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Item Description
020.Antique oak side by side curved glass bookcase secretary. UPfr.
021.Older 20' Pontoon with a 2000 Mercury Mariner 15EL. Ran last season. Newer battery and new 6 gallon gas tank. Pontoon is located in Dewitt Mi and must be moved.
029.Five drawer dresser with marble top.
030.Queen sized matress with bed frame.
031.Fair banks vintage metal scale. Uf...
036. Two matching swivel bar stools. Nd3..
037.Standard furniture. Two drawer side dresser. Nd3..
038.Hand painted white side table. ND3..
039.White coffee table with glass top. ND3..
041.Black entertainment center with glass top. Nd3..
043.Steamer trunk/leather wardrobe. Good fixer up piece. ND3..
044.Antique wooden and metal school desk Nd3..
045.Baldwin company tone cabinet. Serial number 3578. ND3..
046.Mid century Maple wood 6 drawer dresser. ND3..
047.6 drawer white Claire dresser.
048.Lexington two door entertainment center. Good condition. ND3..
049.Flexsteel lounge chair with matching ottoman. Very nice and clean. ND3..
050.Tech craft Three glass shelf entertainment center. ND3..
055.EXPERIMENT... Lot #56 is the entire set for one price. The following lots are for the same set at individual pieces. Should an individual piece sell prior to the Auction than the entire set will no longer be available and we will delete the lot. BY THE SET! or BY THE PIECE?
056.Fold down side Table and chairs set. With two high standing chairs. ND3..
059.Carson's corner sofa. In good condition. Nd3..
060.Matching table and chair set. 6 chairs in total.
060A.EXPERIMENT... Lot #60 is the entire set for one price. The following lots are for the same set at individual pieces. Should an individual piece sell prior to the Auction than the entire set will no longer be available and we will delete the lot. BY THE SET! or BY THE PIECE?
061.Speckled toped dinning room table. Nd3..
062.6 matching dinning room chairs. Clean and in good condition. Nd3..
063.Matching glass top side tables. ND3..
064.Lot #65 is the entire set for one price. The following lots are for the same set at individual pieces. Should an individual piece sell prior to the Auction than the entire set will no longer be available and we will delete the lot. BY THE SET! or BY THE PIECE?
065.Large Matching set of Lloyd loom Wicker patio furniture set in like new condition. Price this stuff out, do your research! Nd3..
074.Vintage Wrought iron grated patio chair.
0212.Vintage 1960's Bottecchia Touring Bicycle in very good condition. Nd3..
1040.Wicker peacock chair. In good condition.
1041.Nice antique wood table with pull out extensions on both sides. 42 X 30.
1042.Vintage Silent sales force inc duel candy dispenser. Has key. In very good condition.
1043.Vintage Silent Sales Force inc dual candy dispenser. Has key. Looks to be in good condition.
1044.Vintage Coca-Cola crimson tide Paul "Bear" Bryant full glass bottle, and a vintage Kool-Aid glass bottle. 1cart
1045.Vintage Lionel Nickel Plate Road train set. 1Cart
1046.Vintage brass air horn. 1Cart
1047.Beautiful antique brass lamp with unique designs. 1Cart
1048.Beautiful vintage brass decor vase. 5.5" tall. 1Cart
1049.Rare 1977 Autographed Stinger record. Fur Real. 1Cart
1050.Lodge USA cast iron pan. 11" diameter.
1051.Vintage Ronson varaflame lighter. Does spark. 1cart
1052.Vintage Pepsi cabinet. 22" tall.
1053.Vintage Tyco HO tain set. Looks to be in very good condition.
1054.Vintage battery operated train set. Made by Marx toys. Made in USA. In original box.
1055.Large Vintage brass oriental lidded vase. Beautiful vibrant designs. 18" tall.
1056.Ornate amber resin decor dish with lid.
1057.Vintage wall mounted 31 day clock. 28" tall.
1058.Print of a man and woman in an antique frame. Overall dimensions are 23 X 27.
1059.Beautiful nature original painting. Signed and framed. Overall dimensions are 22 X 18.
1301.Beautiful lake house signed print. Overall dimensions are 33 X 27.
1302.Beautiful painting on canvas. Overall dimensions are 20 X 16.
1303.Cleveland Indians quartz wall clock. Made in USA. In original package.
1304.Longaberger J.W. Collection 1988 edition Gathering basket. Handwoven in USA. 17" long.
1305.Vintage Seraph's club house special tobacco box. 11" long.
1306.Unique decor vase. Vibrant colors! 18.5" tall.
1307.2 vintage Mid Century table lamps made in Western Germany. 18" tall.
1308.Vintage hanging milk glass lamp.
1309.Vintage Signature typewriter in storage case.
1310.Vintage brass chandelier.
1311.Vintage wooden box. 20 X 12.
1312.Vintage bell with wooden handle.
1313.Antique wooden framed hanging mirror. 37 X 31.
1314.A. Friberg signed football print. Overall dimensions are 27 X 20.
1315.A. Friberg signed print. Overall dimensions are 27 X 20.
1316.A. Friberg signed football print. Overall dimensions are 27 X 20.
1317.A. Friberg signed print. Frame needs a little TLC. Overall dimensions are 27 X 20.
1318.Signed print of a restaurant. Vibrantly colored. Overall dimensions are 21 X 18.
1319.Over the Hill and far away signed limited edition print. #39/350. Overall dimensions are 28 X 17.
1320.Beautiful pencil signed Victoria Platt Ellis watercolor print. Overall dimensions are 14 X 17.
1321.Vintage Butler's Proclamation. Wrapped for preservation. CART2
1322.1861 Head Quarters Virginia Forces advert. Wrapped for preservation. Cart2
1323.Vintage The Union is Dissolved Charleston Mercury advert. Wrapped for preservation. Cart2
1324.Vintage Pyrex yellow 404 bowl. Made is USA. CART2
1325.Vintage Miller Birth of a nation First in a series stein. Made in Brazil. Cart2
1326.Sony HX pro Stereo Cassette deck. Model TC-RX55ES. Cart2
1327.Antique enameled cast iron cooker. Cart2
1328.2 vintage horses. One is leather with Great detailing. Cart2
1329.Antique wooden lidded crate with motorized component inside and a spool of copper wire. Vintage Downrigger Box, Thanks to a loyal Bidder! Call Tesla?. Cart2
1330.Large collection of assorted sports cards. Basketball, baseball and football. Dates and teams vary. Cart2
1331.2 antique cast iron forging tools. Cart2
1332.Vintage unique brass bell on stand. 7 inches tall. Cart2
1333.Vintage hand crank pepper grinder. Cart2
1334.Beautiful vintage candelabra with a marble base. 17 inches tall. Cart2
1335.Vintage wooden coffee grinder. Cart2
1336.2 vintage flight suits. One is an anti exposure flying coveralls size 11. Do your research on these! Cart2
1337.Marantz stereo cassette deck. Model SD162.
1338.Lot of antique forging tools.
1339.Onkyo compact disc player. Model DX-1500.
1340.Onkyo audio video control tuner amplifier. Model TX-SV515PRO.
1341.Original chalk drawing depicting a camping scene. Signed. Overall dimensions are 23 X 13.
1342.Eat, Drink and be Merry print abd Spirit of Paul Jones print. Overall dimensions are 38 X 14.
1343.Original signed painting on canvas. Beautiful scenic painting. Overall dimensions are 22 X 18.
1344.Mendota light Bete Grise pencil signed limited edition print. # 15/25. Overall dimensions are 15 X 17.
1345.Floyd Sawhill original artwork. Signed, numbered and dated. Artist based out of Michigan. Overall dimensions are 20 X 24.
1346.Vintage print of a woman. Overall dimensions are 23 X 26.
1347.Pencil signed and dated print if a sailboat. 1976. Overall dimensions are 28 X 22.
1348.Print of a man in the forest in a beautiful antique frame. Overall dimensions are 26 X 19.
1349.Vibrantly colored painting depicting the eiffel tower on canvas. Overall dimensions are 40 X 28.
1350.Beautiful floral original hand painting on canvas. Signed. Overall dimensions are 38 X 37.
1351.Vintage wooden and metal pulley.
1352.Antique leather horse yoke.
1353.2 vintage horn attachments.
1354.Chicago & New York Tonk antique cloth covered stool. 20 inches tall.
1356.Giant saw blade art. Reads Sex Education for Senior Citizens. 42 inch diameter. Very unique piece!
1357.Mid century brass hanging light with beautiful colored glass panels. Needs a little TLC. Gorgeous piece!
1358.Antique cast iron shoe cobbler tools.
1359.Enterprise MFC CO meat grinder.
1360.Vintage Dietz red glass globe oil lantern.
1361.Antique McCoy? pointer dog planter. 16 inches long.
1362.Vintage 1 1/2" fireman's hose.
1363.Vintage leather fireman's hat. Has some condition issues.
1364.Antique stoneware 2 gallon butter churn crock with handles.
1365.Tool Shop 7" tile cutting machine.
1366.Vintage stoneware crock. 12 inches tall.
1367.Vintage stoneware crock. 10 inches tall.
1368.Vintage stoneware crock. 12 inches tall.
1369.Vintage stoneware crock. 9 inches tall.
1370.Vintage 3 gallon Red Wing Union Stoneware Co, Red Wing Minnesota crock. 13.5 inches tall.
1371.Antique cabbage slicer. 38 inches long.
1372.Vintage Windsor art product mirror. Overall dimensions are 22 X 34.
1373.Homer Distributing pancake air compressor. In original box.
1376.Vintage green wooden captains chair. ND3..
1393.Thermo pride heating cooling metal sign.
1643.Vintage wooden ironing board.
1644.Antique oak wash stand.
1645.6 gallon vintage crock. Uf...
1646.Antique laundry plunger. Uf...
1648.Antique mule yoke. Uf...
1649.Vintage cranberry scoop. Uf...
1650.Antique Cast iron stove top humidifier. Uf...
1652.Health o meter medical weight scale.
6075.Iron Floral themed 3 tier corner stand. 46 X 19 X 10.
6076.Antique childs rocking chair with leather cushion.
6077.Vintage student lamp. Untested.
6078.Record? NO 3 bench vice. Made in england. Very heavy. BN2...
6079.Vintage stoneware crock. 11 inches tall. BN2..
6080.Vintage brass hanging lamp with colored glass panels. Has all panels. BN2..
6081.2 hand made iron hanging lamps. 15 inches tall. BN3..
6082.Hudson Bay 4 point wool blanket. Has a few small holes, otherwise in good condition! BN3..
6083.Beautiful brass lamp with a leaded glass shade. Shade has a small crack on one panel. 19 inches tall. BN3..
6084.Original painting on canvas. Signed and dated. Vibrant colors! Overall dimensions are 24 X 30. BN3..
6085.Framed original painting. Overall dimensions are 24 X 27. BN3..
6086.Print of two men playing cards in an antique frame. Overall dimensions are 24 X 20. BN3..
6087."Lac Labelle Hill" original Acrylic painting by Samuel Gansheroff. 1997. Signed and framed. Overall dimensions are. 27 X 23. BN3..
6088.Set of 4 Jeep wheels. Fits a year... BN3..
6089.Necchi sewing machine model NO 3577, comes with manual, accessories and buttonholer. BN3..
6090.Small vintage wooden stool. BN3..
6091.Vintage wooden trunk on casters. 39 X 15 X 14. BN3..
6092.Vintage rustic trunk. Ready for restoration. 30 X 20 X 27.
6093.Mid century Modern lane coffee table with drawer. Measurements are 56 X 20 X 16. ND3..
6094.Mid Century floor to ceiling tension lamp. Needs a little TLC. ND3..
6095.Hard wood Vintage rocking chair.
6096.Nova medical seat. Should be great for an outdoor auction.
6097.Travis court, Drexel Mahogany corner Curio cabniet. 10X60.
6098.Hard wood Cushman Classics gateway table. Comes with three leaves. Extends out to about Nine foot. Comes with 2 chairs.
6204.Vintage Atlas Power Co wooden box with dovetail joints. CC...
6205.Vintage Peters small arms ammunition wooden box. CC...
6206.Vintage wooden pulley. CC...
6207.Vintage wood and brass pulley. CC...
6208.Vintage handmade doll clothes, Monique Birdie size 10-11 blonde doll wig and more. CC...
6209.Vintage Barbie clothes and accessories. Some say Skipper. CC...
6210.Large lot of vintage paper dolls and clothes. Includes Patty Duke paper dolls and more. CC...
6211.BARBIE BABIES Mattel 3" baby doll, and a vintage 1973 3" baby doll. CC...
6212.Vintage Barbie doll clothes. Nice variety! CC...
6213.Vintage Alexander doll with posable arms and legs. 10" tall, Skipper doll for parts, Indian doll and more. CC...
6214.Lot of vintage barbie accessories. Includes shoes, party hats, sporting goods and more. CC...
6217.Two 1973 Mattel dolls. CC...
6218.Vintage Barbie and Ken shoes and accessories. CC...
6219.Lot of American Girl paper dolls and paper clothes. CC..
6220.Effan Bee 1966 doll. CC...
6221.1987 Mattel Barbie wearing Skipper clothing. CC...
6222.1990 Mattel Ken doll. CC...
6223.1983 Mattel Ken doll. CC...
6224.Vintage doll. Marked 22 on neck. 15 inches tall. CC...
6225.1985 Twist Turn Barbie. CC...
6226.1979 Mattel Barbie. CC...
6227.1966 Mattel Barbie, Malaysia. CC...
6228.1986 Mattel Barbie. CC...
6229.1969 Mattel Skipper doll in original suit. CC...
6230.Vintage Barbie type doll. Marked Unique 1965 on neck. CC...
6231.Mattel 1968 Ken doll. CC...
6232.Mattel 1968 Ken doll. CC...
6233.Repaired Mattel Skipper doll. Has a 1978 head and 1967 body. CC...
6234.1987 Mattel Barbie in a Skipper dress. CC...
6235.1968 Mattel Ken doll. CC...
6236.Kidz 'n cats play doll clothes. CC...
6237.Lot of Kidz N' cats play doll shirts. CC...
6238.Lot of Kidz N' cats play doll boots. CC...
6239.Lot of Kidz N' cats play doll accessories. CC...
6240.Lot of Monique play doll shoes. CC...
6241.Lot of Kidz N' cats play doll pants. CC...
6242.Lot of Kidz N' cats play doll shoes. CC...
6243.Lot of Kidz N' cats play doll boots. CC...
6244.Lot of Monique play doll shoes. CC...
6245.Doll with yellow dress. In good condition Couldn't fine a name or brand.
6246.Small Vintage baby doll. CC...
6247.Vintage doll with no name or brand. CC...
6248.Telco motion-ette standing animated doll. Needs cord. CC...
6249.Kidz N' cats large doll the stand. CC...
6250.Kidz N' cats large doll the stand. CC...
6251.Kidz N' cats large girl doll with stand. CC...
6252. Vintage doll with no brand or name. CC...
6253.Kidz N' cats large girl doll with stand. Hair needs to be reglued. CC...
6254.Kidz N' cats large girl doll with stand. Hair needs to be reglued. CC...
6255.Paradise galleries the butterfly ring collection doll. Still in original box and packaging. CC...
6256.Lot of Kidz N' cats play doll clothes. CC...
6257.Lot of Kidz N' cats balls and baseball gloves. CC...
6258.Vintage 1950's Marx Toys tin dollhouse. Measurements are 25 X 8 X 18. CC...
6300.Metal trash can with lid. CC...
6301.2 plastic watering cans. CC...
6302.Espoma garden food. CC...
6303.Menards premium Ween N Feed. 17 pounds. Cart2
6304.Meijer Premium Ween N Feed. 16 pounds. Cart2
6305.Spectracide weed & grass killer and Ortho Ween B Gon Max. Cart2
6306.Vintage metal wood carrier. Cart2
6307.Moss & Algae killer & surface cleaner and Ortho Weed B Gon Max. Cart1
6308.Meijer Premium fall Wed N Feed. 16 pounds. Cart1
6309.Meijer Premium fall Wed N Feed. 16 pounds. Cart1
6310.Scott's Turf builder with plus 2 weed control. 14.64 pounds. Cart2
6311.Jobes Tree & Shrub fertilizer spikes. CC...
6312.WD-40, 3 in 1 household oil and 3 in 1 multi purpose oil. CC...
6313.Ortho Diazinon plus insect spray and Dexol weed out. Cart2
6314.4 milk crates. Brands include Sealtest and Rehrig Pacific Company. CC...
6315.2 concrete slabs. Great for gardens! Overall dimensions are 24 X 16. 3A2..
6316.Superior Dairy inc, Canton Ohio milk crate. 3B3..
6317.3 tier rustic rolling cart on casters. Measurements are 20 X 15 X 31. 3A2..
6318.Prestone Driveway Heat, Morton Action Melt Ice melt and Exel Snow & Ice melt. 3B2..
6319.Steel Works 2 drawer filing cabinet om dolly. Measurements are 14 X 18 X 25. 3A2..
6320.Vintage wooden trunk on casters. Measurements are 32 X 16 X 14. 3A2..
6321.2 plastic oars. 3A2..
6322.Vintage Tru-View view finders and assorted slides. 3B3..
6323.Sunshine Mountain "Malibu 200" 2 person inflatable boat. CC...
6324.Buckingham Sports Co. Badminton set. In original box. 3B3..
6325.Foot pump with hose. 3B3..
6326.Attends breathable briefs. Size Medium. New in package. 3B3..
6327.2 river tubes. 3A3..
6328.Wham-O frisbee horseshoes. In original box. 3A3..
6329.Pre Pro Crown lawn dart set. In original package. 3B3..
6330.Sparklers, flares and more. 3B3..
6331.Grill rack and assorted propane tanks. 3A2..
6332.2 Ozark Trail propane fuel tanks. Brand new sealed in package. 3A3..
6333.Tool shop hatchet. 3A3..
6334.Small tear apart cot in storage bag. 3A2..
6335.3 rolls of ramp strips. 3B4..
6336.Mit 17 piece 1/4" DR socket set. Im original package. 3B4..
6337.Lot of nails and screws and bolts. Includes MM 1" galvonized deck screws, Grip-Rite 4D Bright finish nails, Champion 6D hot dipped galvanized box nails and more. 3B4..
6338.Zephyr Fumigator and and oiling can. 3B4..
6339.Arrow Elcetro-Matic staple gun. Model ETF-50. 3B4..
6340.Duo East staple gun. 3B4..
6341.Thermos brand plastic took box. 3B4..
6342.Wooden handled mallet, wooden handled claw hammer and a crow bar. 3B4..
6343.Assorted wire brushes. 3B4..
6344.Power-Gear pruners. 3A2..
6345.Long orange extension cord. 3B3..
6346.Rubbermaid Roughneck 31 gallon lidded storage tote. 3B1..
6347.Wooden handled wood carving set. 3A3..
6348.Servess jaws 10" drop forged pipe wrench. 3A3..
6349.Two sets of Heavy duty jumper cables. 3A3..
6350.Assorted tools in storage case. Includes rivet guns, shears, wrenches and more. 3A3..
6351.Sears galvonized steel sprayer. In original box. 3B2..
6352.Great neck bolt cutters. Cap 5/16. 3A3..
6353.Global Re Leaf Trimmer weed eater in original box. 3B2..
6354.Hanging work light. 300 volts. 3A3..
6355.Quik Tak aluminum insect screen. 24 X 76. 3A3..
6356.Louvered car ramps. In original box. 3A4..
6357.Union Tools snow shovel. JD...
6358.Stanley yard shovel with contoured non slip grip. JD...
6359.Post hole digger. JD...
6360.Champion spade.
6361.Craftsman hand tiller. JD...
6362.Yard N Garden rake. JD...
6363.Lot of heavy duty garden stakes. JD...
6364.Union garden rake. JD...
6365.Yard N Garden hoe. JD...
6366.K & S Deluxe edge trimmer. 6 amps, 1.0HP. JD...
6367.Vintage Rocket Plane toboggan. JD...
6368.Chalet radiator 10 minute flush, Super Tech brake fluid and Lucas brake fluid. 3A3..
6369.STP 4 cylinder oil treatment, Shell Power steering fluid and Snap power steering fluid. 3A3..
6370.Prestone transmission fluid, Prestone Power steering fluid, and Rislone engine treatment. 3D3..
6371.Speedway 10W-30 motor oil and Citgo 5W-30 motor oil. 3B3..
6372.SLICL 50 engine treatment. 3A2..
6373.Lucas power steering fluid and MotoTech transmission fluid. 3B4..
6374.2 bottles of Heet gas-line antifreeze & water remover, and 1 bottle of Heet water remover & fuel system antifreeze. 3B2..
6375.Black streak remover and Armor-All multi all purpose auto cleaner. 3B2..
6376.Aromor-All original protectant, Fast Orange hand cleaner, Meijer Rubbing alcohol and more. 3B2..
6377.Pennzoil 5W-30 motor oil, 2 cycle oil and Meijer 5W-30 motor oil. 3A2..
6378.Automatic TV sound regulator and Boxee TV. 3B2..
6379.Cleaning supplies lot. Includes Soft scrub, Lysol kitchen cleaner, Febreze and more. 3B2..
6380.WaterPik power spray shower head with 4 settings. New in package. 3A3..
6381.2 craft storage boxes filles with sewing supplies. 3B3..
6382.Avalon candle making kit. In original box. 3B3..
6383.Igloo elite 2-gallon hot/cold drink cooler. 3A3..
6384.Paul Marshall Earthtone metal twist chime. In original box. 3A3..
6385.2 boxes of HP 564 color combo pack ink, and HP 63XL black ink. 3A3..
6386.Koh-I-Noor Radiograph pen set. 3B2..
6387.Assorted spray paint. Brands include Krylon, Winsor & Newton and more. 3A3..
6388.Vintage Realistic voice operated two-way communication system. Looks to be new in box. Includes manual. 3A3..
6389.WM 4 lawn darts set. In original box. 3A3..
6390.KingsFord applewood charcoal. 16 pounds. 3A3..
6391.Lot of fireworks and flares. 3A3..
6392.Linseed oil, Carver Tripp wood seal and more. 3A3..
6393.Lot or records. Includes Saturday Night Fever, Grease sound track, Flashdance Soundtrack (sealed) and more. 3B4..
6394.1977 STYX the grand illusion record and 1977 Fleetwood Mac Rumors record. 3B2..
6395.A. Davis 1891 signed print. Overall dimensions are 24 X 16. 3A1..
6396.4 milk crates. Brands include Sealtest and Home Dairy. 3B2..
6397.1976 Heart Dreamboat Annie record, and 1983 Heart Passion Works record. 3A3..
6398.Lot of 45's and records. Includes Keith Green, George Beverly Shea and more. 3A3..
6399.Large lot of The Carpenters records. 3A3..
6400.Noch Basalt paper backing, and JR Enterprises paper backing. 3A2..
6401.Large lot of vintage sewing patterns. JE3..
6402.Vintage jewelry box filled with necklaces, earrings and more. Box needs a little TLC. JE3..
6403.Lane Lansing Michigan wooden box, and a floral jewelry box filled with 2 gold tone necklaces, a Snoopy pin and more. JE3..
6404.Small jewelery box filled with vintage pins. Includes Teddy Bears, Peanuts characters and more. JE3..
6405.Lot of brass decor. Includes brass seagulls, a brass bowl and more. JE2..
6406.Assorted skeins of yarn. Brands include Bernat, Red Heart Super Saver and more. JE2..
6407.Friends Creative stitchery, fabric, amd sewing supplies in a genuine leather storage case. JE2..
6408.Lot of slip on heading hooks. Brands include Newell and more. JE4..
6409.5 table lamps. Some with beautiful bases! 3A1..
6410.Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 for PC. 3A3..
6411.Lot of collectible figures. Brands include Country Store and more. JE4..
6412.Kitchen lot. Includes Tupperware dishes, oven mitts, measuring cups and more. 3A1..
6413.2 Near Shore buoyant vest type II adult life vests. JE4..
6414.Lot of assorted keys. JE3..
6415.Set of pool sticks and stick holder. JD...
6416.Lot of remotes. Brands include Dish, Sony, Panasonic and more. JE3..
6417.Lidded craft box filled with pencils,scissors, tape and more. 3A3..
6418.2 beautiful lamps with brass bases. 12 inches tall. JE5..
6419.Community plate forks and spoons. 3B2..
6420.WMA Rogers A1 plus Oneida fork set in storage cloth. 3A3..
6421.W.R fork set in storage cloth. 3A3..
6422.The Abbey Collection by LaVile Robins nest collectible figure. 7 inches tall. JE4..
6423.3 bird themed bells. JE4..
6424.H J & G 1453 Courtship Doves collectible figure. 5 inches tall. JE3..
6425.1989 Bluebird of happiness, terra studios singed and dated figures and a swan paperweight. 3A2..
6426.Homco 1445 blue bird figure. 7 inches tall. JE4..
6427.3 bird theme collectible figures. Brands include Country Artists, Ks collection and more. JE4..
6428.Pacific Rim Import china teapot. 3B4..
6429.2 florals teacups/saucer sets. JE5..
6430.Lynns fine china teacup and saucer and 1956 Royal Albert bone china "Moss Rose" teacup and saucer. JE5..
6431.Set of 4 Royal Victoria Fine bine China England teacups/saucers. JE5..
6432.Bassett Limoges Austria teacup/saucer, and Staffordshire fine bone china crown teacup/saucer made in England. JE5..
6433.2 teacups/saucer sets. One is Clarence bone china made in England. JE5..
6434.Mepid quadruple plate wedding basket holder. JE5..
6435.9 glass plates. 8 inch diameter. jE6..
6436.JC Gruelke signed watercolor. Overall dimensions are 18 X 14. JE6..
6437.Beautiful framed bird themed cross stitch. Overall dimensions are 18 X 22. JE6..
6438.3 bird themed bells. Brands include Avon and more. JE6..
6439.Big lot of 38MM receipt tape. JE5..
6440.2 beautiful letter openers. JE6..
6441.Samsung Model LN19C450E1D tv. 18 inches. 3B1..
6442.Porter cable hardwood flooring cleat nailer and accessories. 3B1..
6443.Star Wars Trilogy DVD set. JE5..
6444.Dell windows XP home edition. Mini laptop. JE6..
6445.Lot of toy cars. Includes an American Plastic Toys Inc blue jeep, 1991 Hasbro Goodwrench #3 race car and more. CC...
6446.Uniden walkie talkies. JE5..
6447.The Visible Man, A science assembly project. In original box with manual. CC..
6448.Lot of toy cars. Includes a 2000 chevy suburban matchbox car, 1976 matchbox crane tuck and more. JE6..
6449.1993 SLM inc Kenworth truck. JE6..
6450.Vintage Matchbox hotwheels in garage carry case. CC...
6451.Lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. Includes holographic cards! JE6..
6452.Nintendo 64 transfer pak, Pro 668 multi game system with calculator and more. JE6..
6453.Pokemon tin full of Pokemon cards and rule books. JE6..
6454.Lot of vintage Burger King Pokemon toys. Includes Golden plates Burger King collector card (Pikachu) in ball and more. JE6..
6455.1998 Pokemon Game Boy color. Powers on.
6456.Pokemon Ruby version for Gameboy Advance. JE6..
6459.Monster Rancher 2 for Gameboy advance. JE6..
6460.Defender of the crown for Gameboy advance. JE6..
6461.Pokemon Gold Version for Gameboy. JE6..
6462.Super Mario Land for Gameboy. JE6..
6463.Pokemon Silver Version for Gameboy. JE6..
6464.Pokemon trading card game Thunderstorm gift box. Looks to be complete. JE5..
6465.Pokemon binder half full of Pokemon cards. Includes a page of holographics. JE5..
6466.Lot of toy action figures. JE6..
11000.Samsonite Card table and 4 vintage fold up chairs.
11001.MTD yard mechanics 20 push mower. Had compression.
11002.4 tier metal shelving unit.
11003.Vintage Singer sewing table. Has sewing machine, Instruction manual and motor lubricant. Measurements are 36 X 17 X 29.
11004.Vintage wood country style tressle table with bench seats. Measurements of table are 30 X 30 X 47.
11005.Antique vanity. Has 3 drawers and 2 doors. Would be a great project piece! Measurements are 38 X 54 X 20. UF...
11006.Vintage rustic cauldron. Measurements are 14 X 26 X 26. UF...
11007.Antique brass National cash register. Beautiful piece in good shape! UF...
11008.Vintage Organ Bench. Measurements are 24 X 48 X 14.
11009.Instep, 2 seat pull along turbo trailer. Bicycle trailer for 2 children


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