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Wednesday, September 16th
Listings will end starting at 8pm Eastern Time. -
Bidding starts now, and ends on Wednesday, 9-16-2020. Auction will begin to end at 8:00pm with our new Summer hours.

Item Description
020.Large thick wood work table. Top is unattached for easy transport. Just need screwed back in. measurements are 60X36X29.
021.Wooden side table with detailed legs. measurements are 27X24X21
022.Two drawer wooden filing cabinet.
023.Large antique metal and wooden trunk. Measurements are 37X31X21.
024.Dark wood hallway table. Measurements are 54X18X31.
025.Beautiful cedar chest. Measurements are 43X21X19
027.Heavy 51 inch cast iron garden bench. In very good condition.
028.Round wooden table. Mesurments are 29X49.
029.Dark wood side table. Mesurments are 30X30X21
030.4 glass shelf white whicker shelf.
031.Antique night stand.
032.Clean char-broil grill.
033.5 tier iron plant.
034.Mid century stand.
035.Rod sweetheart chest.
036.baumritter Round table.
037.Antique school desk with cast iron sides.
038.Antique wooden pantry. Mesurments are 37X38X15
039.Nice folding table.
040.Nice folding table.
041.Three vintage iron chairs.
042.Revolution Mobility wheel chair. Great for auctions!
043.5 tier wooden shelf.
044.Nice metal porch/patio rocker.
045.Hand painted dual saw. Approximately 6 ft long. 9c...
046.Black & Decker drill press.
047.Craftsman router table.
048.4 Nice patio chairs in good condition.
049.Retro green chair.
050.Craftsman table saw.
051.Craftsman 5 drawer tool chest. comes with key.
600.Heavy duty military trunk 16 x 32 x 14 high
601.Vintage child's wicker rocker
602.Sentry Safe has key 16 x 17 x 17 1/2 High
603.Vintage Pyrex Crazy Daisy Spring nesting bowls
604.Vintage Pyrex nesting bowls set of 4 call called Gooseberry
605.Vintage Pyrex Butterfly Gold and Blue Snowflake casserole dishes they both have lids
606.Vintage Pyrex Homestead 2 1/2 quart Bowl
607.Nice vintage crock don't see any cracks in it
608.Vintage Hummel little girls singing to a bird ashtray
609.2 Vintage Coca-Cola crates
610.24 pint size canning jars
611.Spencer microscope in case
612.2 vintage men's genuine leather suede
613.1927 geography book
614.3 vintage wood shelves see pictures
615.6 Quart Frost King ice cream freezer
616.Vintage Lincoln Logs
617.5 Blue quart canning jars 2 blue pint 3 quart clear jars
618.40 - 45's records
619.Vintage satin glass horse bookends
620.Mid-century lamp shade
621.2 Ladies vintage hats 1950 & 1941
622.Lots of vintage postcards I'd say 50 +
623.2 vintage Pyrex baking dishes 1 quart & 1 pint
624.2 little boys vest and suit coats from 1960's excellent condition for age
625.Little boy's pant and jacket from 1960's excellent shape
626. little boy's shorts and suit jacket size for excellent condition for 1960
627.Mid-century floor lamp 56 in tall
628.15 vintage Little Golden Book
629.Hall casserole dish with lid & a Hall pitcher
630.3 Vintage pair of Stride Rite shoes who has boxes
631.2 vintage games Win Lose or Draw 1988 and Wizard Quest 1979
632.Mid-century hanging lamp
633.10 Vintage Coke glasses in a case has different languages
634.2 Wind chimes
635.Michigan State coach extra large
636.Fish paperweight
637.12 vintage Sports Illustrated 1970 1977 78 79 82 + 83 and a special edition
638.Set of Eagle bookends made in Japan
639.4 Vintage books
640.1960's little boys wool coat and hat
641.1960 Little boys spring coat size 14
642.1960 Little boys pants and coat
643.Snow Clipper sled 51 in Long great shape
644.Olympia toboggan 70" long
645.Champion F-38 sled 40 in Long
646.2 Fishing poles Zebco reel & a R2F reel
647.Mid Century Wicker hanging lamp
648.2 Vintage ladies hats 1 head band hat
649.40 -- 45 Records
650.Hamilton Greyhound wagon it needs something on the tires to keep all 4 tires on
651.2 Mid-Century condiment holders
652.24 pint jars ball perfect Mason mom's mason jars Golden Harvest mason jar Mason jar incurred self-sealing mason jar
653.3 Vintage card games Joker's 1973 Rack-O 1992 Mille Bornes 1964
654.Coca-Cola tin 13 in high
655.2 Vintage comics Giant Cracked 1957 & Mad 1976
656.2 Vintage ladies hats
657.Michigan State outerwear jacket 3 XL by Sir James F & C Sports Wear size EXLG it's green like Michigan state is for Williamston wrestlers
658.23 Vintage Children's book from 1946 to 1964
659.Galaxy box fan works great 22 x 22
660.Padded fold-up stool 26 in high
661.30 Music CDs variety of music
662.7 Hammers
663.Tyco highbank Corkscrew track no cars
664.Sony DVD / CD / Video CD Player
665.Radio Shack voice activated wireless intercoms
666.Mid-century Lazy Susan
667.2 Vintage children's chalkboard
668.Nixon marble decor 5 x 6
669.12 Sports Illustrated magazines 1970 79 80 81 82 and 83
670.5 children's puzzles from the 1960s
671.A deer picture 6 by 16 1/2 and a another picture carved from wood 7 by 11
672.Mid-century chair has a crack in the leg
673.Shirley Temple a great big book to color 13 X 14
674.4 Vintage pipe wrenches
675.Bay Gen wind up Flash light it works
676.Greatland 120v AC electric air pump NIB
677.Defiance by Stanley Made in USA plane 13 1/2 in Long
678.2 Miller beer can Banks
679.Big selection of new items
680.2 Fur collars
681.Vintage wind-up alarm clock
682.Vintage View-Master with 24 reels
683.2 vintage game Clue 1960 chef not sure not finding date
684.2 vintage hats
685.Vintage corset
686.2 Mirrors
687.4 vintage purses and 1 wallet.
688.Hull basket 9" tall with handle
689.9 vintage coloring books
690.After six by Rudofker Formal Vest has everything but the tie
691.Vintage Western tin train 14 in Long 6 in high
692.24 pint canning jars Kerr's self-sealing jars magic mason jars mason jar mom's mason jar and ball perfect mason jar
693.10 smoke colored juice glasses
694.Stanley plane
695.Fishing items 2 rolls casting line a set of binoculars and some worms and stuff lures I guess that's what you call it
696.Raindance rattle
697.Chicken utensil holder and a Pitcher
698.Holy Communion Veil
699.2 pairs of vintage glasses 1 pair could be gold never checked it
700.Halloween items a pumpkin and scarecrow decorations
701.Vintage little cowgirl she's cuter than a bug's ear
702.A little boy and girl statue
703.2 signs for Halloween
704.Vintage army trunk 13 1/4"×32"×16"
705.Champion XLg MSU jacket
706.2 Ladies vintage hats
707.Children's card games from the 1960s
708.Leather wallet leather sheath for your knife
709.I got colored pencils oil pastels I got paint & some decals
710.Boat anchor 7 in tall
711.40 -- 45 Records
712.Vintage oil lamp 18"
713.2 vintage games
714.Genuine Burwood ship 7 1/2"
715.6 antique books years between 1800's and early 1900's
716.Velvet quilt possibly queen size
717.Beautiful blue basket 7"×6 3/4"
718.2- 1 litre water canteens
719.17 Little Golden Books
720.Vintage Tinker Toys
721.2 Ladies vintage hats
722.13 models most of them need work done but they're vintage
723.2 Ambico video camera lens
724.Vintage bells and rattle
725.13 pieces of fur poor little guys
726.Set of speakers
727.Vintage Star Band harmonica
728.2 Vintage games Cosmic Encounter 1978 & Password 1962
729.Vintage man and woman chalkware wall decor
730.Vintage cow creamer
731.Table book 10 1/2 by 14 Life Picture History of World War II
732.12 vintage Sports Illustrated 1976 77 78 80 81 and 82
733.2 Vintage bottles
734.Bowl of fake fruit
735.The American Past leather book
736.Vintage Clarina and Fisher Price tv-radio
737.Box of random items
738.Lot of vintage linens
739.Level and prybar
740.Great historic houses book
741.Mid Century Lundby dollhouse
742.Caledon ginger jar
743.Sweater with fur collar
744.Duck decoy with paper
745.Plastic light up pumpkin-needs light
746.Cashmere dress coat
747.Head decor 10 3/4"
748.Dansk pan 13 1/2" wide 3" deep
749.Lefton girl 7 1/2"
750.Signed Raku pot 5"
751.3 adorable bird decor 3 1/4"-6 1/2"
752.Pink depression bowl and cut glass bowl
753.Vintage candle trimmer
754.3 bud vases 5 3/4"-8"
755.2 pairs of vintage glasses
756.10 necklaces including 2 gold plated
757.Cybus flower decor 4 1/2"×8 1/2"
758.Hinges coat hook door knobs screws to go with it
759.6 Vintage Story books from the early 1900's
760.3 metal Bells
761.Greg Bell Leather coat with fur collar no size listed
762.5 Remington collector plates with a certificate of Authenticity
763.4 Crosses 6 religious pieces possibly some of its silver
764.Cybus Donkey
765.GE 4 in 1 multi-purpose utility light NIB
766.Vintage clock 6 by 6
767.Miniature metal animals I have a dog elephant and a cricket
768.8 x 14 Heavy little tray
769.Vintage tools I have saws wrenches a punch knife sharpener plenty of items
770.5 vintage cans
771.Sterling silver necklace
772.3 McCoy cups?
773.Vintage Halloween items
774.Vintage tools level punch some clamps
775.Vintage coins and items from the Sherman mine
776.5 Bracelets 2 Necklaces. Necklace and earring set
777.Vintage bumper stickers coasters tickets to events bags big variety
778.Vintage outdoor light up pumpkin 36 in tall it works
890.Vintage David Bogan Amplifier CHS-100A & Clarion Microphone
891.Tripod for Construction Transit or Display Piece
892.COOKS TOOLS Wash & Dry Salad Spinner
893.4 Probe Steak Station
895.Aluminum Construction Transit Legs Trpod
1000.Ceramic gesha doll. 1B...
1001.Fossilized rock. 1B...
1002.Large fox planter. 1C...
1003.Rubber made storage tote. 1D...
1004.Woven small foot stool. 1D...
1005.Lot of fishing lures. 1B...
1006.Spiral pitcher and glasses. 1B...
1008.Lot of vintage dolls 1A...
1009.Vintage wooden rocker.
1010.Tree root cane. 33 inches long. 1B...
1011.Brass handled spiral cane. 3ft long. 1B...
1012.Black thorn sheleighly. 35 inches. 1B...
1013.Vintage bamboo? Cane. 34 inches long. 1B...
1014.Tall standing declaration of independence themed lamp. 6Cart
1015.Owl themed umbrella holder with a lot of umbrellas. Crack along the bottom of stand. 6Cart
1016.Large area mirror mesurments are 50X37
1017.Vintage primitive shelf. Mesurments are 43X34X8
1018.Large metal trunk. 6cart
1019.Antique iron bed frame head and foot bored. Would be a great garden art piece or turn it into a gate.
1020.Round wooden table. In good condition. Mesurments are 2ftX30 inches rounds.
1021.Antique wooden side table. With great detail. Legs need a little tlc but otherwise a nice piece. 5A...
1022.Nice wooden plant stand. 1D...
1023.Acoustic guitar. Needs new stings. Great project. 5B...
1024.Metal plant stand. 5A...
1025.Ship themed lamp with great detail. Just a little Dusty. 5A...
1026.Milk crate with chain saw oil. 1D...
1027.Blue rhino propane tank got some juice left in it. 1D...
1028.Wooden and cloth strap fold up stand. 1B...
1029.Yard decor scarecrow. 5A...
1030.Wooden stool. 6cart
1031.Plastic angle garden piece. 1D...
1032.Plastic boy garden piece. 1D...
1033.Wooden vintage plant stand. 5B...
1034.Beautiful wooden plant stand. With mother of pearl layin top. 5B...
1035.Tim lewis directors chair. 6Cart
1036.Gun guard rifle case. 5C...
1037.Two different style storage totes. 5C...
1038.This glass Smokey color glasses set. 5C...
1039.Large reward gavel. From the hotel chambers of commerce. 5C...
1040.Whicker Longanberger basket. 5B...
1041.Hydrologic shaft. Still hand turns. 5B...
1042.Black and decker coffee pot. Very clean. 5B...
1043.Yin and yang infinity 998 wall decor. 5C...
1044.Pink floyd screaming heads #810 framed poster. 5C...
1045.Wall hanging shelf. 6cart
1046.Rapala filaia plastic bored. 1B...
1047.Johnson chimney sweep in original box. 5C...
1048.Large whicker basket. 6cart
1049.Midwest wall mounted electrical port. 5B...
1050.Large roll of replacement screen. 6cart
1051.Vintage mirror. 2D...
1052.Large hat box. 2C...
1053.Pencil signed and numbered art piece. 2D...
1054.Large heavy cast iron base. 8A2..
1055.Blue wooden chair. 8A1..
1056.Nice Table lamp. 2A...
1057.Large bowl and pitcher. 2B...
1058.Stitch master sowing machine and storage case. 8B2..
1059.Roman cleanser glass jug. 2C...
1060.Yard welcome dog figure. 2D...
1061.Nylint trail blazers toy car. 2D...
1062.Cast iron ash tray with cast iron birds. 2D...
1063.Gpx under cabinet cd/radio system. 8B3..
1064.Two matching cast iron candle sticks. 2D...
1065.Drag along boat anchor. 2D...
1066.Cotico tuff-E power tool case. With two drills inside. 2D...
1067.Three different sized tarps. 2C...
1068.Case full of brill bits and hardware. 8B3..
1069.Melanie flat hose. New! 2D...
1070.Multi port extension cable Cord. 2D...
1071.Stack of replacement blades. 2D...
1072.Three different style hammer's. 8B3..
1073.Tackle boxes and lures. 8B3..
1074.Signed art piece. 8A3..
1075.Oriental style art piece. 8A3..
1076.Signed and numbered art piece. 8A3..
1077.Vintage Rollin pin and dough mat. 8B3..
1078.George foreman grill. 8B3..
1079.Presto eversharp electric duel sharpener. 8B3..
1080.Three cooking pots. All with lids. 2C...
1081.Hard candy oils and thermometer. 2D...
1082.Lot of dressmaker pins. 2D...
1083.Lot of strainers 2C...
1084.Bass boost boom box. 2C...
1085.Stack of ikea bowls. 4 in total. 2C...
1086.Craft lot. 2B...
1087.Tote filled with fabrics. 8B2..
1088.Tote filled with fabrics. 8B2..
1089.Tote filled with fabrics. 8B2..
1091.Tote filled with fabrics. 8A2..
1092.Tote filled with fabrics. 8A2..
1093.Large bowl and pitcher. 2B...
1094.White roster dish. 2C...
1095.Clay spanish house decor. 8B3..
1096.Clay spanish house decor. 2D...
1097.Tre vero and Michael purses. 2C...
1098.Large pair of brass decor scissors. 2D...
1099.Lot of purses. 2E...
1100.Poppy trail Antique grape dishes set by metlox 8B3..
1101.Poppy trail Antique grape dishes set by metlox. 8B4..
1102.Throw blanket and Cancer recovery quilt. 2B...
1103.Lot of glass bells. 8A2..
1104.Lot of glass bells. 8A3..
1105.Lot of cutting boards. 8A3..
1106.Lot of blue ball Mason jars. Some with lids. 8A3..
1107.Amber color glass rooster dish. 2C...
1109.Electric skillet. 8A3..
1110.Lot of pewter dishes. 2C...
1111.Lot of glass bells. 2E...
1112.Farverware coffee pot. 8B2..
1113.Large decor Santa. 2A...
1114.Two lawn welcome signs. 2B...
1115.Lot of fabrics. 2E...
1116.Lot of phones. 2D...
1117.Candle decor lot. 8A2..
1118.American eagle figure. 2C...
1119.Three milk crates. 8B1..
1120.Boat figure in a glass bottle. 2C...
1121.Car mask in original box. 2B...
1122.Hanging candle holders. 2D...
1123.Gbc paper shredder. 8B2..
1124.Holmes duel fan. 8B2..
1125.Lot of glasses. 8B4..
1126.Large standing vase. Missing some of the bottom. 2A...
1711.Vintage wooden medicine cabinet. 18 X 7 X 27. 3c1..
1712.Small 3 drawer chest of drawers. 16 X 10 X 21. 3a1..
1713.Box full of women's purses. 3a4..
1714.Lot of vintage Donald Duck toys. 3b3..
1715.Desk organizer. 15 inches long. 3b3..
1716.Assorted straps and rope. 3d7..
1717.3 vintage Barbies and a vintage Ken doll. 3d7..
1718.2 tier wire dessert stand. 19 inches tall. 3b3..
1719.Lot of heart shaped candles. 3a4..
1720.The Delcastillos clock. 16 inches tall. 3d3..
1721.Vintage kmart binoculars. 3d3..
1722.2 elegant table lamps. 18 inches tall. 3c3..
1723.Kessler vintage whiskey bottle and a lamppost figure. 3d3..
1724.Glass jar on stand. 13 inches tall. 3d2..
1725.Carnival glass bowl and a teal glass bowl. 3d3..
1726.Home and Garden Party terracotta statue. 10 inches tall. 3d2..
1727.Barbie fishing pole. 3e...
1728.2 nice watering cans. 3c3..
1729.Vintage records turned into bowls. 3d2..
1730.American Girl outfits. 3d2..
1731.Muffy accessories. 3c2..
1732.Lot of candles and candle holders. 3c2..
1733.Nice tin watering can. 3c2..
1734.5 16 X 16 picture frames. All new. 3d4..
1735.Metal sailboat decor. 23 inches long. 3d4..
1736.Detroit Lions wall decor piece. 14 inch diameter. 3d5..
1737.Driftwood pillar candle holder. 3c4..
1738.2 Vintage thermometers and and a small print. 3d5..
1739.Praying hands plaque and a needlepoint art piece. 3d5..
1740.Box full of helium balloons. 3a2..
1741.At Home with Meijer wicker storage box. 16 inches long. 3c4..
1742.Home Goods wicker storage box. 16 inches long. 3c4..
1743.Beach decor lot. 3d6..
1744.Holiday decor lot. 3a3..
1745.Rubbermaid 9.5 gallon lidded storage tote. 3c1..
1746.Present decor boxes, bags and more. 3a2..
1747.Mini gold tree with some decor. Approximately 4 ft tall. 3d1..
1748.Framed lithograph. 21 X 26. 3e...
1749.2 matching decor shelves. Longest is 36 inches long. 3b2..
1750.Sterilite 70 quart lidded storage tote. 3d1..
1751.Shell decor lot. 3a4..
1752.A Merry Christmas tin art piece. 16 inches long. 3a4..
1753.Vintage Fisher Price play family farm. 3b2..
1754.Lot of snorkeling equipment. 3b4..
1755.31 DVDs. Includes Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Pleasantville, Cheaper by the dozen and more. 3d8..
1756.Lot of brass candlesticks. 3d6..
1757.McCoy planter. 6 inches tall. 3a3..
2020.Vintage tins. Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, solvent, cleaner and cigars.
2021.2 pair Nic and Nora monkey slippers size small.
2024.Johnson bros lidded dish
2025.Lace curtains lot 13 pieces
2026.Set of 6 Mikasa Intaglio soup bowls
2027.12 chic flicks
2028.10 dvd's
2029.7 family dvd's
2030.Household storage system
2031.3 Augusten Burroughs books
2032.J.r.r. Tolkien Boxed 3 book set The Lord of the Rings
2033.Men's comfortable shoes size 11
2035.2 1990 Renaissance Festival mugs
2050.Vintage pink depression glass nursery set.
2051.Bmx pants size 28 and I'm not sure what the other pair are.
2052.LIFE WW2 September 25 1939 and Robert Kennedy April 9 1965
6000.Wall hanging mirror with beautiful frame. 8B2..
6001.Signed art print. 8B2..
6002.Three tier wooden shelf. 8A2..
6003.Wooden magazine rack. 8A1..
6004.Whicker picnic basket. 8A2..
6005.Plant stand. 8A4..
6006.Lasko weather shield box fan. 8B4..
6007.Craftsman plate joiner in original box. 8A4..
6008.Craftsman belt sander in original box. 8B4..
6009.Weller soldering gun kit. 4A2..
6010.Black and decker wizard rotary tool. 4A2..
6011.Millers falls saw. 4A2..
6012.Lil crafty rotary tool kit. 4A2..
6013.Thakita hand held buffer. 4A3..
6014.Craftsman sander. 4A2..
6015.Two torches. One with a carrying case. 4A3..
6016.Roll up extension cord. 4A2..
6017.Two extension cords and a work light. 4A2..
6018.Craftsman vintage plane. 4A2..
6019.Arrow staple guns. 4A2..
6020.Bronson cork handled fishing rod. Made in the usa. 8B2..
6021.Lot of different style extension cords. 4A3..
6022.Two different sized wedge hammer's. 4A3..
6023.Work apron with a set of tools. 4A3..
6024.Alloy stella bolt cutters. 4A2..
6025.Two swivel frames. 4A3..
6026.Signed, named and numbered art piece. 4A3..
6027.Signed, named and numbered art piece. 4A3..
6028.Signed, named and numbered art piece. 4A3..
6029.Signed, named and numbered art piece. 4A3..
6030.Stack of small art pieces. 4A3..
6031.Three different style frames. 4A4..
6032.Box full of frames. 4A2..
6033.Hand carved running horses art. Dated 1984. 4A2..
6034.Chicago cutlery knife block and knife set. 4A3..
6035.Flint knife block with knives. 4A2..
6036.Pfaltzgraff dish set. 4A4..
6037.Pfaltzgraff dish set. 4A4..
6038.Three Holiday time boxes of Christmas lights. 4A3..
6039.Three Holiday time boxes of Christmas lights. 4A3..
6040.Three boxes of Martha stewart Christmas lights. 4A4..
6041.Merry midget mini Christmas lights. 4A2..
6042.Two boxes Holiday living mini Christmas lights. 4A4..
6043.Three boxes of holiday time Christmas lights. 4A3..
6044.Three boxes of holiday living rope lights. 4A4..
6045.Lot of Christmas lights and bulbs. 4A5..
6046.Lot of Christmas lights. 4A5..
6047.Large Blitz gas can. 4A5..
6048.Small gas can. 4A4..
6049.Dex-cool prestone antifreeze. One feels in opened. 4A2..
6050.Lot of plant food. 4A2..
6051.Galvanized watering can. 4A2..
6052.Chain with hooks 4A3..
6053.Puppy system set up with rope. 4A2..
6054.Two matching bathroom mats. 4A5..
6055.Unique design door mat. 4A4..
6056.Home decor can with life like flowers. 2A...
6057.Large vase with life like flowers. 2A...
6058.Small Vintage Wooden barrel. 2A...
6059.Multi colored chair. 4A1..
6060.Butler wall hanging mirror. 4A1..
6061.John wright cast iron made in the usa golf themed decor piece. 2A3..
6062.Multi tier night stand. 8B1..
6064.Wooden storage box. 4A1..
6065.Lot of towels and more. 4A1..
6066.Oster electric fondue set in original box. 9E4..
6067.Corelle winter holiday dish set. 9E4..
6068.Corelle winter holiday dish set. 9E4..
6069.Red tone oil lamp. 8B1..
6070.Stoneware bowl. 4A4..
6071.Lil sun packer cooler. 9E4..
6072.Lot of really nice almost new coats. 9C2..
6073.Work buck with hardware sleeves. 9C2..
6074.Lot of easter decorations. 9B2..
6075.Wire stripper kit. 4A3..
6076.Blue storage tarp. 9D2..
6077.27 drawer hardware organizer. 9C2..
6078.Triple A 300 psi air compressor. 9D2..
6079.Home decor Christmas lot. 9D2..
6080.45 drawer hardware organizer. 9E4..
6081.Two things of patching plaster. 9D3..
6082.Grinder and belt moter. 9D4..
6083.Lot of tool hanging hooks. 9E4..
6084.Work light with wind up storage. 9D3..
6085.7 drawer organizer filled with stuff.
6087.Two matching sets of padio chairs.
6088.53 inch coffee table. Missing glass center.
6089.9 drawer wooden desk.
6090.Butler shelf.
6091.Patio umbrella.
6092.Rubbermaid 32 gallon trash can with lid.
6093.Health O Meter scale.
6094.Hoover vacuum.
6095.Small wooden storage cupboard. Would be great for holding toilet paper.
6096.Vintage wooden side table.
6097.Gold tone coat rack.
6129.Extra large area rug. Looks to be in good condition.
6130.2 carpet organizers.
6131.Folding camping chair.
6132.Werner 6 ft wooden ladder.
6133.Cosco Folding step ladder.
6134.Wooden low coffee table.
6135.Lifelike plant in planter. Approximately 4 ft tall.
6136.Vintage Lazy Boy chair.
6137.Ames Reel Easy hose winder. Hose included.
6138.Tripod work light.
6139.3 tier plastic shelving unit.
6239.2 signed art prints. Largest is 13 X 16. 3a5..
6240. Vintage Polaroid and a Canon camera. 3a5..
6241.Nice crystal punch bowl set. 3d1..
6242.Vintage dolls and clothes. 3a1..
6243.Home decor/shell lot. 3a6..
6244.Pier 1 Santa figure on stand. 18 inches tall. 3b2..
6245.Lifelike shrub and a decor jar. 3a6..
6246.Garden Gates wooden bird house. 11 inches tall. 3b2..
6247.Decor vases and jars and a small clock. 3b5..
6248.Lantern decor piece. 16 inches tall. 3a5..
6249.Elegant candle holders and flameless candles. 3a5..
6250.Lot of candlesticks and dishes. 3a2..
6251.Homeworks ceramic candle holder. 3a2..
6252.Nice shell and sea horse decor. 3b3..
6253.Lot of Treva desk fans. 3b4..
6254.Lifelike plants and sea shells. 3b5..
6255.Unique Native American wristlet. 3d4..
6256.Ashland Christmas Noel plates and Charger plates. 3d4..
6257.2 vintage religious thermometers. 3d5..
6258.Elegant glasses. 3d5..
6259.1975 Warner Bros Bugs Bunny drum. 3d3..
6260.3 decor vases. 3c3..
6261.Napcoware figure. 7 inches tall. 3d2..
6262.Vintage figure made in Occupied Japan. 4 inches tall. 3d2..
6263.Ba Ba Black Sheep 1253 figure. 6 inches tall. 3d2..
6264.Lot of small Santa figures. 3d6..
6265.ERTL Fighter jet model. Made in Morocco. 3d4..
6266.Dirt devil hand vacuum. 3b4..
6267.8 piece Royal Norfolk dish set. No chips or cracks. 3b5..
6268.2015 Publix Super Markets pilgrim salt and pepper shakers and 2 small figures. 3d3..
6269.Vintage bow saw. 3b1..
6270.2005 Jessies Café playset and Houdini magic set. 3b4..
6271.2 boxes of red Trunk Wrap Christmas lights. 3b1..
6272.Vintage hat box full of vintage Barbie's and clothes. 1B...
6273.DVD lot. Includes Mama Mia, The Aviator, The Notebook and more. 3c3..
6274.Glass jar full of sea shells. 11 inches tall. 1B...
6275.Lifelike plant in planter. 20 inches tall. 1D...
6276.Holiday decor lot. 1D...
6277.Cracker Barrel LED Snowman water ball and 3 light up Snowmen figures. 1D...
6278.Unique nesting boxes. 3a6..
6279.Small hanging planter with lifelike plants. 13 inches tall. 1D...
6280.Lot of red plastic glasses. 3c4..
6281.Box full of Women's purses. 1C...
6282.Holiday lot. 1B...
6283.Musical Water Globe. 1C...
6284.Conway Twitty Travel Air Model commemorative bank. 3b2..
6285.3 small figures. 3d6..
6286.2 boxes of Crofton stemless wine glasses. 1C...
6287.Lot of assorted plates. Brands include Holiday Time, The Pioneer Woman and Robert Stanley. 1B...
6288.Sears lantern. 1C...
6289.1973 Peek A Boo Baby. 3b2..
6290.Small hand painted vases. 1B...
6291.Mercury glass candle holders. 1C...
6292.I love you More than Chocolate dish set. 1C...
6293.Tote full of throw pillows. 1A...
6294.Holiday decor lot. 1A...
6295.Sterilite 62 quart lidded storage tote. 3d1..
6296.Lidded storage tote dull of holiday decor. 1A...
9500.folding card table. Legs are wobbly and there is a tear on the bottm right corner 6cart
9501.Sunflower dish towel. Has a small light stain but is in very well kept condition. 8B2..
9502.Table lamp with with glass center and what looks like brass base. Perfect condition. Tested and works. 6cart
9503.Table lamp with metal base and gold decale. Perfect condition. Tested and works. 6cart
9504.Table lamp with plastic and metal stand. Tested and works. 6cart
9505.Firewood carrier and holder with metal stand. 2E...
9506.metal shelving unit. Perfect for plants. Good condition just needs cleaning up. 2C...
9507.Lot of assorted patches. 8B2..
9508.12 piece 3/8" Drive Hex Bit Set. All pieces accounted for and in very good condition. 8B2.. fan. Plugged in and works. However the knob is backwards from the speeds and the low speed doesn't operate. 8A3..
9510.Lot of assorted light bulbs and one mini lock set. 2D...
9511.Metal oval hanging frame with wire hanging back. Approximate 22X14. 2B...
9512."12X16" Canvas painting of trees on river bank around mountain side. 2B...
9513."9X12" Canvas Panel painting of flowers in a vase by M. Mueller. 2B...
9514.Cloth woven portraite of 3 women balancing water vases. 2B...
9515.cloth woven art of bowls of orange pepper with custom framing. Approx 19X16 1/2. 2B...
9516.cloth stitched triangle quilt with custom framing. Approx 18X21 2B...
9517.stitched quilting of flowers and grasshopper framed with wire hanging back. Approx "19 1/2X21" 2b...
9518.2 Pyrex serving dishes. No stove top or broiler. 8B3..
9519.3 glass casserole pans. One is Pyrex with lid. One is glassbake 2qt with lid. One is Anchor Ovenware 2qt cassorol dish without lid Comes with one wicker dish holder. 8B3..
9520.2 glasbake serving dishes. Both come with wicker holders. 8B3..
9521.Aluminum leafe decore. 2B...
9522.Lot of glass cleaner and car wash shampoo & Conditioner. 2D...
9523.Lot of 3 Better Homes cook books. 8B3..
9524.Lot of 2 solar-powered globes with birds and flowers. 8B4..
9525.Lot of 3 shoe style plant holders. Just need cleaning up. 8B2..
9526.Metal standing plant holder. 8B2..
9527.Metal standing rotating plant holder with flower decore. 8A2..
9529.Lot of assorted garden decore including a hummingbird stake that is missing the center wind catcher. Sunflower wind catcher. Bird, turtle and Ladybug on wind catcher bikes. 2 sunfire stakes. Dragonfly stake with flowers. 8A1
9530.Lot of Assorted sewing and craft cloth. 8B1..
9531.Lot of paper mache materials for arts and crafts. And one Feather Marabou 2 yards, Flame retardant and 100% feathers. 8B1..
12000.4 patio chairs.
12001.Vintage aluminum glider. Needs re threaded.
12002.Radio Cart wheelbarrow.
12003.4 green patio chairs and a white patio chair.
12004.Ladies CPX gold clubs in rolling bag.
12005.2 vintage rotary push mowers.
12006.A shovel and a rake.
12007.Wooden handled scoop shovel.
12008.Roof scraper and extension poles.
12009.A yard rake and a hand tiller.
12010.2 shepherds hooks.
12011.Pinch bar.
12012.2 generations of weed wackers.
12013.Walking stick. Approximately 5 ft tall.
12014.Nice garden edging.
12015.5 tier plastic shelving unit.
12016.2 vintage chairs.
12017.3 tier stand. Would be a good microwave cart!
12018.Rollaway bed.
12019.2 tier shelf.
12020.Vintage blue wooden chair.
12021.Lazy Boy rocker/recliner.
12022.Folding cot frame.
12023.Vintage glider/rocker.
12024.Brass colored floor lamp. Approximately 4.5 ft tall.
12026.4 tier metal shelving unit.
12027.4 tier plastic shelving unit.
12028.Vintage Jack Post. Sealed in box.
12029.Lazy Boy Rocker/recliner.
12030.Samsonite card table with 4 matching chairs.
12031.Mid century leather end table. decore including 2 Sheppard hooks, a welcome sign, frog wind chime and dragonfly with flowers.


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