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Lil Dusty'sFOR SALEBulletin Board -

Item Description
020.Four matching ziex ze512 tires. 215/40Zr19. Rims are very clean.
022.General electric stove.
023.Two matching antique fabric chairs And one other antique captains chair. Arm is loose on the single.
024.Antique wooden rocking chair.
025.Antique black wooden rocking chair.
026.Like new artisan couch. In very good condition.
027.Nice modern two piece sectional couch.
030.Art Van leather loveseat and sofa. Coffee table not included. Has fading due to sun, otherwise in good condition
031.Black six drawer dresser. Part of a matching set. 6' X 18" X 31".
033.Black two door wardrobe. Part of a matching set. 63" X 18" X 37".
034.Black six drawer dresser. Part of a matching set. Long dresser. 59" X 16" X 30".
035.Nice table and four chairs.
036.Two matching black and gold coffee tables. 48 X 15 X 20. Needs new primary.
040.Very nice Howard Miller clock.
050.Down cushioned couch in excellent condition
1000.38" tall light up letter "B". Working condition unknown.
1001.30" tall light up letter "A". Working condition unknown.
1002.30" tall light up letter "B". Working condition unknown.
1003.30" tall light up letter "U". Working condition unknown.
1004.30" tall light up letter "G". Working condition unknown.
1005.38" tall light up letter "T". Working condition unknown.
1006.38" tall light up letter "O". Working condition unknown.
1007.38" tall light up letter "D". Working condition unknown.
1008.38" tall light up letter "A". Working condition unknown.
1009.38" tall light up letter "Y". Working condition unknown.
1010.38" tall light up letter "A". Working condition unknown.
1011.CHASTE DE MONCEAVX, (Château of Monceaux) Antique hand loomed European tapestry. Approximately 7' X 7'. Excellent condition. Includes hanging rod. French Louis XIV era?
1013.Two Obrien Performer skis and a Mach TRX ski.
1014.Set of 3 Trica matching leather bar stools. 44" tall.
1015.Set of 3 Trica matching leather bar stools. 44" tall.
1016.Beautiful area rug.
1017.1950's handmade quilt. 74" X 8'.
1018.Vintage drive-in window tray.
1019.Antique restored 31 day gingerbread mantle clock. Works great. 23" tall. Wind up key included.
1020.Rammefabriken Jyden Guillotine framing machine.
1021.Two matching Umbra side tables. 2' tall.
1022.Queen bed set with headboard wall unit.
1023.Nice twin bed.
1024.Three piece wall unit.
1300.5 gallon stoneware crock. Marked "M".
1301.Rare! Jumbo Machinder POPY 1st Version Great Mazinger Shogun Warriors Vintage. Measures 24" tall
1302.Beaver Brand 5x genuine fur felt hat.
1303.John B. Stetson 4x beaver hat. Size 7.5
1304.The Empire State vintage Silver clarinet. Design made by Walter W Mueller. Long Island City, NY
1305.Copper Cauldron / Bucket / pot. 8" tall.
1306.Yamaha brass cornet.
1308.Antique Native Indian print. 15 X 17.
1309.Very early original embossed porcelain Hires Root Beer advertisement. 14 X 20.
1310.Camp Limits metal sign. 12 X 18.
1311.Mid Century big eyed girls lithograph. Signed Keane. 12 X 14.
1312.Mid Century big eyed girl lithograph. Signed Eden. 15 X 18.
1313.Antique U.S. Calvary leather saddle bags.
1314.Antique brass and pewter goat bells.
1315.Expressions cheetah print lounge sofa. 75" long.
1316.Vintage Coca-Cola prints. Largest is 14 X 17.
1317.Wooden carved toucan. 12" tall.
1318.Blown glass vibrant blue footed vase. 17" tall.
1319.Unique antique pottery piece. 6" tall. ANTIQUE ROAD SHOW PIECE?????
1320.Antique keys and a United States National Bank Portland Oregon coin in frame.
1321.Vintage ukulele frame. 21" tall.
1322.Vintage Military pins.
1323.Vintage Lucky Strike and Chesterfield cigarette tins.
1324.Antique glasses and a glasses case. Case reads Shooting glasses impact resistant glass.
1325.Fenton? Hobnail cranberry opalescent vase. 5" tall.
1326.Vintage SILVER bell with what appears to be German engraving. "UNSEM PITTER US AMERIKA" AND A WHOLE LOT MORE ON THE OTHER SIDE??? 6" tall.
1327.Vintage striped afghan.
1328.Vintage metal viking ship. 27 X 20.
1329.Vintage wooden barrel. 22" tall.
1330.Old bango clock. 22 " tall. Has wind up key.
1331.Antique bells on leather strap. 80".
1332.Ridgeway Regulator pendulum clock. 24" tall. Has wind up key.
1333.Beautiful gingerbread clock. 22" tall. Has windup key.
1334.Vintage Seth Thomas clock. 26" tall.
1336.Antique Civil War, "Federal Ranger"? saddle.
1337.Singer heavy duty 14HD-854 sewing machine. Brand new in box. Stock photo in use.
1338.Singer heavy duty sewing machine in case. New. Model No. 5554. Serial no. ZHC1234717078
1339.Metal Pitcher pump. 54" tall.
1340.Vintage German castle stoneware Beer/punch bowl and mug set. Bacchus?
1341.Vintage wooden lock box with key. 36 X 20 X 20.
1342.Barrister bookcase in nice condition. 72 X 33 X 13.
1343.Vintage security hutch. 80 X 33 X 17.
1344.Mid century hanging lamp. Beautiful coloring.
1345.Vintage brass? General Quick Aud fire guard fire extinguisher bank. 22" tall.
1346.Aztec blanket. 39 X 25.
1347.Getty Images beach print on canvas. 30 X 20.
1348.Susan Pear Meisel art '78 Washington May 3-8, 1978 D.C. Armory print. 24 X 36.
1349."Lady & Ballerina Flower" watercolor/Giclee by Linda Batdorff Dahl. Comes with artist info. 17 X 19.
1350.Rie Munoz '82 forest print. 23 X 31.
1351.Singed vibrant print of a tired woman. 27 X 32.
1352.Limited edition (1708/5000) Mount Vernon pencil signed print. 11 X 21.
1353.E. Abul singed blue jay print. 15 X 28.
1354.Edmund Wander pencil signed print. Stamped Limited Proof Edition. 13 X 12.
1355.Antique McClelland U.S Calvary saddle. Clinton 1918 C.S
1356.E. Abuil signed blue jay art piece. 14 X 12.
1357.Victorian ladies print. 12 X 14.
1358.View of Blackfriars Bridge. Drawn and etched by Dan Turner. 18 X 24.
1359.Original signed county home painting. 24 X 32.
1360.Original scenic signed painting. 32 X 43.
1361.Vintage Southern Comfort mirrored advertisement. 29 X 30.
1362.Whyte & Mackay Special Blended Scotch Whiskey mirrored advertisement. 27 X 36.
1363.L' Hommage des Farcelles print. Singed. 16 X 17.
1364.Original woman painting/drawing on canvas. Signed. 20 X 24.
1365.Tournee Du Chat Noir print. Signed. 28 X 40.
1366.Vintage Kessler mirrored advertisement. 17 X 21.
1367.The Southwark Iron Bridge print. 18 X 24.
1368.Mid century original painting. Signed Fontana. 31 X 53.
1369.Vintage spinning wheel. 41" tall.
1370.Two nice floor lamps. One has a chrome look to it. 71" tall.
1371.Antique wooden chest. Has key. 38 X 19 X 19.
1372.Vintage black metal wall hanging lamp. Very nice.
1373.Vintage Lane side table. 30 X 21 X 21.
1374.Craftsman saw table.
1375.Origami organization rack. Brown. New in box. Photo used is for reference.
1376.Four tier origami folding storage rack.
1377.Origami organization rack, white. New in box. Item # 1777787. R5-07W. Stock photo in use.
1378.Origami organization shelf. Black. New in box. Item # 177787-060. R5-01W. Stock photo in use.
1379.Black Origami shelf. Looks new. Includes a new box of Origami cubes (4 count).
1380.Origami organization shelf. Item # RB-02 New in box. Unknown color, google brings up bronze. Stock photo in use.
1381.Brown Origami shelf. Used.
1382.Gray Origami shelf. Used.
1383.General Electric humidifier. 24" tall.
1384.YT serving bowl. 14.5" diameter.
1385.Vintage 1950'S oriental vase. Matches item 1386. 16" tall.
1386.Vintage 1950's oriental vase. Matches item 1385. 16" tall.
1387.Fenton milk glass hobnail basket. 10" tall.
1388. Milk glass rounded bottom vase in brass stand. 15" tall.
1389.Limited edition (40/200) "Pears and Eggplant" Pencil signed Joan Suit print. 18 X 19.
1390.Antique hound hunt tapestry. 71 X 26.
1391.Original signed painting of a woman walking down the road. 14 X 18.
1392.Original yellow bird art piece. 14 X 17.
1393.Vintage scenic lithograph. 13 X 16.
1394.Antique U.S Calvary leather sword holster with saddle attachment.
1395.Vintage brass candlestick parts.
1396.Ornate vintage brass candlesticks. 17" tall.
1397.Antique U.S. Calvary saddle.
9000.Book Case
9001.Antique Bed with mattress and box springs
9002.Wicker Wardrobe
9004.Antique Bed
9005.Stair Lift Chair
9006.4 suede seated chairs in very nice condition
9007.4 antique wood chairs with caned seats in nice condition
9008.Beautiful Curved glass curio with brass trim.
9009.round Oak Dining Table
9010.Iron Bed
9011.Antique Roll Top Desk, very unique
9012.Barrister Book Case in nice condition
9013.Very Large Gold tone mirror centerpiece
9014.2 Prayer Kneeler Home or Church Altar and Pew Meditation Furniture
840.Vintage Herman Miller Teardrop Corner Desk / Table # QDT36MT w/ casters. 29" tall x 35" dia. Has a few little scuffs.Original Herman Miller label on bottom. bin59
841.Vintage NOS 1970's Student / junior 6 string Guitar G-75 34"..(Been sitting in the daughters room for the past 40 yrs)never used..bin25
842.LT of Antique Florentine II Depression Glass consisting of 12 Dinner Plates & 4 cups & saucers. all VG.bin24
843.Antique Black Amethyst Tidbit set consisting of a 10" hex Tidbit tray, 4 ea Hex 6" tidbit dishes, and 6 ea 5-1/2 " hex dish/saucer. all VG. Have purple shading when held up to the light.bin24


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