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SUNDAY SUNDAY, SUNDAY 11/22/2020 BEST OFFER BIDS! - SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY November 22nd, 2020 at 7pm Starts ending at 7pm

Item Description
005.Sorry for the delayed start! DAMNED DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! I'M STILL MESSED UP?
020.Very nice white leather love seat. clean
021.Black Buffet / Server / dresser / Unique, decorative piece. One leg needs to be secured a little bit
022.Mid Century HENREDON wardrobe in great condition
023.Vintage HENREDON dresser with mirror. Solid furniture in great condition
024.Beautiful HEYWOOD WAKEFIELD China Cabinet. Publick House Collection
025.Very unique antique Bric a Brac shelf. very nice condition
026.2 matching antique chairs in nice bright floral pattern fabric, clean
1000.3 zebra art prints. 12 X 10.
1001.Original Von Reis painting on canvas. 36 X 30.
1002.Limited edition (4/4) king salmon print. Signed and dated (1986). 32 X 13.
1003.Jo Moulton print. 25 X 17.
1004.Original signed painting on canvas. 23 X 19.
1005.Mona Lisa print on canvas. 20 X 26.
1006.Pendulum clock. Works. 22 inches tall.
1007.Wizard pottery piece. 27 inches tall.
1008.Winchester Wildcat high velocity rimfire 22 cartridges in Winchester wood storage box.
1009.Winchester Super X, 20 centerfire rifle cartridges. Cal. 7.62 x 39, 123 gr pointed soft point
1010.Winchester Super X 20 centerfire rifle cartridges. Cal. 7.62 x 39, 123 gr pointed soft point
1011.7.6 ammo. AK 47? 30-30?
1012.Hand painted duck themed dishes.
1013.Vintage metal trays. 7 inches long.
1014.Lenox and Pickard dishes. All made in USA.
1015.Cast iron horse still bank. 8 inches tall.
1016.SOG USA multi tool with a leather case.
1017.4 vintage jewelry boxes.
1018.Antique candy machine. Has key. 15 inches tall.
1019.Signed poodle sculpture. 11 inches tall.
1020.Waterbury clock co gingerbread mantle clock. 22 inches tall.
1021.Havern Clock co mantle clock. 21 inches tall.
1022.Nice Mule deer mount. 7 point.
1023.Vintage Seth Thomas clock. 25 inches tall.
1024.bronze statue/planter. Very heavy, bring help. 53 inches tall.
1025.Limited edition (158/450) pencil signed and dated (1988) "Free and Easy" art piece. 11 X 11.
1026.Large pencil signed art piece. 57 X 42.
1027.Elegant wall hanging mirror. 50 X 36.
1028."Lofty Memories" by Alex Stephan pencil signed print. 46 X 35.
1029.Vibrantly colored floral print. Signed. 38 X 44.
1032.Vintage wooden side table. 29 X 33 X 19.
1033.3 drawer dresser with mirror. 77 X 39 X 18.
1034.Antique telephone operator center. 49 X 24 X 22.
1035.2 vintage UCLA caps.
1036.Cast iron Boston Terrier. 10 inches tall.
1037.1998 Jack Daniels advertisement. 12" diameter.
1038.Vibrantly colored John Deere advertisment. 12" diameter.
1039.Vintage McCoy El Rancho Bar-B-Q service coffee server 1960. 10" tall.
1040.Mid century christmas tree lighter with stacking ashtrays . 7" tall.
1041.Vintage Mail Pouch advertisement. 21 X 8.
1042.Antique Kindle-Quick safety fireplace lighter.
1043.Lee Reynolds original signed painting on canvas. 61 X 49.
1044.Vintage hand painted Trouble Zone wooden sign. 2 ft long.
1045.Singed (Pichio) and dated (1958) print. 11 X 14.
1046.Unique wooden hanging decor piece. Needs re glued in one spot. Nice piece. 22" tall.
1047.Unique art piece. 9 X 11.
1048.Signed print in an elegant frame. 23 X 26.
1049.Rustic Snack Bar wooden sign. 98" long.
1050.Vintage favilla u-2 soprano ukulele with case. Needs a little TLC. 21" long.
1051.Original 1990 Coca-Cola advertisement. 12" diameter.
1052.Butterfly taxidermy piece in storage case. Case is 10" tall.
1053.John Deere advertisment. 19 inches long.
1054.Vintage John Deere advertisment. 16 X 7.
1055.Vintage hat.
1056.6 porcelain birds.
1057.Fiesta water pitcher. 8 inches tall.
1058.Vintage tin clown toy. 8" tall.
1059.Vintage wind up penguin. 7" tall.
1060.Vintage wind up wooden bear. 5" tall.
1061.Vintage tin Mother Hubbard still bank. 4" tall.
1062.Original framed painting. 20 X 23.
1063.1967 Signed and dated print. 25 X 21.
1064.Little girl and her cat print. Signed. 42 X 37.
1065.Fruit themed lithograph on canvas. 50 X 35.
1066.Original painting on canvas. Signed Francine. 31 X 29.
1067.Unique art piece on felt. Looks to be made out of paper. 13 X 16.
1068.1880 signed Barbizon Sarbetje art piece. Says original in corner. 15 X 12.
1069.Limited edition (565/1000) pencil signed (David Michael Johnston) print. 13 X 14.
1070.Vintage 1993 K.F.S. (A TRADEMARK OF THE HEARST CORPORATION) Popeye's wimpy figure. 6 inches tall.
1071.Vintage Shell man figure Still Bank. 5" tall. Made in USA.
1072.Vintage tin train set piece. 10" tall.
1073.Vintage train track signal. 10" tall.
1074.Vintage large brass bucket. 7" tall, 13" diameter.
1075.Mobilegas "gas pump" display. Godinger silver art Co. 19" tall.
1076.Lot of mini NFL Pennants.Includes Pittsburgh Steelers, Broncos, Jets and more. 9 inches long.
1077.Antique marrionette. 18" tall.
1078.Bronze boy and frog statue/fountain. 31" tall. Frog spits water.
1079.Wooden statue or bust stand/pedestal. 30" tall.
1080.Egret garden decor. 42" tall.
1081.2 unique carved art wood pieces.
1082.Concrete statue with planter built in. 40" tall. Very heavy, bring help.
1083.Unique Gasoline pump wooden cabinet with 4 shelves. Great Man Cave piece! 41 X 8 X 8.
1084.Scenic signed print. 21 X 18.
1085."Lady & Ballerina Flower" watercolor by Linda Batdorff Dahl. Signed. 20 X 17.
1086.Signed ship foil art piece. 16 X 13.
1087.Pencil signed print. 11 X 15.
1088.Pencil signed Elizabeth King Durand "Across from the orchard" print. 13 X 13.
1089.Scenic framed watercolor print. 27 X 21.
1090.Glass bird paperweight. Couldn't spot a name. 10" long.
1091.Glass goose figure. Vibrant pink coloring. 6" tall.
1092.2 elegant crystal decanters. Tallest is 16" tall.
1093.2 elegant crystal decanters. Tallest is 12" tall.
1094.2 wire floral decor pieces. 8" tall.
1095.Heisey penguin decanter. 10" tall.
1096.Signed and dated (1996) hand painted glass decor piece. 5" tall.
1097.Hand painted Oriental vase. 10" tall.
1098.EAPG Glass koi fish candle holder. 9" tall.
1099.Samurai soldier figure. 10" tall.
1100.Foo dog cement statue. Overall a great piece. 20" tall.
1101.Vintage Kang Nian oriental urn with vivid detailing and design. 13" X 7" X 7".
1102.Oriental doll decor piece. Great detailing and vibrant coloring. 11 X 16 X 11.
1103.Elegant wall mirror. 34 X 28.
1104.1987 Green Country Place print. 38 X 27.
1105.Antique mirror. 22 X 31.
1106.Unique Deer and fish print. 31 X 35.
1107.Ebel signed art piece. Looks to be burnt or etched on a slab. 13 X 15.
1108.Oriental floral print. 15 X 14.
1109.1960's Joseph Boulton Signed Alabaster white cougar Sculpture. 11 inches tall.
1110.Vintage brass tea kettle. 10" tall.
1111.Two crystal bowls. Tallest is 8" tall.
1112.Elegant crystal vase. 6" tall.
1113.Beautiful vintage Stiffel lamp. 37 inches tall. Plugged in and works.
1114.Vintage Stiffel lamp. 37 inches tall. Plugged in and turns on.
1115.cast iron antique Art deco stool. 23 X 13 X 18.
1116.Antique chest of drawers with mirror. Has dovetail joints and claw feet. Measurements without mirror are 45 X 33 X 21.
1117.Vintage wooden desk with mirror. Has dovetail joints. Measurements without mirror are 45 X 20 X 30.
1118.Olympia Evolutional Model slot machine. Works great! 19 X 11 X 32.
1119.3 piece Ancestors painted art on silk with Mirror. Has an Artist signature Stamp. 27 X 38.
1120.Westclox Southwest Pacific Company Railway & Steamship lines clock. 20" tall.
1122.2 pencil signed prints. 15 X 12.
1124.Scenic art print. 9 X 11.
1125.3 antique oil lamps. 1 foot tall.
1126.3 antique pil lamps. Tallest is 19 inches tall.
1127.Pair of elegant vintage lamps. Beautiful coloring. Untested. 20" tall.
1128.Copper 1 gallon jug.
1129.Unique signed pottery piece. 14" tall.
1130.Hand carved wooden bust. 19.5" tall.
1131.Vintage lightening rod. 70" tall.
1132.Rustic iron weather vane. 49" tall.
1133.Unique metal swinging bird decor piece. 41" tall.
1134.Unique stenciled art piece. 13 X 16.
1135."Le Toucan" by Marie Moine. Pencil signed. 21 X 16.
1136.Limited edition (128/225) pencil signed print. 15 X 18.
1137.2 pencil signed floral prints. One is dated 1981. Jean Blaire. 21 X 17.
1138.Welby by Elgin Mickey Mouse clock. 11" diameter.
1139.Vintage Bargs advertisement thermometer. 27 inches tall.
1140.Red Man chew vintage advertisment. 28 X 13.
1141.Heavy Signed (Rene) pottery piece. 9" tall.
1142.Mid century aluminum bowl set.
1143.2015 G. Kirkland ambrosia maple signed bowl. 9" diameter.
1144.Woven snow shoes. Northwoods brand. Made in Canada. 29" tall.
1145.Age of innocency by Jane Comley sculpture. Individually hand-cast in terra-cotta foundry-stone. Has paperwork. 13" tall.
1146.Gold tone mother and daughter statue. Leonard art works inc. 1 ft tall.
1147.Hand carved signed statue. 7" tall.
1148.Hudson Bay 4 point wool blanket. White/candy design. Second chance item!! Excellent condition, in original box.
1149.Elegant crystal candy dish (6" tall) and a crystal bowl (10" diameter). No chips or cracks.
1150.Set of two crystal vases. 10" tall.
1151.Elegant end table. 23 X 23 X 21.
1152.Vintage Simonsen tin tackle box filled with assorted tackle.
1153.Original Texaco sign. 33 X 33.
1154.Marble urn. Never used, ZIMMER Marble Co. Jackson, MI 10" tall.
1155.Vintage root beer glass hanging lamp.
1156.Cement statue of a little girl. 23" tall.
1157.Cement pig statue. 11" tall X 17" long.
1158.Glass grape themed jar. 8" tall.
1159.Crystal vase. 10" tall.
1160.Set of two gnome figures. 4" tall.
1161.Little boy and goose porcelain figure. 5" tall.
1163.Vintage necklace bust. 13.5" tall.
1164.1984 Glen Edwards "Salmon" carving. Kuper Island, Vancouver, B.C. 20 X 15.
1165.Original signed (Antone) painting on canvas. 31 X 27.
1166.Asian Crane art original? with artist stamp 37 X 25.
1167.Vintage Regulator wall clock. 2 ft tall.
1168.Pencil signed sketch print. Cant make out name. 17 X 19.
1169.Southern Comfort framed mirrored advertisement. 25 X 21.
1170.L. Goodang signed mother and baby print. 20 X 26.
1171.Vibrantly colored glass vase. 13" tall.
1172.Antique wardrobe with mirror. Bottom needs TLC. Has 4 drawers. 38 X 17 X 60.
1173.Vintage Mar toys Junior dial typewriter. Made in USA.
1174.Antique wooden end table. 16 X 14 X 30.
1175.Set of four Gorham crystal wine glasses.
1176.Westclox "Big Ben" clock. 6" tall.
1177.Vintage "Old Mr. Boston" glass bottle with a cork stopper. 9" tall.
1178.Vintage Goebel little boy figure. 5" tall.
1179.1965 Goebel woman figure. 5" tall.
1180.Vintage girl and boy collectible figure. 5" tall.
1181.Vintage Fenton coin dot French Opalescent crimped pitcher and tumbler set. 1940's-50's.
1182.Vibrant bird themed jug. 15" tall.
1183.Tiffany style lamp. 23" tall. Plugged in and works.
1184.Antique China Hutch. Ornate and very nice condition. 62" X 38" X 17".
1185.Kennmore dehumidifier.
1186.Mid Century chest of drawers. 52" X 34" X 17".
1187.Vintage stoneware crock. 13" tall.
1188.Comic strip vanity with stool. Features vintage Bazooka Joe comic strips. 30" X 32" X 17".
1189.Pencil signed Mahaffey fish print. 32" X 25".
1190.Limited edition print. 36" X 30".
1191.Lithograph. 49" X 38".
1192.Ocean painting on canvas. 43" X 32".
1193.3 piece mirror set. Measurements (set up) are 58" X 72".
1194.4 sterling silver silhouette art pieces. Paris, London and more
1198.Antique wind up key clock. 30" tall.
1199.Jockey cement statue. Has damage to one arm. 45" tall.
1200.Antique Mald 8/0 porcelain doll. One arm needs reattached.
1201.Anniversary clock. 13" tall.
1202.Lifelike bouquet in a cloisonne vase. 14" tall.
1203.Very heavy Brass lamp. 38" tall.
1204.Antique wooden bowl with antique mixing spoon/spatula.
1205.Kenwood wool blanket. In great condition.
1206.Vintage gone with the wind bald eagle lamp. 21" tall.
1207.Hand painted hurricane style lamp. 24" tall.
1208.Georgetown Galleries Mahogany chest of drawers. Lamps not included. 62" X 19" X 36".
1209.Silver champagne bucket. 30" tall.
1210.Aztec South Western style heavy blanket. 77" long.
1211.South Western heavy blanket. Approximately 77" long.
1212.Ansel Adams print. 24" X 36".
1213.Unique art piece. 24" X 27".
1214.Sri Lanka art piece on velvet. Beautiful piece. 44" X 24".
1215.3 Mid Century BIG EYED girl art pieces. 25" X 12".
1216.Vibrant african themed art on canvas. Signed. 37" X 24".
1217.Embroidered Asian themed peacock art piece. 27" X 18".
1218.1992 pencil signed print. 11" X 10".
1219.Vintage green vase. 12" tall. Czechoslovakian?
1220.Antique pink ruffled rim blown glass art glass. 9" tall.
1221.Vase with lifelike flowers and peacock feathers. 13" tall.
1222.Vintage wood pedestal stand. 31" tall.
1224.Electric fireplace. 40" X 42" X 13".
1225.Hanging Billiards lamp. 36" long.
1226.Mid century dining table and chairs. 73" X 43" X 30". Rick had pics.
1227.Elk antlers. 10 point. Measurements tip to tip is 31".
1228.Green Holly vase. 12" tall.
1229.Elegant decanter. 14" tall.
1230.Casio model WK-200 keyboard with stand and foot pedal in very nice condition.
1232.K. Muller stein. 10" tall.
1234.Antique Gone with the Wind lamp.
1235.Wooden doll. 15" tall. Needs details.
1236.Wooden doll. 15" tall. Need details.
1237.Pink oil lamp. 9" tall.
1239.2 foot tall Sun dial garden sculpture with cement base. tested and works great.
1240.Brass spittoon. 8" tall.
1241.Stover hit & miss engine. Rick has pics.
1242.Vintage bench. 40" X 10" X 17".
1243.Spittoon. 6" tall.
1244.Sea shell tray table. 18" X 28" X 17".
1245.Antique Extending dining table and 6 chairs. 59" X 39" X 31". Cane seat chairs are in great condition.
1246.Antique wooden box covered in tin. 14" X 18" X 12".
1247.GZ Wack signed and dated ('55) print. 17" X 13".
1248.Vintage computerized breath analyzer. in original box and packing 16" X 12".
1249.Branding wheel.
1250.Antique Canthook/ log pike for back in the old river days, used manipulate logs to the mill. 63" tall.
1251.Hand carved elegant chest of drawers. 35 X 26 X 36.
1252.Nice entertainment stand. 37 X 21 X 29.
1253.1978 Matchbox train, and two vintage wooden trains.
1254.Pimox VI art piece. 7 X 10.
1255.1st class only S.S Titanic 1912 tin lamp. 20" tall.
1256.Standard Oil Co INDIANA can. 17" tall.
1257.Brooking 1.5 gallon can. 11" tall.
1258.Antique International Harvester tractor tool box. 16" long.
1259.Vintage 3 gallon stoneware crock.
1260.Cement rooster. 26" tall.
1261.Cement hen. 16" tall.
1262.Wooden propeller. 44" long.
1263.Vintage trunk. 38 X 21 X 24.
1264.2 oriental bookends. Ones head has been re glued. 8.5" tall.
1265.Tin viking ship. 26" tall.
1266.1954 Music Lovers Encyclopedia and 1892 The Speakers Ideal Entertainments.
1268.1989 Unity Creation toy. 10" tall.
1269.Carved minx. 6" tall.
1270.Antique yellow cab leather cap. 1940's, very cool
1271.Illuminated corner display cabinet. 71" tall X 21" wide.
1272.Telechron motored Westminster chime mantle clock. 20" long.
1273.Rustic steel "S". 13" tall.
1274.Zodiac clock. 8" tall.
1275.Brass compass ornament. 7" diameter.
1276.Cement frog. 6" long.
1277.Heavy head Bust on stand. 18" tall.
1278.Vintage Dietz City of Flint lantern. 8" tall.
1279.R. Gorton signed print. 21" X 28".
1280.M. Bizzonsk? Signed and dated (06/09) print. 24" X 30".
1281.Vintage Blue Streak AA-42 Assortment Standard Motor Products in sorter box.
1282.Antique horse yoke. 25" long.
1283.Vintage John Deere advertisment. Made in USA. 16" X 13".
1284.Cooper's Tires American Owned & Made display. 8" wide.
1285.Vintage Wolf's Head motor oil can. 16" tall.
1286.Vintage Whitman "A Big Little Book" books. Includes Walt Disney, Bugs Bunny, Donald duck and more.
1287.Antique books.
1288.Vintage/antique books.
1289.Vintage/antique books. Includes Nancy Drew, Famous Children of Storybook Land and more.
1290.Vintage sticker albums. Includes 1990 Bugs Bunny, 1982 Annie and more.
1291.1935 The New Era Atlas of the World and 1931 The Literary Digest Atlas of the World & Gazetter.
1292.Lot of vintage books.
1293.Lot of vintage books.
1294.Lot of vintage books.
1295.Vintage sticker albums. Includes Archie, Dinosaurs, Barbie and more.
1296.Vintage/antique books.
1297.Limited edition (404/500) pencil signed print. 27" X 27".
1298.Carolyn Blish signed ocean print. 38" X 28".
1299.Signed art piece. 17" X 21".
1300.Johnny Johnson 1981 "Killgore Bridge" limited edition (164/500) signed print. 31" X 26".
1301.Elegant mirror. 48" X 38".
1302.Vibrant floral print. 38" X 32".
1303.Pencil signed scenic print. 32" X 29".
2020.Antique Singer treadle sewing machine and cabinet


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