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Wednesday, November 6th
Vintage Electronics, Collectables, and so much more!
Listings will end starting at 7pm Eastern Time. - Bidding starts now, and ends on WEDNESDAY, 11-6-2019. Listings will end starting at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Item Description
010.Hubley vintage cast Iron long nosed pig, piggy bank...uf
011.Stearling silver pearl and CZ ring. Size 11, Marked CGLCN AND 925... UF
012.sterling silver CZ bracelet. Marked 925...uf
013.Aventurine Roses in blue, rose, green, and orange. Four rows of black onyx beads on a 1" wide stretch band. The roses each contain a magnetic backing that snaps to the silver bracelet head, and then a quick twist secures the rose so that it does not come loose. Roses each measure 1 1/8" round. This bracelet is in pristine condition and comes in its original box with instructions.
014.Twin Winton Cowboy Gunslinger Bunny Rabbit Cookie Jar in great condition. Measures approximately 13" tall from the base to the top of the ears base is approximately 6" by 8"
015.Primitive cabinet on metal casters with Black Bart skull and crossbones on each side. measures 2'10" tall, 2'3" wide, 1'7 1/4" deep. Paint looks in good shape under the grease if you wish to clean off the patina ...uf
016.Antique wardrobe on wooden casters with four shelves and swivel mirror. Measures 5'2" Tall(mirror may give it an extra inch or so), 3'3" Wide, 1'5" Deep...uf
017.Edison Standard Model B Phonograph in working order. May need cleaned and greased but it dose turn on and all parts are moving. Horn not included...uf
018.Antique lowboy three drawer dresser on wooden casters. Dovetailed drawers with beautiful detailed drawer pulls and keyholes. One caster needs to be reattached but otherwise in stunning condition...uf
019.Edison Standard black phonograph horn with lable. The gold paint is worn, a few dings but this is to expected with age. in great used condition...uf
020.30 gallon crock. This very large crock is in great condition for its age with nothing more then slight ware through the glaze. (see pictures).
021.Unique octagon shaped wooden table with claw feet, leather inlay top, cut glass for its octagon shape, and four storage drawers...uf
022.Landers, Frary, Clark Universal Electric Stove. very cute two burner stove top and tiny oven. I almost think its a toy or for a child with its petite size and only "on and off" settings. the enamel looks to be in good condition on the top and the oven door, the black paint on the sides are starting to flake off a bit. the latch for the oven door turns fine, the knobs still turn and click perfectly to on and off. this is a must see in person! including the back it stands 3'1 1/2" tall x 1'7" wide x 1'4" deep with knobs.
023.Black two door humidor end table. measures just shy of 2'tall 1'6"wide and just shy of 1'deep.
024.Antique Wringer Washer Roller BRIGHTON No. 110 Wringer. Very nice antique wringer. Marked BRIGHTON No. 110, it will turn. you can still read everything imprinted in the wood. The wooden part is 14" x 15" . This measurement does not take into account the side gears, the crank or the turn keys on the top. The crank is metal with a wooden handle. Very good condition...uf
025.Fairbanks Cast Iron and brass platform grocer or grain scale. 250 max capacity. needs cleaned a little but seems in good working condition ...uf
026.Antique Frederick Town Ohio Cast Iron Upright Bell With Cradle and clapper. Bell is a "lil dusty" but is actually in great condition. I started cleaning it off and it looks mint under the dirt. Has been tested and works (its loud enough to make my ears ring. Reads "FREDERICK 4 & 4 2 TOWN HO 10" and has a "4" on the bell itself...uf
027.Antique heavy iron Rose Patterned porch rails in great condition. 1 OF 3. ND3..
028.Antique heavy iron porch rails in great condition, 1 of 3. ND3..
029.Antique heavy iron porch rails in great condition. 1 of 3. ND3..
030.Antique cast iron oil lamp stand.
031.3 sections of Heavy duty utility shelves made by Lyons mfg. Each section has 5 shelves and measure 30" x 18" and 7' tall. ND3..
032.Adult sized Bunny Costume blue bowed bunny not included
033.Mid Century floor to ceiling Tension Lamp. UF...
034.Antique round Oak Pedastal table. ND3..
035.Long Dresser
036.Barber or Beauticians adjustable chair
037.Beauticians or Barber work station. ND3..
038.King sized bed with headboard and twin mattresses and box springs. ND3..
039.Mid Century high end John Widdicomb sectional couches. Very clean, have been re upholstered.
040.Chinese Persian design Large Area Wool Rug in fine to excellent condition. Measures roughly 8' x 10'. 4-track studio Auto reverse model number rt-909 powers and in good condition. Selling online for 925 dollars.
051.Zenith universal long distance portable radio 6G001Y with leather built in case. Needs cored replacement but in good shape.
052.Pilotuner T601 FM Tuner online date is 1947. does power on.
053.Atwater Kent model H radio horn Speaker. Missing some base components. But other wise in good shape.
054.Original Crosley Vintage radio. A local professional has taken a look said it is not a refurbished.
055.Sencore VA48 Video analyzer Meter with original VA48 sencore speed test manual.
056.Energy Concept Inc ECI-60 Dual-Trace Triggered-Sweep Oscilloscope 3I2..
057.Vintage HICKOK 156 Indicating Traceomet 3I2..
058.Heath Zenith oscilloscope model so-4205. 3I1..
059.vintage radio tubes from McHenry Somalia hytrin all inboxes not tested. 3I4..
060.Antique vintage Columbia 360 record player turnable. 3I1..
085.2 Matching High back Chairs in nice condition. UF...
086.Formal Dining Server-Buffet. ND3..
087.Formal Dining Table with chairs in very nice condition. ND3..
088.Formal Dining Hutch in very nice condition. ND3..
089.Hickory Chair Co Twin Book Case in very very nice condition. This is a large 2 piece. ND3..
091.VECTRA Multi station weight system, originally sold new for $6500.00. This unit has been broken down for easy transport.
100.Black & Decker jigsaw tested and works.2a4...
101.vintage hay knife with red wood handles2a3..
102.vintage hay knife with wood handles2a3...
103.two pairs of crimps2a3...
104.vintage counterweight.2a3..
105.snap-on 15-piece hex key set case is empty but very clean.2a3..
106.Vintage heavy duty hatchet.2a3..
107.different measurement tools.2a2...
108.universal battery hold down from Carpl new in package2a2..
109.3 Made in the USA handheld tools.2a2...
110.two oil cans2a2...
111.three different kinds of measurement tools including a level.2a1...
1000.2 metal racks will hang on pegboard.2b3...
1001.3 metal hanging racks will hang on peg board.2b3...
1002.Colorful statue of coyote made in Mexico bottom reads Mexico 39.2b4...
1003.stoneware jug made in Mexico bottom Reads not for food use.2b4...
1004.yellow toad jug made in Mexico bottom reads not for food use.2b5...
1005.Fall Creek 2X jacket with red furry inside. Seems to be brand new.2b1...
1006.made in Mexico pottery wall hanging planter.2b5...
1007.made in Mexico pottery wall hanging planter.2b5... full of adventures among the Toroids by B.M. Stewart2a5...
1009.two tall standing metal candle stands.2b1...
1010.6 boxes of vintage gem fuses.2a4...
1011.several boxes of old hardware almost all in original boxes some name brands include Sparta ul and more.2a4...
1012.Pair of vintage scissors2a3...
1013.cross-cut paper shredder. Cross-cut paper shredder vf800. Tested and works.2b4...
1014.arbor spring water, water jug with cap holds 5 gallons.2b1...
1015.Hubbard and company brand 4-11-44 wire holders in original wrapping 2a4...
1016.Ranger bowling ball bag with a pearl Brunswick bowling ball bowling towel. 3G5..
1017.Red opalescent bowling ball the Pearl comes by Brunswick fyh i28. 3G5..
1018.Arrangement of vintage vinyl includes Calypso holiday Kitty favorites songs from Walt Disney and much much more. 3F5..
1019.Collection of China by canes pattern number 8078 includes tea cups saucers sugar and creamer serving Bowl serving platter and soup bowls. 3F2..
1020.Camping accessories includes 1 oil kerosene heater and propane gas stove. 3F2..
1021.Three wooden jewelry boxes from trinkets size to fit your whole collection. 3F3..
1022.Tisket tasket Lil Dusty's got a basket rate for holiday gift baskets. 3F4..
1023.Collection of fine china made in Japan by Silversun at a collection of cream and sugar dish dessert bowls tea cups and saucers dessert plates serving bowl and serving plate. 3F3..
1024.New in box New Wave cooking surface still in package wrapping with instructions. 3F3..
1025. Blue lidded tow has a lot of storage left in it. 3H1..
1026.Craftsman sprinkler with cast iron base and neat swivel sprayer. 3G3..
1027.Collection of Sylvania and Conrad Dependable radio tubes in original boxes. 3F3..
1028.Black enamel coffee carafe with enamel coffee mugs and picture great for the campfire so no matter where you're at you always can have warm coffee. 3E4..
1029.Pioneer quartz PLL direct drive ribbon sundust head stereo cassette tape deck CT 9R. 3E4..
1030.Rolling three door storage does have cracked on top see pictures other than a still great for storing your crafts. 3H1..
1031.Pioneer digital detector FM AM digital synthesizing tuner F9 with a Pioneer non switching amp stereo amplifier great combinatiOn. 3E6..
1032.Three drawer storage dresser made by Sterilite right for any crafts even to store socks and undies. 3G1..
1033.Black & Decker 1 horsepower Universal saw a little dusty but still trustee 3G4..
1034.Aco Hardware work light on tripod stand. 3G1..
1035.All Purpose topsoil full bag. 3F5..
1036.Dayton 3 z351 f60 amp battery charger booster and tester. 3A1..
1037.Wooden bird house that mounts on pole 3F1..
1038.White queen size blanket 3E2..
1039.Resin column plant stand 3F1..
1040.First Quality made in the US template 513 1 1l 15 - 16 inner tube. 3E1..
1041.Wooden birdhouse appears to be handmade will attach to any Pole
1042.Wheeling galvanized trash can appears to be half full with unknown substance that is flaky. 3D1..
1043.Vintage Morgan fruit 30 lb 10 play by the JC Morgan company in Traverse City Michigan contained once Frozen cherries. 3D2..
1044.Mighty Tonka vintage metal toy bulldozer.Scoop truck not included 3E2..
1045.Vintage metal claw bucket toy made by the International Harvester company. 3E2..
1046.Combination storage box is open but does not have combination. 3E4..
1047.Squirrel cage blower tested and works. 3D1..
1048.Little Wonder one drawer cabinet would be a great restoration piece. 4B1..
1049.Two drawer made of wood would be great for a little restoration project. 3C2..
1050.Two toy trucks were made by Hasbro Tonka Junior and Little Tikes toy company. 3E4..
1051.Wooden slat crate seems to be in decent condition. 3C3..
1052.fireplace tools include shovel room and little Stoker cast iron base. 3C1..
1053.Brass and cast iron fireplace tool stand includes shovel and brush 3C1..
1054.Wooden tomato $7 bundles sign. 3E4..
1055.Clear Sterilite tote with lid filled with gift bags and more. 3B1..
1056.Under the bed storage tote with lid made by stylemaster. 4C1..
1057.20 inch brilliant holographic snowflake along with indoor outdoor Christmas lighted decoration both in original boxes tested and work. 3F4..
1058.Silver sparkly pine cone wreath with wooden slat crate. crate still has tags and it says naturally luxury for your home from the home and goods collection. 3E5..
1059.Sterilite storage tote 35 quart with red lid filled with multiple varieties of Christmas Ribbon or whatever you would like to use it for. 3E5..
1060.Octagon fish tank would be great for betta fish comes with a fusion quiet power oxygen pump and a small air stone. 3D2..
1061.Octagon fish tank comes with stones in some other fish tank accessories. 3D2..
1062.Metal decrative planter woth life like flowers would make a great fall center piece . 3D3..
1063.Wooden crate. 3B3..
1064.Honeywell air purifier. 3B1..
1065.Selection of tomato cages. 3A1..
1066. Harvest blessings yard sign. 3D3..
1067.Copper piece of sheet 3D3..
1068.Lifelike tabletop artificial fiber optic tree missing power plug. 3B1..
1069.Rosebush stands. 3E6..
1070.3 vintage hairpin legs. 3E4..
1071.Collection of cap guns and squirt gun 3D3..
1072.Collection of extension cords and one power strip by Belkin. 3C3..
1073.Two drawer end table. 4F1..
1074.Collection of lava rocks and other unique stones
1075.Brass light toppers. 3D3..
1076.Coleman camping heater 3C4..
1077.Vintage manuals and catalogs from Time Squares lighting Masters and much much more. 3B2..
1078.Never been open limited edition a thousand piece puzzle made by Chao Yong over the bridge. 3E6..
1079. hand-painted Infinity bowl with grape design 9-inch new in box. 3E5..
1080.Collection of tablecloths and cloth napkins. 3D5..
1081.Collection of candles and candle stands. 3A4..
1082.Vintage catalogs from Clear-Com stage lighting and much much more also has some diagrams on schematics. 3B4..
1083.Too lifelike Christmas pine trees would be great for any table top or Corner decoration. 4E1..
1084.Too lifelike Christmas trees with snow painted on them. 4F2..
1085.Collection of life like flowers for The Fall season also has fall garden and more. 3D5..
1086.Clear Sterilite tote with lid. 3C4..
1087.Town Club Bottling Company crate from Warren Michigan. 3B4..
1088.Vintage Town Club crate from Warren Michigan. 3B4..
1089.Fincks painters overalls. 3D4..
1090.Two pairs of Women's dress Boots high and low rise women's size 8. 3D4..
1091.Stack of Records includes My Fair Lady whatever's fair and much much more. 3B5..
1092.Collection of Records includes Beethoven's 9th Symphony John Mathis love is blue John handy the handy dandy man Ella Fitzgerald and much more. 3B5..
1093.Variety of Records include Stadium all in a lifetime Red Nichols Iron City the young Rubenstein & More. 3A8..
1094.Vinyl record BB King guess who. 3A2..
1095.Burlap sack from the Snow White pure cane sugar advertisement still in pretty good condition. 3A2..
1096.SkorMor game and traveling case. 3D4..
1097.Arrangement of crocheted and store-bought hats and beanies also includes crocheted mittens scarves and much much more. 3A4..
1098.Variety of life like snowflakes for Christmas villages. 3A8..
1099.White mountain apple parer corer and slicer complete in original box with original instructions. 3D4..
1100.Collections of snowman summer missing their noses monster in good condition. 3B3..
1101. leaf bowls and serving bowls names include home Target collection. 3C4..
1102.Omni house system water filter the do-it-yourself whole house clean water system comes in original box with manual. 3B4..
1103.Christmas Carol and ☃ snowman stocking hangers. 3A6..
1104.Sterilite 15 quart storage tote with another Sterilite tote with lid. 3G6..
1105.2 Sterilite storage containers with lids. 4G6..
1106.Collections of snowman. 3A6..
1107.Vintage metal snowflake hanger. 3A2..
1108.Miniature Christmas light includes snowman blanket polar bear statues little Santa Claus Santa Claus on Coca-Cola bottle vintage ornament and more. 3C5..
1109.Variety of Christmas ornaments and tree topper. 4G5..
1110.2 rosebush cages. 4G5..
1111.Roll of aluminum. 4D1..
1112.Homes storage tote with lid. 4G6..
1113.Denim Mary Joseph and baby Jesus Christmas decor prices still on bottom. 4G5..
1114.Ceramic hand-painted teddy bear statue with two matching ornaments. 3A6..
1115.Watercolor print says the George and the Dragon 1426 signed. 3A5..
1116.14 x 17 framed mirror from interior by designs. 3A5..
1117.Claude Monet a r g e n t e u i l print 3A5..
1118.Claude Monet Argent L 1872 print framed. 3A5..
1119.Hat box with sewing box. 4G2..
1120.3 Sterilite baskets measurements is 15 7/8 by 12 7/8 by 6. 4G3..
1121.Show me the show me the Snowman from the crystal collection and more. 3A3..
1122. tray with a two-tier in Tibet by Pebble Leaf. 4G2..
1123.Holiday time fiber optic poinsettia Arrangement colors change continuously tested and works comes in original box. 4G4..
1124.Euro Pro select X Deluxe portable Professional Steam Cleaner. 4F5..
1125.Table style at home with Meijer charger plates set of 4 not microwave safe not dish away safe not recommended for a few to use. 4G3..
1126.Vintage women's dress gloves. 4G3..
1127.Collection of women's wallets names include nine Company by Nine West and more. 4G2..
1128.To new with tags natural fiber collection creative storage and organize solution baskets where fashion and function meet. 4G2..
1129.Bring back family game night with Parker Brothers aggravation tricycle poker chips double-nine wooden dominoes Pressman Pick Up Stix coil hundred poker chips and Trivial Pursuit. 4F2..
1130.Mixmaster complete with mixer beaters and two glass bowls. 4F2..
1131.Anchor ovenware casserole 8.25 in diameter 1.5 quart casserole dish with. 3A3..
1132.Arrangement of kitchen Electronics includes oyster blenders and food Cuisine Art processor. 4F3..
1133.Vintage Linens. 3A8..
1134.True walking canes when is adjustable for height. 3A7..
1135.To United plastic storage containers. 7F3..
1136.Rubbermaid under the bed storage container. 7F4..
1137.HP Officejet 46590 versatile Home Office printing impression new in package. 4F5..
1138.3 deviled egg trays. 4F3..
1139.Collection of women's dress sandals and pumps and names include hushpuppies baits a Naturalizer ranges from size 8 and 1/2. 4F4..
1140.Highmark apple red fondue set new in package comes in original box only taking out to picture. 4F4..
1141.Universal compactor with cuisine art kitchen accessories. 4F4..
1142.Studio Nova Mikasa Bowl new in box with two tier tidbit plate tidbit plate is missing Center rod. 4F3..
1143.Pfaltzgraff Heritage White Gravy Boat with plate . 4F3..
1144.Collection of snowman from the cabin Christmas collection. 4F3..
1145.Planet plastic friendly 99% recycled plastic tote with lid 18 gallon. 4D1..
1146.Sterilite clear tote with white lid 73 quart 69 well filled with Christmas garland and ribbon. 4D5..
1147.Homco statues one is marked one four three three his mate is marked 1433 as well. 4G4..
1148.5 wooden trivet. 4G4..
1149.Rubbermaid storage container with kitchen utensils includes Toms Splenda Kool-Aid spoon ice cream scoop egg slicer Robinson's Burger press and more. 4E2..
1150.Cupcake stand still in box showcase your Suites on this decorative cupcake holders easy to assemble easy to clean old nine cupcakes also include popsicle maker lot. 4F2..
1151.Collection of men's dress ties names include Jones New York Club fellow and more. 3A2..
1152.Collection of children's books some titles include just me and my cousin by Gina and Mercer Mayer Henry's happy birthday Justin Bieber December Secrets cupcakes for princess and more. 4E3..
1153.Arrangement of glass ornaments Apple ornaments Holly and more. 4D2..
1154.Snapware 3 stackable storage drawers stack them together. 4D3..
1155.4 tier wall mounted scalloped trim shelves perfect for all your Treasures. 4D4..
1156.Vintage double handled weaved picnic basket still in good condition. 4E4..
1157.Two boxes of moms mason jars pint size jars. 4E5..
1158.Doc you guard 5 sheet paper shredder. 4F5..
1159. 2 plastic crates. 4D5..
1160.Two boxes of canning jars. 4D3..
1161.Box of Kerr Wide Mouth Mason jars and Ball mason jars. 4D2..
1162.Box of Wide Mouth Mason jars with sun-rype fruit drink mason jars. 4A2..
1163.Electrical doodad with all these electrical parts on it filament voltage adjustment. 4D3..
1164.Collection of Sylvania and Silko radio tubes along with dizziness and much more. 3A6..
1165.Military-issued pants. 3A3..
1166.Sterilite 3 drawer rolling storage compartment great for crafts ribbons Kenmore. 4A1..
1167.Vintage tail lights by strata light. 3A4..
1168.Collection of S&H Green stamp box America's most valuable stamps since 1896 also includes United Telephone Company of Ohio matches. 3C4..
1169.Jack of Sarah Vaughan record includes Sarah Vaughan at Blue Note Sarah Vaughan after hours Sarah Vaughan you're mine you and much much more. 3C4..
1170.Solar power supply model number 28102 9 serial number K 973 made by the solar electric company Chicago Illinois USA. 4B4..
1171.CNB the wedge online wedge on lug wedge on wires Placer wedge on joint a simple tool installs the wedge online right by the Thomas & Betts company Elizabeth New Jersey cold is it in original box is missing the connectors but the tool is in here. 4G4..
1172.Vintage heart shaped base sprinkler. 4G4..
1173.One of those fancy cloth collapsible roomsaver hoses. 4E3..
1174.Red air horn. 4E2..
1175.Vintage sprinkler made by the L & R Nelson manufacturing company sprinkler is made with cast iron base. 4D4..
1176.Compaq monitor with Tower 4B3..
1177.Stack of radio books includes guide to Mobile Radio citizens band radio receiving to Manuel and much more. 4E6..
1178.Cast iron wall mounted three candlestick holder. 4E7..
1179.Frank Sinatra trilogy past present and future. 4F3..
1180.Both sides of Herman and the Hermits record. 4F3..
1181.Rodger Williams amor in a Latin mood. 4F3..
1182.The Lonesome sound of Hank Williams record songs include it just don't matter now first year Blues cool water Dixie Cannonball I'm free at last Rollie Pollie the old home rock my cradle Sundown and sorrow Rockin Chair money at Tennessee Border swing wide your gate of love. 4F3..
1183.Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee pot with user manual. 4C5..
1184.Selection of kitchen appliances includes Juiceman II owners instructions for Nespresso coffee maker and an Emerson Grill. 4A4..
1185.Ben Wah balls in original case. 4F2..
1186.Vintage Cardinal figurine marked 2988 on bottom. 4F2..
1187.Vintage handmade wooden jewelry box pretty nifty piece Mark Japan on bottom. 4C5..
1188.The American owl collection snowy owl one of the series of Eight Owls of North America made in England. 4C5..
1189.Peach iridescent table lamp. 4A1..
1190.Mandarin Garden serving tray number 65 / G 32 made in England alcohol resistant. 4C5..
1191.A collection of stoma Yaki Japanese tea cups made in Japan. 4C3..
1192.SomaYaki Japanese bowls made in Japan. 4C4..
1193.Soma Yoki teapot made in Japan very beautiful piece. 4C3..
1194.Somebody Yoki cream and sugar set made in Japan. 4C3..
1195.Budweiser box Budweiser the king of beers still in good condition. 4C4..
1196.2 cotton cloth advertisement one is perfect hand printed in Malta so is the other one. 4C2..
1197.Awana's Club guard uniform comes complete with patches and awards. 4C2..
1198.Two vintage little girl dresses appears to be handmade. 4C2..
1199.Handmade Tree of Life wall decoration made with macrame. 4C2..
1200.Nintendo Wii Console includes One controller power cord and sensor. 4C4..
1201.2 snap Up shoe organizers. 4A3..
1202.Collection of men's dress ties names include Roche crevette Holden read St James and more. 4C5..
1203.EMachines ts3120 desktop PC design for Windows XP Windows Vista is capable also comes with a Dell keyboard HP speakers and a wireless Mouse. 4C8..
1204.Department 56 police car with battery box police car. 4C3..
1205.Desktop air conditioner made by the HPI can you imagine company. 4C4..
1206.Stack of DVDs including chasing Liberty Wedding Crashers a Scent of a Woman fossemalle Ocean's 11 12 13 and Gould Ocean's 11 and his and her circumstances another life less ordinary. 4C4..
1207.Camouflage Poncho with carrying case. 4C6..
1208.Flat screen wall mount for TV. 4B2..
2200.13 YARDS of blue and gold beads for tree, table, or other decoration. The blue is very deep and slightly purple iridescent. The strands are held together with a gold cord. These are in 3 strands totaling 13 yards.
2201.4 "by the sea" pottery mugs. These are handmade and are the same scene but each is slightly different due to being handmade and glazed. Purchased years ago on the Eastern Shore in Virginia. Never used, only displayed. It looks like there are some glaze cracks (not crazing)here and there but the mugs are solid. Maybe from age?? Very usable.
2202.1 unused double wall insulating cup by COOL GEAR. The design is of bright colors and an elephant surrounded by tropical foliage, flowers, and a toucan. The background is red. Includes cup, lid and straw. (Bumper on Straw Helps Prevent Losing it) Double Wall Insulates to Keep Cold Beverages Cold & Hot Beverages Hot Longer. 24 Ounce Capacity. BPA Free. Not for the microwave. Dishwasher safe. I washed this before taking photos and the labels came off. A bit of sticker goo on the cup lid. This style of cup and brand retails for $19 - $25 on Amazon.
2203.1 unused double wall insulating cup by COOL GEAR. The design is of bright colors with a pug and Boston terrier riding Vespas. The background is pink. Includes cup, lid and straw. (Bumper on Straw Helps Prevent Losing it) Double Wall Insulates to Keep Cold Beverages Cold & Hot Beverages Hot Longer. 24 Ounce Capacity. BPA Free. Not for the microwave. Dishwasher safe. I washed this before taking photos and the labels came off. A bit of sticker goo on the cup lid. This style of cup and brand retails for $19 - $25 on Amazon.
2204.1 unused double wall insulating cup by COOL GEAR. The design is of bright rainbow colors with SUMMER VIBES written in 70's style font. The background is clear. Includes cup, lid and straw. (Bumper on Straw Helps Prevent Losing it) Double Wall Insulates to Keep Cold Beverages Cold & Hot Beverages Hot Longer. 24 Ounce Capacity. BPA Free. Not for the microwave. Dishwasher safe. A bit of sticker goo on the cup lid. This style of cup and brand retails for $19 - $25 on Amazon.
2205.1 unused double wall insulating cup by COOL GEAR. The design is of bright colored Humming Birds and flowers. The background is clear. Includes cup, lid and straw. (Bumper on Straw Helps Prevent Losing it) Double Wall Insulates to Keep Cold Beverages Cold & Hot Beverages Hot Longer. 24 Ounce Capacity. BPA Free. Not for the microwave. Dishwasher safe. I washed this before taking photos and the labels came off. A bit of sticker goo on the cup lid. This style of cup and brand retails for $19 - $25 on Amazon.
2206.1 unused double wall insulating cup by COOL GEAR. The design is of pink and purple unicorns with rainbow main and tails with clouds, stars, and flowers. The background is clear. Includes cup, lid and straw. (Bumper on Straw Helps Prevent Losing it) Double Wall Insulates to Keep Cold Beverages Cold & Hot Beverages Hot Longer. 24 Ounce Capacity. BPA Free. Not for the microwave. Dishwasher safe. I washed this before taking photos and the labels came off. A bit of sticker goo on the cup lid. This style of cup and brand retails for $19 - $25 on Amazon.
2207.Blue Country Goose knife set. There are 15 pieces that match the vintage blue goose dishes, glassware, etc. popular in the 1980's. This set has a meat fork, cleaver, other knife styles, steak knives. All new. Never used.
2208.New, unworn, tangerine orange, beaded jewelry set. This set has a seven layer beaded necklace, pair of pierced earrings, and a bracelet. These are acrylic beads with gold tone findings.
2209.New string of stone beads. There are 12 large beads on this string. Turquoise color, about 1.25" across, all are of the peace symbols.
2210.Opalite glass pendant with raised portrait of a woman. 2" in length and 1.5" wide. Clear glass with an opal effect / color. New, never worn.
2211.Beautiful lavender striated stone pendant in artistic, square, silver frame. The stone has some blue tones to it and is overall an unusual color. I don't know what kind of stone this is. I also don't know if the frame is silver tone, silver plate, etc. There are no markings. 1" in length and 1" wide. New, never worn.
2212.Black and gray stone pendant in artistic silver frame. The stone has bright flashes of color and shine when light and sun hits it. Also, this is not a solid color, light passes through it making it an amber color. I don't know what kind of stone this is but it is lovely! I also don't know if the frame is silver tone, silver plate, etc. There are no markings. About 2" in length and 1.25" wide. New, never worn.
2213.Unique, odd shaped, natural pearl made into a pendant. This isn't actually mother of pearl from a shell... it is pearl that has grown oddly.. or several pearls melded together. One side is pearly white and the other side has a bit of pearly taupe color. About 1.5" in length and 1.25" wide. New, never worn.
2214.Black and rust stone pendant in round, silver frame. This stone is opaque. I don't know what kind of stone this is but it is very pretty. I also don't know if the frame is silver tone, silver plate, etc. There are no markings. About 1.25" in length and 1.25" wide. New, never worn.
2215.Black stone pendant in round silver frame. This stone looks like solid black but it has bright flashes of light like glitter and shine when light and sun hits it. I tried to show this glitter effect but its hard to capture in a picture. I don't know what kind of stone this is but it is lovely! I also don't know if the frame is silver tone, silver plate, etc. There are no markings. About 1.2" in length and 1.2" wide. New, never worn.
2216.Black and gray 2 stone pendant in artistic silver frame. I don't know what kind of stone this is but it may be Dalmatian Jasper. I also don't know if the frame is silver tone, silver plate, etc. There are no markings. About 1.5" in length and 1" wide. New, never worn.
2217.Large, pinkish red stone pendant in a lovely, artistic silver frame. I don't know what kind of stone this is but it is so pretty! I also don't know if the frame is silver tone, silver plate, etc. There are no markings. About 2.25" in length and 1" wide. New, never worn.
2218.Unique foiled glass pendant in artistic silver frame. I don't know if the frame is silver tone, silver plate, etc. There are no markings. About 1" in length and 1" wide. New, never worn.
2219.Real, oblong, pink pearl in a silver frame with flower. I also don't know if the frame is silver tone, silver plate, etc. There are no markings. About 1" in length and .5" wide. New, never worn.
2220.New in box, Melitta JavaJig - for Keurig K-Cup Brewers - Reusable Coffee Filter System to make coffee in your Keurig system. Comes with two pods you put ground coffee in, and 30 filters. Economical, Ecofriendly, BPA Free. These are $17 on Walmart website.
2221.Vintage, unusual perpetual calendar from Costa Rica. This has Month and Day cards you swap out each day. This is made of wood with a great graphic on the cutout. All the months and day cards are here. In excellent condition. No markings.
2222.Lot of clear stamps with stamp block. All new in the package. Stamps are popular sayings, alphabet, and more. Also, a new package of stamps with sayings on them.
2223.Vintage hand forged, hammered aluminum tray with handle. Marked "7011 HandForged Everlast Metal". Measures 10-1/2" in diameter, approximately 6" tall. Nice Condition. Pattern of Tropical looking leaves.
2224.CLEAN, New condition, with tag and tush tag. TY "The Attic Treasures Collection" Gem "Let It Snow" 12" Plush Bear w/Velvet Cape. Jointed arms and legs. The cloak is of a beautiful velvet with iridescent, glittery embellishment. Very pretty bear!
2225.16 rare, vintage Black / African American graduation cake toppers. Can be used for school, church, etc. These are old but new stock. Each is new in the wrapper. About 4.5" tall. The white robes differ slightly on a few of these... they are a bit darker or more ivory. Just a very slight difference. 5 men and 11 women
4000.7 tier metal wine rack
4001.Matching wicker stand with glass top. ND...
4002.8 foot long hallway runner rug.
4003.Antique rocking chair with unique swirl design
4004.Metal shelf needs to be reassembled.
4005.Vintage table stand with removable rim in good condition.
4006.Blue wicker stand with glass top.
4007.Pink and white art Van ottoman.
4008.Wooden table stand with hidden push door.
4009.Antique solo drawer tabletop stand.
4011.6 vintage chairs in good condition.
4012.CareLinc folding up Walker
4013.Turquoise leather ottoman.
4017.Antique 2 drawer and 2-door buffet.
4018.French provincial, Four drawer vintage white dresser.
4019.Four drawer french Provencal vanity with topper. Topper has two shelves. Made by the kemp company.
4020.Wooden bed frame with footboard and headboard.
4021.Lovely white blended fiber couch. From southern furniture company.
4022.Lazy boy recliner chair and pretty clean condition.
4024.Antique metal stove from the Atlanta stove works company model number 420
4026.5 Ladder back chairs with rattan woven seats one chair has a hole.
4027.7 tier metal wine rack.
4029.Retro pink and purple loveseat.
4030.Body by Jake ab scissor workout machine.
4031.The four pieces of plastic lattice of different sizes.
4032.Stacking storage cabinets 5 in total
4033.Haywood and Wakefield fliptop nightstand. Matches 4034
4034.Haywood and Wakefield fliptop nightstand matches 4033
4035.Two hand made Wooden saw horses.
4036.Three pairs of crutches and two walkers. 4Wall
4037.Blue folding up Walker chair. 4Wall
4038.Vintage wooden ironing board. 4Wall
4039.4 drawer black wooden dresser. NW...
4040.Personal workout trampoline tested at two hundred pounds still springy.
4041. cabinet on casters.
4042.Yellow vintage lawnmower. 4Wall
4043.2 tier shelf. NW...
4044.Steel cabinet from homak furniture with 1 shelf and two sliding doors.
4045.Big pine 2-door cabinet. Handmade removable slats for the creative storage person. NW...
4046.Four vintage chairs all in good condition. NW...
4047.Vintage Standing floor lamp with curb. NW...
4048.Vintage standing floor lamp with 3 sockets. NW...
4049.Chimney stack and extension. 4Wall
4050.Pink retro standing floor lamp. NW...
4051. 5 tier sterilite plastic shelf. NW...
4052.6 drawer wooden computer desk. NW...
4053.Large vintage black trunk with buckles missing key.
4054.White patio table made in the USA.
4055.6 foot wooden paint ladder. NW...
4056.Schwinn airdyne exercise bike with Schwinn watch attachment. NW...
4057.Lildustys box lot. NW...
4058.Life like Christmas tree with tree skirt and LED lights new in box. 5h1..
4059.Bollinger exercise mat. 4C6..
4060.Micro acoustic corporation Winchester plaza large speaker. 4B6..
4061.Three advertising milk crates advertisements are embest and pace. 5G1..
4062.4 tier shelf from a converted crate. 4B5..
4063.4 vintage replacement table legs. 4C6..
4064.Wood you wooden table. Unique design in solid oak woodwork. 5G1..
4065.Vintage Pully electric engine on metal stand. 4B3..
4066.Replacement wooden and glass cabinet doors. Included glass table slats. 7C7..
4067.Burks super turbine pump. 5F4..
4068.Red and blue vintage milk crates. 5F1..
4069.Buckets with countless amount of golf balls look at that last round on the course before the snow shows up. 4A2..
4070.Vintage children's school chair. 4B2..
4071.Tote filled with clothes size large in shirts an size 10 in jeans. 5D6..
4072.Large propane tank fills to be full. 4B2..
4073.Skinny propane tank doesn't feel to be full. 4B3..
4074.Wooden bar stool with black vinyl top. 4B4..
4075.Green metal countertop wine rack. 4A3..
4076.Art made in the USA on bottom. 4A2..
4077. Three sets of weights. 4A1..
4078.3 pull out metal basket rolling organizer. 5F1..
4079.We picnic basket comes with plastic cups and matches. 5H2..
4080.Wicker lidded file folder box. 5H3..
4081.Alameda pottery with baby blue glaze on inside some chipping I'm glazed also has some chipping on handles. 5H3..
4082.Arrangement of TV remotes DVD remotes remote controls and more from Panasonic to Philips to Comcast Mitsubishi Sony and more. 5H3..
4083.Lovely set of 4 holiday plates made by the Indiana glass company comes in original box. 5H2..
4084.Get in the Christmas spirit was this little holiday collection Pinecone metal basket snowman figurines and stickers. 5H2..
4085. vintage Westmoreland Santa's sleigh trinket dish. 5H3..
4086.2 vintage cast iron pieces one of the wall decor the other holds music. 5H2..
4087.Wonderful arrangement of vases and planters Selma March made in Japan others are marked made in Portugal. 5H2..
4088.Vintage oil lamp bases in other parts also includes a cast-iron chicken towel holder. 5H2..
4089.Mixed office lot includes pads of paper Elementary clipboard Master Three Ring hole puncher Paper Mate pens red blue and black. 5H3..
4090.Three cauldrons homes made a cast-iron the two are made out of copper. 5H2..
4091.Collection of pens pencils and markers some have never been opened before. 5H3..
4092.Cute little John Deere salt and pepper shaker and another tractor in a smoked glass candy dish. 5H3..
4093.Collection of rocks and Polished Stones also include glass rocks reflex tester not included. 5H4..
4094.2 blood pressure cuffs when is battery operated the other is pump also includes one reflex tester. 5H2..
4095.Variety of wall decor includes little mirrors little pictures picture frames Showbox and more. 5H4..
4096.Stack of records includes eddie duchin and more 5H4..
4097.Includes the Jazz Legacy of Bud Powell the brothers four whatever's fair Sarah Vaughan and much much more 5H4..
4098.Set a vital includes live from Saint Paul the butch Thompson trio Echoes from storyville which is autographed Butch Thompson autographed the clutch fluid creamer and more 5H4..
4099.Variety of vinyl includes the best of Peter Fontaine South Rampart Street parade was Peter Fontaine make own kind of music and more Peter fountain collections. 5H4..
4100. freefall to have full squirt bottles of penetrating oil made by the Imperial company prevents rust and corrosion while lubricating. 5H2..
4101.Stack of collector cards from It's a Wonderful Life registered trademark of the Republic Entertainment Company made in USA copyright 1947 from Liberty films. 5H2..
4102.2 cast iron trivets one says a merry heart doeth good like medicine. 5H2..
4103.Variety of little Trinkets and doodads comes complete I'm a fully vibrant colorful turkey tray. 5H2..
4104.Three different vintage fishing lures true or made of wood the other one's pretty gnarly. 5H2..
4105.Collection of vintage wooden fishing lures three to be exact. 5H4..
4106.3 vintage lures. 5G2..
4107.8-track collection includes the thorn 70s Tears on My Pillow Jose felicio and in. 5G2..
4108.2 glass pieces one is a glass coffee pot marked heat gun by resistant 1762. 5E2..
4109.2 stove covers 5G2..
4110.Spool of gasoline and oil resistant wire AWD size. 5G2..
4111.Collection of pottery bowls and vases all pieces are signed on bottom all made by different artists. 5G3..
4112.Collection of Master locks it appears we do not have the key. 5G3..
4113.Battery operated desktop keeps you entertained. 5G3..
4114.New in package Deluxe heating thermostat from Ace Hardware. 5G3..
4115.Quick connects for your air compressor. 5G3..
4116.2 tin butterflies with ceramic bunny. 5G3..
4117.Variety of birds some are made in Japan and Iman. 5G4..
4118. Rival crock pot low and high temp. 5E2..
4119.Two boxes of Homestead snack set. 5G4..
4120.Box of books titles include a Michigan public employment in labor relation laws Lauren Conrad Style the Appalachian Trail fall in Moberly Al Capone does my shirts and many more. 5H5..
4121.Variety of Christmas lights ornament hooks suction cup clips and more. 5G4..
4122.Pink glass trinket dish with lid rim has chip 5G3..
4123.Real men's belts for belt is still in box made by the dynamic classics. 5G3..
4124.vintage Wooden dominoes with dice. 5H2..
4125.2 spoon of Belden wire maker for industry Wireless cables chords 12 AWG. 5G3..
4126.Variety of silver plated kitchenware include salt and pepper shakers cream and sugar dishes. 5G5..
4127.Collection of crows stencils party lace paper doilies patterns and more. 5G5..
4128.Get in the holiday spirit with this Christmas ornaments Foods Pine Cone ornaments that Glitter also includes pretty white Garland. 5H5..
4129.Collection of angels from ornaments statues 5G6..
4130.24 inch pre lit tree with clear mini lights. 5G6..
4131.Names include cast star and Lenox. 5G6..
4132.Two zip up vest size extra large the blue one is reversible the white ones brand is Susan Graver. 5G7..
4133.My school punch to illuminate pretty design from Candlelight. 5H4..
4134.Wyndmere 12in oscillating fan. 5F4..
4135.Drinking canteen that is missing his lid also comes with I thermos by thermos ce company. 5G7..
4136.Stacking vinyl include same to share Billy Taylor Martin pinza and more. 5H5..
4137.Two luxury Loft pillow form pillows by Mountain Mist Superior pillow insert luxurious and downlight professional decorator appearance 100% high quality polyester fiberfill High residency hand washable 14 X 14. 5F2..
4138.Decal vinyl from Capital City Records and includes RCA Victor records and more. 5E3..
4139.The books include stop dieting and lose weight bread machine machine quick gourmet dishes Taste of Home and more. 5F2..
4140.Famous catch that says I will bless you so that you will be a blessing framed and matted. 5F2..
4141.Friend Prince all of the landscape. 5F2..
4142.Barn lithograph on board which wood frame ready to be mounted. 5F2..
4143.Sunflower print framed by the somerset Custom Framing company. 5F2..
4144.Black CD container filled with CDs includes names Tim Brady Legacy five Tim Parton Ernie Haase & More. 5G6..
4145.Three pieces of stained glass. 5E2..
4146.Variety of children's toys includes wooden airplanes Little Tikes race cars colored pencils The Polar Express and alphabet learning puzzle. 5F3..
4147.Collection of VHS tapes titles include Lady and the Tramp 101 Dalmatians Paint Your Wagon Pokemon the movie X-Files and many more. 5E2..
4148.Variety of CDs includes Mozart Haydn El Divino dinner for two Enrique Chia George Davison and more. 5F4..
4149.Set of 4 Cypress felt placement Maps blue blankie and hand towels. 5E4..
4150.Paper doilies lot also includes lace napkins and vintage Linens. 5E4..
4151. variety of metal and Hangers. 5E4..
4152.4 Edison records titles include that's how I lost him by Raymond Brown Silver Bells come Josephine and Nana won't you smile awhile on me. 5E3..
4153.Ford Edison Anne Burrell records titles include Jack and Jill Natalie that baboon baby dance OU circus day just plain folks. 5E3..
4154.R154 Edison amberol record titles include the garden of Dreams Italian Serenade down in Dear Old New Orleans mr. Pat O'Hare Frenchie come to Yankee land and more. 5F3..
4155.Edison amberol record. 5F3..
4156.Edison records. 5G8..
4157.Collection of Edison blue amberol records. 5F3..
4158.Mixed Christmas light that includes gift cards ornaments and more. 5F5..
4159.Wheels and casters. 5E5..
4160.Storage container which memory books photo albums paint brushes and more. 5F5..
4161.Pure Energy CO2 20 oz container. 5F3..
4162.Trucks kids toys includes dinosaurs Elmo Falls Lightning McQueen. 5F5..
4163.Set of 6 EmazingLights OneTouch to light easy to install anywhere a light is needed. 5F3..
4164.Tasco Deluxe 8 weight automatic electric thermal massager for you for all the family the magic of massage the miracle Heat comes in original box and original instructions. 5E3..
4165.Beautiful wood framed mirror ready to hang. 6Wall
4400.Commodore 64 in original box. 3I3..
4401.Tapeomatic the voice of music tested and powers on. 3I7..
4402.Cae footlites. 3I4..
4403.Lot of vintage radio tubes. 3I2..
4404.Triggered sweep oacilloscope. 3H2..
4405.Pioneer tangential tracking quartz-pll full-automatic pl-l800. 3I4..
4406.Heath zenith. Cord needs to be replaced. 3I6..
4407.Bk precision 20 MHz oscilloscope. 1522. 3H2..
4408.Heath zenith. 3H3..
4409.Vintage radio tubes. 3I5..
4410.Zenith vintage radio. 3I6..
4411.Westinghouse vintage tube radio. 3H2..
4412.Vintage radio tubes. 3H2..
4413.4 brands of different vintage radio tubes. 3I5..
4414.19 boxes of vintage radio tubes. 3I1..
4415.22 boxes of vintage radio tubes. 3H2..
4416.Vintage radio tubes with out boxes. 3H4..
4417.Westing house vintage radio. 3H4..
4418.Calumbia 360 vintage clock radio. 3H1..
4419.Shurite GE Vintage Electrical Transformer. From New Haven, Conn USA. 3G3..
4420.Zenith vintage radio. 3G4..
4421.general instrument deluxe tc20 vintage radio. 3G3..
4422.RCA Victor vintage radio from the 1940s. 3H5..
4423.vintage zenith 1940's radio model number 6D029. 3H5..
4424.Kilocycles vintage radio with pull down case. 3H4..
4425.Vintage radio from strombergcarlson. 3G3..
4426.Royce r module transceiver. 3G4..
4500.Large Dayton Oil Fired 350.000 BTU Heater. Seller claims in working condition. Snow is about to fly and cold weather is here
4501.Vintage red upholstered wood chair.
4502.Wood Dresser
4503.Antique Oak High Chair, no tray
4504.Small folk art rolling table
6000.Heathkit battery Eliminator. 5E3..
6001.Panasonic turntable powered on can hear motor running but turntable won't turn. 5D2..
6002.Antique philco Radio plugged tube lights. 5D2..
6003.Variety of philco radio tubes. 5E3..
6004.Dbx Recording Technology Series model 2 2 2 type 2 tape noise reduction system. 5E3..
6005.Pioneer audio Digital Timer DT 510 model number gt510. 5E3..
6006.Antique philco Radio. 5E5..
6007.Antique wooden radio case from kolster International. 5E1..
6008.Symphonic cd-3000 a 3 beam laser pick up double error correction compact disc audio changer six compact disc random program play System powers on 5D2..
6009.Pioneer RG Dynamic processor rg9 powers on. 5D2..
6010.Pioneer graphic equalizer SG - 9 powers on. 5D3..
6011.Recordio by Wilcox - gay vintage radio and turntable. 5A3..
6012.Collection of mixed Hardware and electrical Hardware what includes white plates screws handy box covers light fixtures and more. 5D3..
6013.A collection of radio tubes some made from General Electric philco realistic and more. 5D4..
6014.Collection of Sams photofact CB radio books from 1977. 5E3..
6015.Variety of philco in Sylvania radio tubes in original boxes. 5F4..
6016.An arrangement of Sams photofact CB radio series some dates include 1975 74-77 and more. 5D4..
6017.Variety of radio tubes in original boxes some not names include philco Sylvania RCA General Electric and more. 5D4..
6018.An arrangement of Sams photofact CB radio series books dates include 1975 1976 and more. 5C3..
6019.Sam's photo Fab CB radio series books dates from 1976 to 77. 5C3..
6020.Footlights outlet box maximum load party circuits 300 watts. 5F3..
6021.Variety of Sams photofact CB radio Series dates include 1976 1975 5C2..
6022.BK Precision 30 megahertz oscilloscope 1479 B powers on can handle is detached. 5C2..
6023.RCA vintage reel to reel. 5B2..
6024.Tube tester made by the superior instruments company. 5D3..
6025.Hick hock featuring Systems Inc WC wide band oscilloscope powers on. 5C4..
6026.Antique Radio horn numbers are 8197 n. 5B2..
6027.Radio manuals one from General Electric Mobile Radio the custom MVP to a FM radio combinations maintenance manual clear the IEEE Journal of quantum Electronics from October 1968 special issue. 5C2..
6028.Atwater Kent model 5 5c radio missing case. 5C4..
6029.Box full of mixed radio parts from circuit boards two surge Chargers and more. 5E5..
6030.Collection of antique Victor records some coming album. 5B3..
6031.An arrangement of old Victor records and albums designs for dancing Spike Jones. 5B3..
6032.Philco speaker with mount. 5C3..
6033.Vintage field phone microphone Dynamic M - 87 / AIC from Nexus. 5C3..
6034.Vintage ekco radio case. 5B3..
6035.Collection of radio and radio parts names include true tone neutrodyne more. 5A3..
6037.Retro Pilot Record cabinet.
6038.Heavy duty orange extension cord. 5B3..
6039.PVC elbows on connectors and ts 5D6..
6040.Assortment of leprechaun Chaser enabler cases. 5D5..
6041.Wooden shipping crate measures 26 x41 x 16 1/2. 5A1..
6042.Orange traffic cone with reflective tape wrapped around it. 5D5..
6043.2 glass mom signs with the best dad sign. 5B3..
6044.Glass Crystal with brass finish shank into set screws replacement door knob still in package. 5B3..
6046.Collection of a little candle holders bottles and more. 5B3..
6047.Pitney Bowes weight classifier for postal use. 5B3..
6048.Collection of glass pieces from Sherry glasses to little miniature syrup bottles to shot glasses candlestick holders plates. 5D4..
6049.vintage sifter with crank handle. 5B2..
6050.National Rifle Association official 25-yard Soul rifle pistol Target Onalaska Wisconsin license number 17. 5A2..
6051.Two boxes of Homestead snack set another product of the Federal Glass Company. 5A2..
6052.Ceramic teapot with porcelain flower attached name on bottom says Teleflora gift. 5E2..
6053.Collection of Christmas dinner plates and dessert plates made by Christmastime tabletops unlimited dishwasher oven microwave safe 5B4..
6054.Fine bone china teapot West Peach details made by the siltone pottery Staffordshire England. 5A2..
6055.Variety of bungee cords from rubber to cloth get your bungee done with this lot. 5A4..
6056.United Plastics hinge top storage chest 5. 35 quart. 5A4..
6057.Vintage Kidde CO2 fire extinguisher also known as the Lux and fire freeze. 5B5..
6058.Collection of shatterproof ball ornaments also includes two strings of clear Christmas lights. 5C5..
6059.3 coleman portable propane tanks. 5A2..
6060.Pretty glass ornaments and more 5B5..
6061.Deluxe glass ornaments 5B4..
6062.Collection of holiday trays 5B5..
6063.twins size air mat 5b4..
6064.Cast iron wall decor. 5B4..
6065.Collection of glittery snowflakes and other colorful Christmas decor. 5A2..
6066.Collection of all holiday Decor from stars to bunny rabbits to smallman to Christmas trees we even have Easter eggs all comes in a clear tote with a blue Rubbermaid. 5A5..
6067.Tool Hardware organizer has 15 drawers full with different Hardware. 5A4..
6068.Plastic oil pan Wythe masonry tools also includes wooden chalk stick. 5A4..
6069.Electric motor with power button switch texted and work. 5A2..
6070.Light Beacon anti-collision aircraft from the Grimes manufacturing company. 5F3..
6071.To Blue Pace Dairy food crates. 5E1..
6072.United States Marine Corps fatigues. 5D2..
6073.United States Marine Corps fatigues includes button-up and pants. 5D2..
6074.Choker cable with locked Master Lock attached. 6G4..
6075.Choker cable with hook attached to end. 5A5..
6076.Choker cable with hook attached. 5A5..
6077.Fisherman's tackle box with fishing accessories includes which type of panfish bait lures and More. 5A2..
6078.Handmade hanging wooden bee catcher. 5A2..
6079.2 metal hanging plant baskets Mana comes with life like flowers. 6G4..
6080.Levenger lap desk sharp registered United States patent and trademark office. 5A3..
6081.Pink sterilite tote filled with Easter decorations. 5E1..
6082.Vintage cologne bottles to an original box and two things of milk glass decorations. 5E2..
6083.2 enamel pans. 5C2..
6084.Variety of connectors and caps. 5D1..
6085.New in package Sportscraft and shuttlecocks. 6G4..
6086.Two tubes of Kendall b524 Grease. 5B3..
6087.Molle special-purpose Grease made by traveler 2 tubes. 5B4..
6088.Collection of glass strips. 5B4..
6089.Arrangement of pots and pans and the bundt cake pans. 5C1..
6090.Package of unbreakable pyramid 28 Wordament also includes handcrafted porcelain lighted fireplace with a strand of 50 ft. 6G5..
6091.Two hula hoops. 5A3..
6092.Giant planter filled with other little planters garden tools upside-down tomato grower and sprinklers. 5C1..
6093.Collection of bird feeders and suet feeders. 5B1..
6094.2 orange heavy-duty extension cords. 6G3..
6095.Variety of different style harnesses also includes rope Miller soft stop safety rope and other linemen harnesses. 6G4..
6096.Vintage outboard lower motor parts. 5B1..
6097.Topsy Turvy As Seen hummingbird hangout planter. 6G6..
6098.Rope block and tackle. 6G3..
6099.To Bausch & Lomb spectronic 20 spectrophotometer. 6G5..
6100.Vintage philco radio with easy carry a long handle. 6G6..
6101.Airline vintage radio. 6G6..
6102.Two leather water canteens and says Made in Spain. 6G2..
6103.Collection of RTE News ham and chicken loaf Bean component cocoa beverage powder and more
6104.Leader lbo 513 a oscilloscope. 6G6..
6105.Wooden box that says 3D finish on. 6G2..
6106.Riverside number 6 1 - 8197 safety heater. 6G4..
6107.Euler 1 and 1/2 H - 9045 relief valve set to relieve 110 lb. 6E2..
6108.Michelob Ultra "lose the carbs not the taste" beverage pail with swinging handle. 6E2..
6109.Coleman 5000 BTU heater comes with original box is ripped. 6G1..
6110.vintage Auto body hammers 6G3..
6111.Vintage poke shave draw knife. 6G2..
6112. collection of different hammerheads. 6E4..
6113.Cobblers shoe mold on wooden face concert to shoe casts 6E1..
6114.Variety of handheld air pumps names include X Factor. 6E1..
6115.Vintage grappling hook. 6G1..
6116.Suntune inductive basic tune-up kit comes with original box. 6G2..
6117.John Deere cover. 6G3..
6118.Vintage draw knife. 6G2..
6119.Two antique farm sickles one missing wood handle. 6G2..
6120.Antique poke shave draw knife. 6E1..
6121.Two open-end wrenches can't make out sizes but are pretty big. 6E1..
6122.2 vintage pipe wrenches. 6E1..
6123.Fisherman's hook where ice hook or hay hook anything you need to grab hold of. 6E1..
6124.2 bow saws 6E3..
6125.Large canvas bag. 6E4..
6126.Collection of specialty wrenches. 6E3..
6127.Craftsman professional auto lock made in the USA. 6E1..
6128.Collection of wrenches. 6E1..
6129.Craftsman tool box complete with plumbing hardware and other Hardware. 6E6..
6130.Variety Peg hooks. 6E4..
6131.Wooden tasty pimento loaf box a blue label product. 6E2..
6132.Marx air tool 3/8 inch drive ratchet. 6E2..
6133.Premier clamp. 6E2..
6134.Huffman 1 gallon liquid oil can. 6D2..
6135.Collection of different types of handles waterspout 6E5..
6136.Welding goggles with helmet Shields. 6E5..
6137.Ratchet with sockets some names include Craftsman. 6E5..
6138.Stryker autopsy saw. 6G4..
6139.Vintage bicycle package carrier. 6E5..
6140.Jack stand. 6D2..
6141.Different types of amp gauges. 6G2..
6142.Electric motor made from Dayton. 6D2..
6143.Variety of different size sockets also includes deep well sockets. 6D3..
6144.Pitchfork heads also includes two Flathead shovel heads missing handles. 6D3..
6145.2 Ford wrenches. 6G2..
6146.Different types of mini ratchets. 6E1..
6147.Taps and dies 6D3..
6148.Wire strippers and wrenches names include Sears Craftsman and more. 6D3..
6149. Hammer with Red Knight Hickory replacement handles still new in package. 6D3..
6150.Heavy duty plugs, in package never been. 6D3..
6151.Two grease guns. 6D4..
6152.2 100 ft measuring tapes both made by Stanley. 6D4..
6153.Variety of wood drill bits all different sizes. 6D4..
6154.Gas pressure regulator and gas and valve made bipolar. 6D4..
6155.3 in C clamps. 6D2..
6156.Variety of sockets names include Craftsman power craft and more. 6D2..
6157.Vintage Honda 350 Side cover matches item number 6158. 6D3..
6158.Vintage Honda 350 Side cover matches item number 6157
6159.Pioneer speaker system model number CS-803 solo speaker. 6D5..
6160.Victor talking machine record player with parts. 6c1..
6161.Vintage Edison voice writer dictaphone machine. Epiphone dictation system. 6D6..
6162.Vintage Edison voice writer dictaphone machine. Epiphone dictation system. 6D6..
6163.vintage table radio
7000.Off white Pedestal sink, in like new condition. 24 1/2 x 19 1/2, 27" tall
7001.Olive green sink measures 18", by 18"
7002.three sided bead storage system, holds lots of extra beads in tubes. comes with 10 empty tubes.
7003.Attractive Gold colored chain. Looks like knots on it but not up close. Very pretty. See both pictures.
7004.Very nice beaded necklace. Adorable. Pink and black beads with gold accents.
9000.Tall pine table.4’ w x 2’6” d x 3’ t
9001.Antique style desk. 4’2” w x 2’7” d x 3’10.5” t
9002.Four door Vintage tool cabinet on casters 5 foot x 1 foot x 2 feet 9 inches nd...
9003.Fast track 2 retro workout mechanic. Tested and works ND...
9004.Small four leg grated outdoors table measurements are 2 feet x 1 and a half x 1 foot 10 inch. Nd...
12000.Vintage floor standing radio. Measurements are 25x11x40. UF...
12001.vintage 1920s radio RCA radiola 18. 3G2..
12002.8 drawer Oriental octagon jewelry cabinet.
12003.Thomasville four drawer two shelf wardrobe cabinet in good condition.
12004.Edison tractor rototiller tires are flat. Other than that looks to be in good shape.
12005.Founders 9 drawer dresser with unique handles and design.
12006.Capehart Farnsworth with record changer vintage radio and disc player .
12007.Two-wheel simplicity walk behind tractor with good rubber and chains. NW...
12008.Simplicity plow attachment. NW...
12009.Oriental black floral design table stand. Uf...
12010.Greek style standing vase. UF...
13000.Antique Lammerts Chest of drawers dresser. ND3..
13001.Antique High Boy Dresser in very nice condition. ND3..
13002.RALEIGH AMERICA BICYCLES. Men’s 26”, 7 speed bike in very nice condition . Light weight aluminum frame from the 7005 series.
13003.Hers ,RALEIGH AMERICA BICYCLES. Womens 26”, 7 speed bike in very nice condition . Light weight aluminum frame from the 7005 series.
13005.Nice vintage mid century HENREDON Sofa
13500.Fitz & Floyd Bird Brains "CALAMITY CRANE" Teapot in great condition. Measures 11" tall 9" wide from wing end to wing end.
13501.Fitz and Floyd Bird Brains "OWL CAPONE" Tea Pot. 8" high x 11" length
13502.Fitz & Floyd Birdbrains Collection "QUEEN ELIZABIRD"
13503.Fitz And Floyd Birdbrain Series "ATTILA THE HEN" Teapot. He is 10.5" wide and 8” tall. few small chips
13504.Fitz & Floyd Bird Brain "ROBIN HOOD" teapot. Feather on his hat needs to be reattached but otherwise in good shape.
13505.Fitz and Floyd "Vincent Van Crow" 4 cup teapot From the Bird Brains Collection. Very nice condition with no chips or damage that I could see. UF...
13506.Fitz and Floyd Santa's Rail Road Station cookie jar. In very nice condition. UF...
13507.Fitz and Floyd's Candy Land Express in it's original box. UF...
13508.Dept 56 Merry, Merry Santa Clause Cookie Jar. Very nice condition and free from damage. UF...


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