire. Comes with a pines trailer.
061.Tommy Hilfiger purse. 8C3..
062.Farberware stainless steel electric coffee maker. 7A1..
063.Powermaster 760 BB a repeater feels to have peloton side in very good condition. 9C2..
064.Glass table with iron base. Great shape. comes in 2 pieces. nd3...
065.very nice dining table with 6 chairs
066.5 vintage hardwood chairs. nw...
067.Danish modern Curio cabinet illuminated with two shelf glass front shelves are adjustable
068.Corner entertainment cabinet with cupboards space below. Measures approximately 5 foot 2 foot bye 33 in.nw...
070.6 wood from sleigh table chairs with cane backing and seating.
078.STIGA folding Ping Pong Table. folds nice, looks nice, rolls nice. Small chip in middle corner at net does not affect playing surface and net will adjust tight. nd3..
079.Heavy wrought Iron and Glass sofa table
080.Heavy wrought Iron and Glass coffee table
100.Box filled with sanding paper and other sanding tools. 6D2..
101.Nails of different types and sizes an original boxing. 6D4..
102.Electric corded Craftsman buffer. 6D4..
103.4 spindle replacement wooden legs. 6D3..
104.DieHard battery charger engine starter with cables. 6D4..
105.Turner USA and Bernzomatic propane tanks is it still have juice in them. 6D2..
106.Napa belden spark plug wire kit in original packaging. 6D3..
107.Small animal and rodent trap. 6D5..
108.Multiple cans of spray paint. 6D5..
109.Napa automotive finishes red paint. 6E6..
110.Five different size wood saw blades. 6C1..
111.Miniature wooden rake Metal Head also includes a pair of vintage pruners. 6C1..
112.Greenlee company tools bolts. 6B3..
113.Sentry rubber mallet. 6B3..
114.Hand drill. 6B4..
115.Hand drill. 6B4..
116.Hand drill. 6B4..
117.Vintage adjustable wrench. 6B2..
118.Large rubber mallet. 6B2..
119.Metal pry bar. 6B3..
120.Vintage adjustable wrench. 6B4..
121.Dasco cutting nippers. 6B4..
122.Vintage cutting nippers. 6B4..
123.Pittsburgh quick find measuring tape in original packaging unopen. 6B3..
124.Hand drill. 6B2..
125.Watts blue ribbon model thermostat bonding protective coating in original packaging. 6B2..
126.Carrying case with multiple sizes of multi wrenches. 6B3..
127.Large vintage saw blade. 8E2..
128.Electric corded drill. 7D5..
129.Craftsman 8 inch belt sander by Sears. 7C5..
130.6 inch random orbit sander by America's choice. 7C5..
131.Carpenter wood tool with base. 8A3..
132.Simpson Strong-Tie braces. 9D4..
133.Different types of gardening tools. 9B6..
134.Replacement wheelbarrow wheels. 9B6..
135.Hand crank drill.
136.Vintage hand crank drill with it. 9B5..
137.Kitchen sink fauce withhook up. 9B6..
138.Distance rolling counter. 9B5..
139.Shop light with clamp. 9B6..
182.Two different size strap wrenches and original. 8C2..
183.Large black tool box another tool case inside. 9D5..
184.OMC long gas can with some liquid still inside. 9B3..
185.Earth friendly triple tube sprinkler homes in original packaging. 8C2..
186.Four different size wood saws. 9C2..
187.General drill grinding attachment in original box. 9D3..
188.Gray toolbox with trays inside. 9B3..
189.Vintage wooden handle clamp. 9D3..
190.Hand crank drill. 9D3..
191.Vintage Drill clamp. 9D3..
192.Vintage wood clamp. 9D3..
193.4 different size miniature clamps. 9D5..
194.For miniature clamps. 9B4..
195.Metal miniature duel clamp. 9D3..
1000.400 photos photo holding case with the original box. 6D2..
1001.Heidi by Whitman publishing company, copyright MCMXLIV. 6D2..
1002.Box filled wirh calculators, notepads, and other office supplies. 6D2..
1003.Pink depression glass rabbit figure see pictures for marking. 6D3..
1004.Antique note holder with embossed base. 6D3..
1005.Katie Brown butter dish. 6D3..
1006.Uncle Bob's a giant snow tube and original packaging. 6D2..
1007.Lefton Historic American lighthouse has collection big sable point in original packaging. 6D2..
1008.Hwi propane torch in original packaging. 6D3..
1009.Sonar one-step Polaroid sx 70 Land camera. 6D3..
1010.MCA pro deluxe 4 players table tennis set in original packaging. 6D3..
1011.ADCO tyre gard tire covers in original packaging. 6D4..
1012.Five boxes of different types of Christmas lights and Christmas lights acessories. 6D5..
1013.Mitsubishi vintage car phone in good condition. 6D5..
1014.Multiple cans of spray paint, oil base rust control, and more. 6D5..
1015.Miniature oil lamp. 6D5..
1016.Multiple oil lamp toppers. 6E6..
1017.2 baby blankets. 6E5..
1018.Four Smokey glass hanging candle holders. 6E2..
1019.3 decorative plates. 6E5..
1020.Two unique glass candy dishes. 6E6..
1021.4 different size and shape decorative plates see pictures for details. 6E5..
1022.Electric plugged candle light. 6D5..
1023.Ceramic napkin rings see pictures. 6E5..
1024.Two different sized maracas. 6E5..
1025.Three gardening pots of different sizes. 6D1..
1026.Sony AM FM radio with cassette and one-touch recording. 6E6..
1027.Six garden pots. 6D6..
1028.Miniature golf bag with strap. 6E5..
1029.Matching cream color table lamps. 6D1..
1030.Matching pair of metal table lamps. 6B1..
1031.Beautiful framed picture of a flower. 6C2..
1032.water paint art of a tree next to a river with bright beautiful colors. 6C2..
1033.Fabric covered memory board. 6C2..
1034.Windsor and a brownie picture frames different sizes see pictures for details. 6C2..
1035.Black metal folding kids chair. 6D6..
1036.Metal flower replica made in Italy. 6C2..
1037.Box filled with different types of blankets and sheets. 6C3..
1038.White floral small decorative plates with gold trim made in England. 6C3..
1039.White floral decorative tea cups with gold trim and saucers. 6C4..
1040.White floral cream and sugar dishes. 6C3..
1041.Lazy Susan with removable dishes. 6B3..
1042.Four ice cream bowls with unique designs. 6C3..
1043.Glass decorative cup filled with different types of stirring sticks. 6C3..
1044.Different types of cleaning chemicals see pictures for details. 6C4..
1045.4 different bottles of polishing chemicals. 6C4..
1046. three different types of mats. 6C5..
1047.Walnut hills international 1985 dispenser. 6C3..
1048.To McDonalds Flintstone glass mugs. 6C4..
1049.100 club dubois chemicals metal decorative plate. 6C2..
1050.Transfer cup decorative bowl 1994. 6C2..
1051.Box filled with clothes, curtains, and more. 7F1..
1052.Homes in Edward inland silver-plated spoon fork collectible box. 6B3..
1053.Salt and pepper shakers of different types and sizes. 6B5..
1054.Five matching of white and floral mugs. 6B5..
1055.Kennedy and his family in pictures. 6B4..
1056.Different types of candle holders of different sizes. 6B6..
1057.Surebonder blue gun with glue sticks. 6B4..
1058.Different size varsity letter patches of the letter e. 6B4..
1059.Painted decorative floral bowl. 6B5..
1060.Pottery Barn lamp candle holder. 6B6..
1061.Different types and sizes of ashtrays I'll let you be very clean. 6B5..
1062.Different types of decorative the collectible spoons. 6B4..
1063.4 drawer storage cabinet. 7F1..
1064.Different types of green fabric. 6B2..
1065.Different types of perfume and cologne. 6B2..
1066.Two different sized metal pitcher. 6B5..
1067.Wood hand carved rabbit with a small storage spot inside. 6B2..
1068.Pacific silver cloth multi drawer collector cabinets. 6B6..
1069.Boy scouts of America cooking dishes. 6B6..
1070.Tom thumb vintage typewriter and carrying case. 6B7..
1071.Tom thumb vintage typewriter and carrying case. 6B7..
1072.Different types of kids computer games. 6B6..
1073.Multiple boxes of greeting cards and envelopes. 6B7..
1074.Different types of jewelry. 6B5..
1075.Different types of jewelry mostly necklaces. 6A2..
1076.Bag of bracelets. 6A2..
1077.Bag of watches. 6A2..
1078.Bag of bracelets. 6A2..
1079.Mixed bag of jewelry. 6A2..
1080.Enamel bird pot. 6C5..
1081.Minimal pot. 6B7..
1082.Baskets of coat hangers and stands. 6C5 .
1083.Wall hanging with brass endings. 6B6..
1084.White floral decorative plates with gold trim made in England. 6C3..
1085.Box filled with different types of glass dishes. 6A5..
1086.nice lot of salt dips 6a3..
1087.Makes life of vintage pieces see pictures for details. 6A3..
1088.Goten bases secret restrictions. 6A2..
1089.Matching swan at candle holder see pictures for markings. 6A2..
1090.early American prescut also dub Star of David made by anchor Hocking glass company in Lancaster Ohio from 1960 till 1998 picture 1/8 tumblers + 3 glitches glasses. 6A4..
1091.Two table decorations see pictures for details. 6A4..
1092. stack of vintage plates see pictures from marking. 6A4..
1093.Everyday and collectible China plates. 7F2..
1094.Stack of glass plates. 7F2..
1095.Amber glass footed bowl elegant glassware of the depression area Rose bowl. 7F2..
1096.Noritake vintage hand-painted porcelain bowl see noritake on base. 7F2..
1097.Made in Germany Victorian lace tag plates. 7F2..
1098.Pink depression glass ashtray. 7F2..
1099.Pink depression glass block optic pattern salt dip and teacup. 7F2..
1100.Vintage Syracuse China restaurant Ware c mark on base. 7F2..
1101.Delphine bone china made in England creamer pitcher. 7F2..
1102.A ducky paperweight. 7F2..
1103.All the world LoveSac line small carnival glass plate. 7F2..
1104.Carnival Glass declaration of Independence Mall trinket plate. 7F2..
1105.Fry glass company in business in Rochester Pennsylvania from 1901 till 1933 ovenware see markings. 7F2..
1106.Castleton China floral covered sugar dish. 7F2..
1107.Would wear china dishes floral patterns. 7F2..
1108.Large lot of everyday and decorative china dishes. 7F3..
1109.Vintage depression-era glassware and mid-century. Mystery box lot. 7F3..
1110.Hercule pottery platter and small decorative plate. 7F4..
1111.Floral china dishes, see pictures for brand-name. 7F4..
1112.Elegant glassware of the depression era. 7F2..
1113.Assorted small wall accents. 7f4..
1114.2 wood framed flatware boxes, see pictures for brand-name. 7F5..
1115.Mixed lot of China plates vintage some have minor chips. 7F5..
1116.Box of holiday shirts, all different sizes. 7F6..
1117.Wooden nut bowl and wooden bowl. 7F4..
1118.China, stoneware and glass cups. 7F2..
1119. yellow depression glass plates and topper. 7F4..
1120.Decks of promotional and novelty playing cards. 7E2..
1121.Iridescent stoneware Stein mug with silver topper. 7F4..
1122.Electric coffee carafe, cream and sugar set and Tracy pictures for brand-name. 7E2..
1123.Office organizer with drawer. 6A4..
3131.Wall signings and suncatchers. 7D4..
4000.boy and girl miniature hanging mail decorations also includes owl paperweight. 7E2..
4001.Rose Pearl June angel decoration. 7E2..
4002.Angel wind-up music decoration inside and pencil reads I'd like to teach the world to sing. 7E2..
4003.Made in Italy sharp dressed Italian man. 7E2..
4004.Ceramic wicker basket includes pair of ceramic shoes. 7F4..
4005.George good ceramic Red Robin decorative piece, also includes MCM woodland collectible series deer decorative piece. 7E2..
4006.Ceramic decorative pieces see pictures for. 7E2..
4007.Three different types of piggy banks. 7E3..
4008.Different types of pottery pieces see pictures for details. 7E2..
4009.Wall accents in vintage calendars. 7E3..
4010.Jewelry boxes beyond cash box. 7E3..
4012.Candle holders and oil lamp. 7E3..
4013.Clothing linen lot. 7F6..
4014.Umbrellas in garden flags. 7E4..
4015.Dress ties and scarves. 7E3..
4016.Colorful plastic building blocks great for building small motor skills. 7E3..
4017.Dinosaur and power ranger VHS tapes. 7D3..
4018.Toys, plush toys and more. 7E1..
4019.Puzzles, books, Digi draw with original box, construction paper and more. 7E4..
4020.Answering machines and telephones most most most with original boxes. 7E1.
4021.Coleman fuel combustible half a can left and radio. VIP power. 7D4..
4022.Mason cardboard collectible tube. 7E2..
4023.Polaroid Land camera swinger model 20 with box. 7D3..
4024.Green and white plastic patio tables. 7D1..
4025.Bottle openers and corn cob ears. 7E3..
4026.Scott's spreader with precision wrote control.nw...
4027.Freestanding chunky spindle coat rack.nw...
4028.Vintage free-standing oscillating clothing rack.NW...
4029.Wooden pocket door.NW...
4030.12 foot wooden ladder, not just for climbing great for other Pinterest projects too.Wonderful to cut up for resellers.nw...
4031.Rolling library cart with handle,great multi-purpose piece. Measures 29 inch by 20 inch by 22 inch.nw...
4032.Two multi-purpose trash cans.nw...
4033.Three rolling golf carts.nw...
4034.4 foot folding ladder.
4035.Eureka canister vacuum cleaner AirSpeed zuum 12 amp max power.nw...
4036.Gold tone floor lamp, approximately 5 foot. Just needs a shade.nw...
4037.Standard size Samson card table.nw...
4038.Samsonite standard size folding card table.nw...
4039.Vintage Samsonite standard size folding table.nw...
4040.3 foot folding step ladder. nw...
4041.Rock and roll ab roller with VHS tape.nw...
4042.E&e systems Incorporated vintage 2-piece chaise lounge. Good condition.nw...
4043.Two-door supermatic wooden cabinet lined with shelves on the inside. Measures 39 in 22 in by 13 in.nw...
4044.Oak wood swivel bar stool.nw...
4045.4 wood frame distressed painted table chairs.nw,,,
4046.Hoover concept one upright vacuum cleaner to speed with bag.nw,..
4048.Little over 4 ft antique style floor lamp beautiful ornate base.nw...
4049.4 drawer wooden cabinet with vintage style countertop. Measure 36 by 24 22.nw...
4050.Rowenta commercial rolling steamer.nw...
4051.Home touch rolling steamer.nw...
4052.Two tier and three tier wooden shelves, ready for a makeover. Both are approximately 27 by 22 by 12 and 29 by 17 by 11.nw...
4053.66 by 44 blue and cream colored diamond pattern area rug.nw...
4054.2 totes of Max manufacturing LLC Albion Michigan tiles, various sizes.nw...
4055.3 foot folding step ladder.nw...
4056.5 tier metal shelving unit, 75 by 36 by 16.nw...
4057.5 tier black metal shelving unit,mess 75"x36"x16"..nw...
4060.2 drawer standard size office filing cabinet, see pictures 4 brand name.nw...
4061.2 rolling trash cans.nw...
4062.1 door 1 drawer cabinet, measures 37 by 26.nw...
4063.5 foot oblong folding table.nw...
4064.oakwood table top. Beautiful wood grain. measures 60 by 32.nw...
4065.1 door metal cabinet lined with shelves. Measures 63 by 18 by 12.nw...
4066.Wooden shelving unit can easily be put together, probably in different sizes too. Great shape. Made from knotty pine.nw...
4067.Samsonite folding table.nw...
4068.Kohler Campbell piano, original brand name on the front. Sounds like it plays great. On casters.nw...
4069.Large divided oak wood shelving unit. Measures 6ft 4ft 13".nw...
4070.4 foot gold tone floor lamp with swing arm.nw...
4071.48 by 36 bulletin board.nw...
4072.Weed eater xt300 gas weed wacker.1....
4073.Black & Decker electric weed wacker.1....
4074.Wood handled garden tiller and rake.1....
4075.Wood handled garden tiller and rake.1....
4076.Three golf bags with clubs and accessories see pictures for brand names and types.1....
4077.Fishing rod with open face reel see pictures for brand-name.1....
4078.Shakespeare ladyfish breast awareness fishing pole with reel.1....
4079.Noodles, skimmer and spa vac.1...
4080.2 wood handled Garden rakes, falls right around the corner.1....
4081.2 wood handled Garden rakes, falls right around the corner.1....
4082.Reliance and Shakespeare fishing rods.1....
4083.Like new patio table umbrella.1...,
4084.Pacemaker bulb digger.1....
4085.Wood handle post hole digger.1....
4086.Adjustable starlite tripod.1....
4087.Hudson oil guns.1....
4088.4 foot shepherds hook.1....
4089.Foam, plastic and wood bats.1....
4090.Adjustable lift bar for the doorway.1....
4091.4 Handy dandy snow shovels.1....
4092.Dandelion picker and garden hoe.1....
4093.Four bags of tent stakes and tents.1....
4094.2 fishing nets.1....
4095.Corner savers strips, some in original wrapping.1....
4096.Deluxe wooden birdhouse with suet feeders on the side comes with Pole. Stands about 4 ft.1....
4097.3 long handled scrub brushes.1....
4098.Mops and dusters.1....
4099.Various size wood pieces. Great for home projects.nw...
4100.Assortment of candle holders.
4101.Assorted long-handled hoseheads.1...
4102.Primitive wood handle pickaxe, head needs to be reattached.1....
4103.Various types of flat pieces of wood and paneling.nw...
4104.Crutches, canes hand medical equipment including a pair of crutches that are still in the shrink wrapping.1....
4105.Three pulley handles. Approximately three to four foot.1....
4106.61 inch metal post.1....
4107.Four by fours.nw...
4108.Large lot of wood trim.nw...
4109.Various-sized home wood projects.nw...
4110.Patio chair and chaise lounge.nw...
4111.6 foot ladder.nw...
4112.20 foot extending metal ladder.nw...
4113.Pair of pocket sliding doors.nw...
4114.Variety size pieces of home projects wood.nw...
4115.6 various colors of table leaves.nw...
4116.Large stack of flat pieces of wood boards heart not included.nw...
4117.Variety of squeegees.1....
4118.Decorative plates, platters and wall decor. 7D4..
4119.Vintage mole trap. Great man cave decor or garage decor. 7D2..
4120.Tools, hardware and license plate. 7E5..
4121.Vintage black rotary telephone. 7D2..
4122.Miscellaneous tools see pictures. 7E5..
4123.Threaded casters and clamps. 7E3..
4124.Miscellaneous estate jewelry. 7E3..
4125.Earrings,pins and more. 7D2..
4126.Assorted estate jewelry. 7D3..
4127.Earrings, bracelets and more. 7D2..
4128.Watches, necklaces and more estate jewelry. 7D2..
4129.Wooden poker chip organizer with chips. 7D3..
4130.Aluminum club pots and cooking camp Ware. 7F6..
4132.Quality landing net good condition. 7D2..
4134.Several pairs of men's rollerblades, various sizes. See pictures for brand names.7F6..
4135.Soney wood frame to box speaker see pictures for model number. 7B1..
4136.Large wooden crate with stamp marking on the side see pictures. 7C1..
4137.Nice trademark Ball bearing company Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA wooden shipping crate. 7D3..
4138.Pencil sign and numbered framed art prints see pictures. 7wall
4139.Pencil sign floral print see pictures. 7wall
4140.Gene stock evening ride framed print. 7wall
4141.Georgia O'Keeffe purple petunias collection of the Newark museum. 7wall
4142.Original framed winter scene painting. 7wall
4143.Numeral 2 framed prints placed in wood frames. 7wall
4144.P Morgan framed floral print see pictures. 7wall
4145.Lamanna framed print placed in wood frame. 7wall
4146.Silvertone large framed water print. 7wall
4147.Small plastic covered trash can. 7D1..
4148.Alphabetical 1882 framed picture. 7wall
4149.Grandfather with kids at the fair framed picture. 7wall
4150.Warm winter wishes holiday themed picture. 7wall
4151.3 basket framed picture signature on the bottom. 7wall
4152.Three butterflies and a ladybug sharing a flower frame picture. 7wall
4153.Home sweet home framed picture. 7wall
4154. Holiday picture of Santa Claus signature on the bottom. 7wall
4155.Picture titled surprised by Norman Rockwell signature on the bottom. 7wall
4156.Framed Picture of the Golden Gate bridge with a fog. 7wall
4157.A picture of antique china boats. 7wall
4158.Framed pictures of three bows. 7wall
4159.Older man in small child picking up roses. 7wall
4161.Beautiful picture of two fishermen at sea. 7wall
4162.Colorful picture of a cottage. 7wall
4163.Antique framed mirror tested and works great. 7wall
4164.Standing DeLorean safeheat heater. 7C3..
4165.Hanging high voltage work light. 7C2..
4166.2 new condition wooden crates. 7B1..
4167.Wooden storage crate. 8F1..
4168.Wooden storage crate. 8F1..
4169.Heavy duty hanging heat lamp. 8E1..
4170.Industrial heavy-duty hanging heat lamp 8E1..
4171.2 wooden folding blinds. 8F1..
4172.Fireplace maintenance tools. 7E1..
4174.Shop-Vac man qsp 10-gallon shop vac. 8D1..
4175.Replacement tiles. 7D5..
4176.2 hanging pictures title peach cobbler and tart and tangy artist descriptions on the back. 7D3..
4177.Hanging wall decorations. 7D5..
4178.Box filled with Christmas ornaments. 7C4..
4179.Kids enjoying outdoors framed picture. 7Wall
4180.American home framed picture. 7Wall
4181.Beautifully colored artwork of flowers. 7Wall
4182.Norman Rockwell winter check-up framed picture. 7Wall
4183.American homestead spring titled framed artwork. 8E3..
4184.Art picture of a bowl of fruit. 8E3..
4185.Jim Daly 1996 farm boy with his dog framed picture. 8E3..
4186.Wooden frame hanging mirror. 8E3..
4187.Friend picture titled CC of Lansing men's international 1994. 8E3..
4188.Famed blue colored Amish picture. 8E3..
4189.Framed picture of a small girl with a cow. 8E3..
4190.Beautiful colored wicker basket with flowers signature on the bottom. 8E3..
4191.Charles e Murphy 1985 picture of four ducks. 8E3..
4192.Charles e Murphy 1985 picture of four ducks. 8E3..
4193.Beautiful framed picture of three old women see pictures for details. 7Wall
4194.6 different types of framed artwork. 7C5..
4195.3 vintage hardcover books titles american leaders and heros, hilltop boys in camp,. Studies in Reading. 7C3..
4196.Milk glass hobnail table lamp. 7C1..
4197.Depression glass votive holders. 7C3..
4600.Assorted handles.1....
5100.New in pkg. 10 velvet hangers
5101.New Pink Flamingo camping lights.
5102.Vintage picnic set in un-opened pkg.
5103.1 can Rust-oleum Leak Seal un-opened
5104.“Peace” wreath. New.
5105.A lot of paper goods. New but un-packaged. Paper plates and bowls.
5106.A lot of paper goods and cups. New but un-packaged.
5107.2 sets of Pink Flamingo large clips. New.
5108.4 Vintage Melmac plates. Color of plates is more peach than pink. 9 1/2x9 1/2”.
5109.4 Vintage Melmac cups.
5110.4 Vintage Melmac small plates. 6x6”
5111.12x8” Trailer pillow. Original tags.
5112.10 1/2x3” Wooden Key Ring.
5113.New kitchen whisk
5114.Set of Vintage Canisters. Heavy Duty Plastic-1950’s. They also stack inside one another with the lids.
5115.2010 Rand McNally large Scale Road Atlas and a 2007 American Road Atlas and two new maps of Florida.
6020.4 barrel back table chairs. Made by Winsor.
6021.3 Danish modern spindle back table chairs.
6022.5 ft wrought iron adjustable floor lamp.
6023.Table lamp with Glass center. 8D1..
6024.Small blue table lamp. 8C1..
6025.Tall standing wooden table lamp. 8E1..
6026.Small table lamp with blue floral design. 8D1..
6027.Matching pair of brass colored table lamps. 8B1..
6028.Street smart wicker purple bolo hat. 8F3..
6029.Made in the USA 100% wool purple Polo hat with bow. 8F3..
6030.Box filled with gentlemen's ties. 8E2..
6031.Four different shapes and sizes vasa's. 8D2..
6032.For apple colored bowls. 7C4..
6033.Panasonic miniature table fan. 8C1..
6034.JCPenney handheld vacuum. 7D6..
6182.Bright blue oil lamp style wall hanging light. 7D7..
6183.Hanging ceiling light. 8D4..
6184.Man in a leprechaun uniform sitting in a chair title got it made. 7D5..
6185.Stack of collector's plates some by Norman Rockwell. 7B2..
6186.Statue of a lover's embrace. 7D7..
6187.Roll of white measure fabric. 7C2..
6188.Gorgeous wedding dress. 8D2..
6189.Wicker picnic basket with swan and blue heart design. 7C6..
6190.Quartz hanging wall clocks. 7B2..
6191.Box full of different sizes and types of clothes. 8A1..
6192.Wooden antique miniature broom. 7B2..
6193.Ceramic dish with stand and lid. 7B3..
6194. GPX boombox with large screen. 7C6..
6195.Advantage TV, CD player and radio.7c6..
6196.Cobalt blue design pitcher has a chip and crack on the spout see pictures.8a3..
6197.Kimberly Hodges Hallmark cards ceramic canister.8a3..
6198.Isabella day for Greer canape plates set of 6.7b3..
6199.Three collectible plates with original boxes see pictures for brand names.8a3..
6200.4 Collectible plate see pictures for brand names.8a4..
6201.Hard and soft back children's books quite the variety.8a5..
6202.Archie adventure series 1992 Eastman and Laird's teenage mutant Ninja turtles adventures special comic book.7b4..
6203.Marvel comics darkhawk July 17th comic book.7b4..
6204.Archie adventure series number 35 Eastman and Laird's teenage mutant Ninja turtles adventure comic.7b4..
6205.Archie comics adventure series number 3 August teenage mutant Ninja turtles Mighty mutant.7b4..
6206.Archie adventure series number 34 July teenage mutant Ninja turtles adventures.7b4..
6207.Marvel comics RoboCop the future of the law enforcement lost in the crowd comic book.7b4..
6208.Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge.7b4,.
6209.Marvel comics the return of Alex Murphy RoboCop.7b4..
6210.Replacement cupboard knobs with screws. 7D6..
6211.Replacement metal cupboard knobs with screws. 7D6..
6212.Two Win schulers restaurant corks. 7C2..
6213.One large plant pot and one smaller plastic plant pot. 7C7..
6214.Carport plug emergency flashlight. 7B2..
6215.Stack of records with titles including Urban cowboy soundtrack Johnny Mathis Andy Williams and more. 7B5..
6216.Rolling record cart rack. 7C7..
6217.Camera 31 days antique grandfather clock. 8C2..
6218.Large stack of records with names including Willie Nelson, fiddler on the roof soundtrack, kool and the gang and more. 8B3..
6219.Box filled with different types of light bulbs some in original packaging. 8D4..
6220.Box filled with different types and brands of. 8B3..
6221.Bundle of flower stakes. 8B2..
6222.Daisy flower holder. 7B3..
6223.Multiple unopened packs of toe and hand warmers. 7B3..
6224.Box of different types of class includes blankets and tablecloths. 8B4..
6225.Two red scented holding Christmas bells. 8D3..
6226.Confiserie heidel miniature teacup with saucer. 7C3..
6227.Life like white flowers and a blue and white vase. 8B2..
6228.Farm themed pig cow rooster miniature drawers. 8B2..
6229.Hanging antique style light. 8D3..
6230.Alliance antenna rotator. 7B4..
6231.Pioneer model bc200 to a TV converter. 7B4..
6232.Box of Christmas themed holiday cheer Smoky glass glassware. 8B2..
6233.Box filled with cleaning chemicals. 8B2..
6234.Ceramic popcorn holder with popcorn still inside. 8B2..
6235.Dolphin theamed hanging wind chimes. 7B5. .
6236.American themed footrest. 8B4..
6237.6 royal blue dishes. 7B4..
6238.Pollen floral blue and white church planter. 7B4..
6239.A special place oven safe freezer safe microwave and dishwasher safe blue pitcher. 8B2..
6240.Blue and white floral design dish. 7B4..
6241.Baby blue lidded dish handcrafted Winfield China made in the USA. 8C2..
6242.Purple flowered jug. 8B3..
6243.Kimberly Hodges blue tea pot themed table lamp. 8D3..
6244.Holland kitchen with blue and white White House theme. 8B4..
6245.Large yellow extension cord with Bass. 7B5..
6246.Box filled with clothes and other fabrics. 8C1..
6247.Two State mugs. 7B6..
6248.Lillian Vernon pair of storage bags in original packaging. 7C4..
6249.Metal golden colored canister. 8C3..
6250.Multiple types and sizes of shoe stretches and forms. 8C3..
6251.Different types and sizes of salt and pepper shakers. 7B6..
6252.Different types of shoes in original packaging. 8A4..
6253.Multiple of leggings and sandals in original packaging. 8C4..
6254.Four Norman Rockwell collectible plates. 7B6..
6255.Four Norman Rockwell collectible plates. 7B6..
6256.4 Norman Rockwell collectible plates. 7B7..
6257.4 Norman Rockwell collectible plates. 7B7..
6258.4 Norman Rockwell collectible plates. 7B7..
6259.4 Norman Rockwell collectible plates. 7B7..
6260.Lost gold of the republic hardcover book. 6B4..
6261.Vintage chenille blanket good condition. 8C4..
6262.Same photograph of a leaf signature on the bottom comes with artists card. 8C5..
6263.La mode illustree picture of two Victorian women. 8C5..
6264.La mode illustree picture of two Victorian women. 8C5..
6265.Right bro corporation vintage themed trash can. 8B4..
6266.Clover stand with three hanging bells. 8B2..
6267.Box full of paint brushes. 8C6..
6268.Problem-based towel stand. 8B1..
6269.Well it is a Christmas Joy to the world heritage House music Box. 8B4..
6270.Wooden multi-level dish. 8B3..
6271.Latching wooden box. 8C5..
6272.Sears 3/8 inch electric drill. 8C4..
6273.HP printer scanner and copier needs chords. 8C8..
6274.Panelview 2 slide viewer. 8C5..
6275.stack of records includes names of twas the night before Christmas majestic not for sale and more. 8B5..
6276.Stack of records includes Mary Martin's The sound of music, Clyde McCoy, and the ventures knock me out and more. 8B5..
6277.Companion 8 inch hedge trimmers. 8C4..
6278.Craftsman extra heavy duty cordless electric grass shears in original packaging. 8B4..
6279.Blue and flannel sleeping bag. 8C7..
6280.2 ceramic pumpkins candy dishes in 1 cat trick-or-treat Halloween themed candy dish. 8C8..
6281.Four ceramic candle holders. 8C7..
6282.Reed & Barton's collective spoon and fork case. 8B5..
6283.4 Norman Rockwell decorative plates. 8B3..
6284.Four Norman Rockwell collector plates. With original box. 8B4..
6285.MJ Hamill still wrapped Tin with white sheets and envelopes on the inside. 8C6..
6286.MJ Hamill still wrapped Tin with white sheets and envelopes on the inside. 8C6..
6287.Lighthouses by F.ross Holland hardcover book.
6288.Simple kaleidoscope paperback book. 8C6..
6289.Pair of wall mounted decorations of a young girl in a roaster and boy and a orange tree. Signature on the bottom. 8C6..
6290.The Bradford exchange collectible plates in original. 8C8..
6291.The Redford exchange in Norman Rockwell collectible plates and original packaging. 8A3..
6292.Little Christmas figures at three different types of Santa Claus. 8B2..
6293.Farberware stainless steel electric coffee maker. 9D1..
6294.Two different types of garden hoses. 8D5..
6295.Locking Atlas seal jar. 8A3..
6296.Stainless steel heated Auto mug carport. 8A3..
6297.Konwin compact ceramic heater. 8A3..
6298.Red hummingbird feeder with instant nectar. 8B3..
6299.Camouflage hunting vest. 8C2..
6300.Canyon ridge genuine leather vest. 8B3..
6301.Oriental accents colorful floral jug. 7C2..
6302.Various types of matches. 7C4..
6303.Vintage baby doll. 7C4..
6304.Pinewood valley blue heart container with. 8A3..
6305.Four wall hanging decals girls with their cats. 7C3..
6306.Miniature table lamp. 8B1..
6307.Different types of silver dishes. 8D5..
6308.Three different types of silver cups. 8D3..
6309.Wastebasket with vintage brush and dish. 8A3..
6310.2 Copper decorative hanging plates 1 vase with handle. 9D4..
6311.Thompson's WaterSeal waterproofing stain and are large bucket over half full. 7A5..
6312.1 gallon gas can. 8B5..
6313.Box filled with office equipment. 9C1..
6314.Hanging garage heating lamp. 9C3..
6315.Stoneware steaming dish. 9D5..
6316.four different types of water filters. 7B8..
6317.Berol giant APS Co pencil sharpener. 7C3..
6318.Three different types of wall hanging framed picrures. 9D4..
6319.5 bottles of insect killer. 9D5..
6320.A stack of records containing the great band era coral and more. 7A5..
6321.Hanging ceiling lamp. 9C1..
6322.Poker chip Dolly filled with poker chips. 7C3..
6323.Wolverine themed beer mug. 8C1..
6324.Sugar and cream Dishes with serving tray. 9D4..
6325.Multiple types of candlesticks includes one candle. 9D5..
6326.Different types of remotes. 9C3..
6327.Multiple types of glasses and glass cases. 9D4..
6328.Miniature metal and wooden blue chair. 8C4..
6329.2 protractor. 8C3..
6330. different types of Polly hinges. 8B2..
6331.Zip up beauty case with accessories inside. 7C3..
6332.Japanese box of crickets. 7C3..
6333.Cases of tennis balls. 9C3..
6334.Westmoreland Glass company hobnail pattern milk glass, also includes two neon blue glasses. 9C3..
6335.Vintage Doll dress-up clothes. Includes one doll. 9C3..
6336.Different types of ashtrays. 9C3..
6337.Different types of table coasters. 9D5..
6338.Russian 3 piece knife set. 7C3..
6339.Three different size neon blue bowls. 9C3..
6340.2 leather baby shoes. 7B3 .
6341.Camping radio flashlight and miniature TV all in one. 8A5..
6342.Box of health and beauty products. 9B2..
6343.Sony vintage boombox and cassette player. 9B3..
6344.Art Department House of David praying wall decoration. 9B3..
6345.Centrify international decorative plate matching salt shaker. 9C2..
6346.Box filled with different types Christmas decorations. 7A5..
6347.aiwa boombox and cassette player. 7B8..
6348.Box filled with car cleaning and polisher supplies. 9B3..
6349.ceramic tiles. 9B4..
6350.U.s. lesser umbrella base. 7B1..
6351.Assorted household chemicals.See pics.
6352.Various types of dustpans. 9B7..
6353.2 hand of bicycle pumps. 9D3..
6354.Toastmaster vintage heater. 9B4..
6355.2 Rock cases. 9B4..
6356.Aliens electric heater 9B2..
6357.Lennox sound boombox with cassette player. 9B4..
6358.Various types of ping pong paddles and net. 9B5..
6359.Costco books on music see pictures for details. 9B5..
6360.Bahama hand prints small-sized small-sized winter. 9B5..
6361.8 handbags different types and colors of handbags. 9B7..
6362.McDonald's ty beanie babies still in original packaging. 9C4..
6363.McDonald's ty beanie babies still in original packaging. 9C4..
6364.McDonald's ty beanie babies still in original packaging. 9C4..
6365.5 different types of ty beanie babies. 9C4..
6366.Five different types of ty beanie babies. 9C4..
6367.Five different types of ty beanie babies. 9C4..
6368.Different types of ty beanie babies. 9C4..
6369.Electrical lot includes vacuums corded phones corded headphones and more. 9B1..
6370.Vintage mother goose pin ups and very good condition. 9B5..
6371.Capcom Street fighter 2 GI Joe beast blaster and original packaging two cars in one. 9D2..
6372.Flexiblocks jumbo container set. 9B7..
6373.Baby crawling by winco in original box. 9B6..
6374.Battle for tromaville toxic crusader board game. 9B3..
6375.Togl building blocks in original toy chest. 9B3..
6376.Mattel shootin shell Winchester in good condition. 9B5..
6377.Vintage vintage to learn the alphabet and hold a magic doll house worth in good condition. 9C2..
6378.Little Polly Pocket playset and original packaging by remco. 9B2..
6379.Teenage ninja turtles cheapskate by playmates Raphael action figure in original box. 9B4..
6380.Conte pastels in original packaging. 9C2..
6381.CSI records jolly Green giant and a vintage Snoopy box. 9B4..
6382.Steel press toy trailer.10d8.
6383.GAF View-Master with original box and GAF View-Master talking reels 21 View-Master pictures. With box.20d4. 9D6..
6384.GAF talking View-Master stereo viewer look listen laugh and learn. 9D7..
6385.Power rangers, princess and teenage mutant Ninja turtle puzzles.
6386.According to Hoyle crowns for kids hickory dickory dock 10 x 13 puzzle.9b1..
6387.Power rangers megazord action figure and original box by ban dai. 9B6..
6388.Various types of toy soldiers and Indians. 9B7..
6389.Chevy corvette 1957 1:18 collection model car with box.
6390.Vintage metal red truck. 9D7..
6799.1992 toy biz Incorporated toy gun.9a4..
6800.Miniature toy farm animals and accessories.9a3..
6801.Plastic toy horses some made by briar.9a3..
6802.Plastic toy horses some made by briar.9a3.
6811.Fruita logging company truck steel pressed. See pictures.9a3..
6812.Steel pressed toy trailer.9a3.
6813.1966 Mattel Incorporated M16 automatic rifle toy gun.9a4..
6814.Deluxe reading corporation Johnny 7 oma topper armor-piercing shell fire gun.9a4..
6815.Countertops tile kitchen table, table top measures 5 foot by 42 inch. would be great for patio table as well nw...
7500.Box of gift ribbons. I found out I never put ribbons on so you can have it. Enjoy.
7501.TV Stand
7502.Crackling Cat tube- hours of fun. My dog didnt love it. makes a slight crackling tube as they go through it. Slot in the middle to get in/out halfway through
7503.2 pans
7504.Stylish Water shoes. 3 pairs each a different color. size 9. great shape
7505.2 nightstand lamps. matching of several Avon collectibles. soaps, perfume bottles etc
7507.baking tins, cupcake tins. Frisbee not included
13000.Vintage Las Vegas Nevada Bonanza Coin Slot Machine Bank. Have fun with this working slot machine. All the wheels turn when the handle is pulled. Put a coin in and it will drop down when you pull the handle. You can retrieve coins by pushing the small button on the front, to the left of the cash box. The face of the slot machine is brass and the back is sheet metal. Measures 11.5''Hx8.25''W.
13001.1950's Rare cast aluminium Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Boxer John Sullivan in Boxing Ring.Boxer is approx. 13 " tall. Ring base is metal. Ring base measures 12 " in rear and 10" in front and 7 " in dept.Selling anywhere from $75 to $180 resellers.uf...
13002.1950s Emmett Kelly Enterprises Emmett Kelley Circus Game with original box,board and pieces.Coloring is in great condition.See all pictures.uf...
13003.1971 Milton Bradley Sid & Marty Kroffts H.R. Pufnstuf board game.Game is based on the trippy children's television series H. R. Pufnstuf from the late sixties.Comes with all the cards,box,board and spinner.Coloring is in excellent condition.uf...
13004.1965 Hasbro Disney Mary Poppins Deluxe Paint and Crayon set with original box.uf...
13005.Vintage collection off marble with 2 shooters.Colorful and in good condition.sc3..
13006.1960's Revell monster figure,coloring vibrant.See all pictures.
13007.Breyer molding company retired black & white horse.sc3..
13008.Hartland plastics plastic black and white horse.sc3..
13009.Hartland plastics plastic brown and white horse.sc3..
13010.1997 Warner Brothers Pinky & The Brain Space Capsule Collectible Fast Food Toy Wendy's Promo.sc3..
13011.Vintage Red metal cultivator toy attachment.Can not find any markings on it.sc3..
13012.Structo 1960s Corvair Rampside Pickup Truck,marked on the tires see pictures.10.5" long.Truck is in great condition.sc3..
13013.Nomura General Dynamic battery operated Grumman FIIIA Jet Fighter variable sweeping wings.Comes with original box.Listed for $175 on ebay.sc3..
13014.Guillows Curtiss P-40 Warhawk - 16 inch Wingspan Rubber Powered Balsa Wood Kit. Includes diecut balsa parts, vacuum form knows, wheels, plastic propeller, hardware, canopy, tissue paper and full-size plans with detailed building instructions. Founder of the company was a World War I Naval aviator. In 1926 he began producing wooden model airplane kits. His shelf models were some of the earlier non-lying models in production. When the depression area hit he responded will lower prices and became one of the lower price leaders frequently advertising in model airplane news and other leading productions.
13015.The Lindberg Line "T"Motorized Roadster,molded in yellow color and clear plastic parts.Kit no 621M.sc3..
13016.1966 Aurora USS Constitution All Plastic Assembly Kit Old Ironsides #436.Sails are still in plastic wrapping.sc3..
13017.1966 Hasbro Presents Oscar the Orange Mr Potato head by Hassenfeld Bros. Comes with original box and parts.Coloring is in great condition.sc3..
13018.ABC Inc. 1991 Star Pics Inc. All My Children and 1992 Twentieth Fox Century Fox Film Corp The Topps Corporation Home Alone 2 Lost in New York collectible cards.sc3..
13019.Plastic mold toy elephant figure,great condition.sc3..
13020.Aurora 1/25 All Plastic Assembly Kit Aston Martin DB 4 #562 with box.Most of the pieces are in plastic bags or snap frames.sc3..
13021.Die-cast Metal Pistol Cap Toy Gun 11" long Oval H Mark.sc3..
13022.1960s Marx farm truck,it is battary powered but does not work.Battery compartment is clean.Signed in 2 places.Squeaker works.11" long.See pictures for windshield.Coloring is in good condition.sc3..
13023.1988 Revell G.M.B.H. Lamborghini Countach 1:24.sc3..
13024.Durago Porshe 911 Made in Italy scale 1:24.sc3..
13025.MPC Profile Series A-26 B/C Invader 1/72 model kit with box.sc3..
13026.1972 Ideal Look Around Velvet doll with box.Pull string to make her look around.Excellent condition.sc3..
13027.Tan and cream colored plastic toy horse.sc3..
13028.Mick A Matic Instant Loading Camera Walt Disney.Made in USA. Coloring is excellent.Comes with vintage unopened film.sc3..
13029.Valiant Nintendo Comics System Super Mario Bros No 1 1990 comic book.sc3..
13030.Kayanee Sewmaster Sewing machine with original box.Made in Western Germany.Original decal on the front of the sewing machine.sc3..
13031.Nylint 1994 True Value Hardware battery operated truck and trailer toy.Marked on the tires and the bottom.See All pictures.sc3..
13032.Louis Marx Company Beginner Skates,marked on the top see pictures.sc3..
13033.2 Hand carved wooden canoes.sc3..
13034.AMT 1950 Ford Convertible 3 in 1 Styled Custumized stock model car with original box.sc3..
13035.1992 Hot Wheels Mattel Attack Pack Slime Inator with original box.sc3..
13036.Trade Mark Modern Toys Fireball Express Tin Lithograph vintage battery operated toy train.Coloring in great condition.sc3..
13037.Tonka Toys USA steel press cement mixer truck.Original decals,Marked on the tires,great coloring and wonderful collectors piece.sc3..
13038.Vintage model kit Ford Mustang car.Rolls back and forth.Great condition.sc3..
13039.AMT 1929 Ford Model A Roadster Model kit with original box.sc3..
13040.Marx Toys Fire Engine With Bell and original box.Coloring on box and toy in great condition.sc3..
13041.1995 Tonka corporation Millenium Falcon battleship. See pictures. Marked on the bottom.sc3..
13042.Mattel Incorporated Harvey famous cartoon plush Casper doll with plastic face.sc3..


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