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Wednesday, OCTOBER 2ND
Listings will end starting at 7pm Eastern Time. -
Bidding starts now, and ends on Wednesday, 10-2-2019. Listings will end starting at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Item Description
010.Retro blue upholstered chairs with metal legs . Good condition could use a light cleaning . Uf..
011.4 wooden chairs with real animal hide seats. Made in the 1800’s Uf..
012.Barrister 3pcs book case middle door is broke see pictures. measurements are 49 X 1 foot X 33 Uf...
013.Antique floral sittie some trim detail is missing uf...
014.Vintage red bounce horse . Made in Tennessee .label is half wore off uf...
015.Antique secretary desk . Back panels need to be reattached uf...
016.Antique wooden home server board on caster 36*17*34 uf...
017.2 wooden crates .. Uf...
018.Antique swivel stool with eagle claw feet with globes .. Love this piece uf...
019.Wooden bird house with metal bars . Great detail .. Uf...
020.Twin size black Metal bed frame with Brass tone detail. Bed comes Head Board Foot Board and side brackets. NW..
021.Vintage wooden stool with removable orange cushion . Matches Item number 022 1a1..
022.Vintage Wooden stool with orange removable cushion. Matches item number 21 nw..
023.Anhieser Busch Natural Light Wall mounted sign 2i3..
024.Sears Pro Form Cross Trainer. Weight system and stair climber. This system has been disassembled for transport only. Nd3..
025. Radio Schack 3 band Equalizer 40 WATT PA Amplifier. New in package 1a2..
026.Merchant adding Machine. Uf...
027.Wooden Hope Chest. Great little restoration project. 1b5..
028.Friar Liquor dispenser 1c1..
030. Stickley Foot stool with spindle legs . uf...
031.Vintage Frosted Glass Lamp with 3d detail of doves uf...
032.Moon Dog Kaleidoscope by Linda A Bellacicco uf...
033.Unique Kalidescope. Top towards base is cracked on the outer tube. See pictures for crack . uf...
034.Galaxy Glass Works Kaleidoscope. Unique piece lots of fun.. Has Three different lenses to choose from each revealing a amazing show uf...
035.Sedona Glass Kaleidoscope Includes a little story about the company and how it began. Unique piece . uf..
036.Piece of Jasper Back Says Coco cabana uf...
037.Murano Glass Duck. Made in Italy Beautiful colorful piece. No chips or cracks. The moment everyone has been waiting for we are parting with him.. uf...
038.Great Piece of Mica. Love the Silver , Quarts and Rose color ..uf..
039.White Turquoise and Murano Glass Beaded Necklace. uf...
040.Dresden Covered sugar dish. Lovely design Made in Germany
041.Dresden Fruit dish . No Chips or cracks made in Germany sc1..
042.Dresden Dessert plates . Made in Germany sc1..
043.3 Dresden Plates . Made in Germany sc1..
044.4 Dresden Plates . Made in Germany sc1..
045.4 Dresden plates each one is a different design sc1..
046.Dayton 350,000 btu portable oil heater. Seller claims in good working condition. nd3...
047.Cast iron series speed aire air compressor on cart. Seller claims in good working condition. Nd3..
048.Miller rough neck welder coler engine. Seller claims in good working condition. Electric start . Nd3..
049.Two standing black modern floor lamps. Nw...
050.Four wood spindle back chairs with rattan seating. Good condition. Nw...
051.Lazy boy recliner chair in good condition. NW...
052.Retro style lazy boy recliner chair. Nw...
053.3 shelf spindle leg hallway table. NW...
054.Two door Wooden TV stand with shelves. NW...
055.6 ft Illuminated glass door cabinet. Matches item number 056. NW...
056.6 ft Illuminated glass door cabinet. Matches item number 055. NW...
057.Bombay company Drop leaf tea table with Removable tray. NW...
058.Matching wooden end tables with spindle legs. NW...
059.Vintage Jerry can. 2h1..
060.7 and 5 tier tool shelves taller one has damage on bottom otherwise in good condition. NW...
061.Golden headboard and footboard bed frame in very good condition. NW...
062.Large area rug with floral design. NW...
063.Rooster bird bath .2e1..
064.Bathroom shelf with glass knobs adorable piece. measurements are 17 X 34 X 10.
065.Hen and chick glass top end table. Uf...
066.Animal jaw table lamp . Very cool piece . Great for any man cave . Uf...
067.Antique wooden clamp .. Quite large in size 2b5..
068.Kane o seat 1wall..
069.Chalk ware kid on motorcycle 2f2..
070.Wooden hinged and latching chest 3e5..
071.White Tail Deer Decoy, Complete, has never been used that hasn't got put together yet 1wall..
100.Craftsman saw stand isle1
166. Adjustable Table saw stand nw..
168. Multi Drawer Organizer filled with odds and ends 1b1..
169.Blue Multi Drawer Hardware Organizer .. 1b1..
170.Multi Wrench Lot. All different sizes. 1f3..
171. Variety of Taps all different sizes.1f3..
172.Ratchets and Sockets . Variety of sizes 1f3..
173.Channellock's Wire cutters Plyers and more 1f3..
200.3 oil stones 2h3..
201.2 John Deere Hammer mill screens. parts ah 117942h4.. Re purpose crafting or sculpturing parts.
202.3 hammers 2h4..
203.Selection of wrenches names include Honda Williams and more 2h4..
204.3 little hand brooms 2g3..
205.Sears and Stanley stud finder 2g3..
206.Castiron farm sickle barpoints. triple and double blade guards. Re purpose for metal art. (Dragon teethe? Godzilla hands? we have a welder on here also! anybody need a hobby?) 2g3..
207.Wire cutters and strippers names include channel lock vaco and more 2g3..
208.Scotch electrical tape and more electrical tape 2g3..
209.Heavy duty electrical cord . Cord says 16/3type sj 300v 2g4..
210.Peg hooks some new in package 2g4..
211.Variety of snap hooks . Some new in package 2g4..
212.Bolts, washers,fastners and more 2g4..
213.Variety of pliers 2g4..
214.Mixed lot of monkey wrenches . Names include craftsman jh Williams and more 2g4..
215.4basin wrenches 2g4..
216.Lot of different size Allen wrenches 2g4..
217.Vintage toggle clamp . Made in Detroit michigan2g5..5
218.2packs of craftsman Allen wrenches 2g5..
219.3 hammers . Stanley and more 2g5..
220.Joint knife spatula and putty knives 2g5..
221.True value 14 inch pipe wrench 2g5..
222.3 chalk lines and powder 2g5..
223.Precision dynascan 2g5..
224.Screw gripper and more 2g5..
225.4 soldering guns 2g5..
226.Variety of utility hooks 2i4..
227.Arrangement of needle nose pliers . Names include stripper and more 2i4..
228.Selection of wood boring bits 2i4..
229.Put a lid on it storage tote 1f1..
230.Long handles wrenches 2f5..
231.Mixed lot of power tools and chargers names include craftsman and more 2f5..
232.3 vent covers 2i6..
233.Hanging led work light 2i6..
234.2 pair of antique nippers 2i6..
235.Plumbing hardware lots new in package 2i6..
236.2 sets of casters 8 all together 2i6..
237.Super sliders and felt Gards 2i6..
238.Electrical lot . Dimmer switches light plates and much more 2f5..
239.2levels one wooden one metal names include hall and one is unmarked 1f10..
240.Dropped forge jaws 10 inch pipe wrench 1f10..
241.Pesticide sprinkler 1wall..
242.Power guard 27 battery box 2g2..
243.Electric fence pins 1f8..
244.Stanley bolt hooks and more bolt hooks 1f8..
245.Mixed variety socket drivers 1f9..
246.Retaining ring pliers 1f9..
247.Box cutters and blades 2i5...
248.Hack saws bones saws replacement blade and more 2f4..
249.Mounting brackets L brackets and more 2i5..
250.Assortment of hinges different sizes 2i5..
251.Rockwell manufacturing angle measures 1f10..
252.Us army issued lubrication guide kit bag 2f3..
253.Reese 25/16 6000lb hitch 2f3..
254.Mixed lot of hardware . Dowel nuts bolts screws and more 2f3..
255.2jack stands one is missing pin 62f4..
256.Different size sockets and ratchets 2i5..
257.Surge protectors and extension cords 2g2..
258.United plastics file box 2h1..
259.Sewer drain tube for RV 2f4..
1000.Little foot stool . Would look cute reupholstered 1b1..
1001. Wooden trunk filled with goodies 1wall
1002. Blue trunk with brass hardware. 1wall
1003. Life Like plant in planter 1wall
1004. 2 door metal cabinet with 4 cubbie shelves inside. nw...
1005. Exercise trampoline. Tested and works nw...
1006. Portage inc . Brown lounge chair. comfy nw..
1007. Radio Blue Wheel Barrow. Tire is a little low nw..
1008. Dayton 2 wheel torch cart nw..
1010.Blonde wooden plant stand.1a1..
1011.Albinar Video Recorder with auto focus. Recorder comes attached to a tripod 1a1..
1012. Full box of Computer Paper . Micro Perf 20lb Bond White 9 1/2 x 11 2500 sheets. Made by the reliable . The office supply people. 1a1..
1013. Pollenex Health Air UltraSteam Humidifier in box 2i2..
1014. 3 metal baskets 2i2..
1015. Stack of clear plastic storage compartments . 2i1..
1016. 12 Sheet Crossault Shredder with box 1d1..
1017. Regulator Battery Operated Wall clock. Glass door gives a perfect view of pendulum as it swings back and forth. 2i2.
1018.Collection of music books from a wide variety of composers . 2i3..
1019. Octagon wooden wall clock with glass display window. Battery operated 2i3..
1020.Memorymatic Microwave 1d1..
1021.Vibrantly colored Oriental Art Comes framed and matted 1b2..
1022. black and white snowy cottage scene . Comes framed and matted 1b2..
1023. Collection Of Vintage Needle work Magazines 1b2..
1024. Astral over view of water . Framed and matted 1b2..
1025. Cayman Islands Framed Poster 1b2..
1026.Daylight peeping through the blinds. FRAMED 1b2..
1027. Milk Shake mixer and other attachments 2I3..
1028. Variety of lightbulbs also includes some fun colored ones 1b2..
1029. vintage Beams choice liquor bottle with other Vintage personalized liquor bottle 2i3..
1030. Redwings Championship Lee sport t-shirt size M 1a1.
1031.Protype "Now is the time " Wall clock 1a1..
1032. Handmade Patch quilt 1f1..
1033. NueWave Hot plate with carrying case. New in box only opened to picture. 1f1..
1034.Nuwave Oven still in box. Was only opened to picture 1f1..
1035.Brown Locking suitcase. Suitcase has little dividers in it . We do not have the combination but it is unlocked.1b1..
1036. Collection of Swing Dancing records with a little mix of other records. 1b1..
1037.Collection of Glenn Miller Records and more 1b1..
1038.By The Beautiful Sea advertisement on cloth. Cloth Advertisement is framed 1wall
1039.Framed poster of THE Flag Paintings Of Childe Hassam 1wall
1040.Cute little crumb catcher set in Original box 1f2..
1041.Vintage oil lamp with brass bottom and Glass chimney 1b1..
1042. 2 Wooden Wine Boxes Featuring Chateau Grand Traverse and Calera. Boxes are in good condition and would be great for anything 1b2..
1043.3 Fire Place Scoops. 1f2..
1044.10 Maxwell UDS-II 90 blank cassette tapes still new in package and in original box 1f2..
1045. Black and White Framed photo . Writing on it says " To Martha Jean Sincerely Irene Dunne " 1f2..
1046. Electric Slide Viewer with Slides 1f2..
1047. Try Squares with levels triangles and more . 1a2..
1048.Collection of Casters 1a2..
1049.4 Vintage Oil Cans 1a2..
1050. Electric Dremel. Tested and Works 1a2..
1051. 3 surge Protectors 1a2..
1052.Hitachi VHS player with manual 1a2..
1053.RCA VHS PLAYER 1e3..
1054.Antique Iron Tongs 1E2..
1055.Presto 12 inch Electric Fry Pan New in box 1e2..
1056.Vintage Catchers Mitt 1e2..
1058.Vintage Hand drill 1f3..
1059. Pilot Made in the USA 1f3..
1060.Vintage Jack 1F3..
1061.18 inch Pipe Wrench from the Ridge Tool company Made in Ohio USA 1f3..
1062.Vintage Hand drill 1f3..
1063.Vintage Brushing Comb 1f3..
1064.2 framed matching theme Horse and buggy pictures 1f4..
1065.1899 copy of My Wild Irish Rose by Chauncey Olcott 1f4..
1066.JVC Compact disc player 1e2..
1067.Record Player 1e3..
1068.2 matching Box speakers appears to be in good shape. 2e1..
1069.selection of Victor Records 1e5..
1070.Mosaic style Jewelry box 1e3..
1071. Extra Extra read all about it. Vintage Articles of the The Daily Plainsmen .. Articles include Kennedy, Cuban leaders call for execution on Catholic priests and more 1e3..
1072.2 vintage Hygrometers 1e3..
1073.Brass Musical note design Desk Lamp. Would look cute in a little reading nook 1e3..
1074. Small box of Clothes line pins 1e4..
1075.Selection of Musical Composition books, from a variety of different composers 1b2..
1076.Vintage Donkey Piñata. 1b3..
1077.4 matching peg legs. 1f4..
1078.4 matching furniture peg legs. Would be great for stools or little tables 1f4..
1079.Michigan State Championship Hat. 1a2..
1080.The Music Man on Laser disc 1b5..
1081.M.A.S.H. on laser disc 1b5..
1082.Grumpy Old Men on Laser disc 1b5..
1083.Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct on Laser Disc 1b5..
1084.Collection of swing dance records. 1b5..
1085.Stack of Vintage Christmas records and more 1b5..
1086.MtX TERMIMTOR speaker. New in box. Only taken out to picture. Matches Item # 1087 1e4..
1087.MTX TERMIMITOR Speaker new in box. Only taken out to picture. Matches Item # 1086 1e4..
1088.Variety of Wood Drill Bits 1f4..
1089.Mixture of Light Bulbs all different Wattage 1d2..
1090.Full Box of cleaning supplies. Mr. Bubbles and much More. 1d2..
1091.Grade AAA TEXAS BULLSHIT Paper weight. Made by the Texas Bullshit Company. San Antonio Texas 1e3..
1092.Sony Subwoofer 1d3..
1093.Wolfschmidt Vodka Advertisement on metal tray . Appears to be set up to hang on the wall . Great piece to display in man cave or Bar area 1d3..
1094.Wooden Cigar Box 1d3..
1095.Wagner Electric paint gun 1d3..
1096.Vintage Bicycle Seat 1d3..
1097.2 boxes of Photo Coaster with coaster stands. Both boxes are new . Only been opened to picture 1d3..
1098.Multiple packs of cheese cloth and drop cloths still in packages 1d4..
1099.Vintage Drywall Plainer 1f4..
1100.Michigan State mixed memorabilia 1f4..
1101.Box full of Kitchen Gadgets and Utensils. From Knife sharpeners to Cookie maker max, Electric can opener and much more 1d4..
1102.Interesting Framed Picture of A bar scene 1d2..
1103.Corning Ware Covered Baking dish 1f5..
1104.Corning Ware Covered baking dish 1f5..
1105.Corning Ware Covered baking dish 1f5..
1106.Assortment of Corning Ware Baking Dishes 1f5..
1107.Black Paperboy style hat 1a2..
1108.Envisonsier 2 SPEED fan 1c1..
1109.wooden walking cane 1c1..
1110.Multiple Packs of Ace Bandages 1c1..
1111.Antique Glass Oil Lamp 1c1..
1113.Vintage Beam Bottle with other Vintage Liquor Bottle 1c2..
1114.Vintage Liquor bottles 1c2..
1115.Wedgewood Pitcher appears to be no chips or cracks 1c2..
1116.Wedgewood Trinket dish. Appears to be no chips or cracks 1c2..
1117.Cast Iron Pan 1c2..
1118.Standard 8 track Stereo 1c3..
1119. 2 cribbage boards 1c3..
1120.Champion Equalizer 1c3..
1121.Environizer 3 speed fan 1wall
1122.Wooden Jewelry Box 1c3..
1123.Panosonic vhs player with remote 1c4..
1124.Panasonic 3500 system switch with Camcorder 1c4..
1125.Vintage Peanut dispenser 1c4..
1126. 4 ceramic Geese on stand . Each Geese are marked along with stand. Appears to be no chips or cracks 1b3..
1127.Vintage Battery operated Santa and his reindeer 1b3..
1128.Pair of Wiss scissors in Original Carrying Case 1b3..
1129.Framed and Matted Lithograph . Titled Homestead In The Winter 1b3..
1130.Cloth Tablecloth Made by Home . New in Package 1b3..
1131.Throw Blanket Good Condition 1b3..
1132.Variety Of Vintage Linens 1b3..
1133.Green and White Handmade Afghan 1b3..
1134.Handmade Afghan 1b3..
1135.Epson Fax Machine 1b4..
1136.Collection of 8 tracks 1b4..
1137.Collection of 8 tracks 1b4..
1138.Variety of 8 tracks 1b4..
1139.Melitta Aroma centre 10 cup coffee maker still in box. 1b4..
1140.2 wooden cigar boxes 1b4..
1141.Vintage Jewelry box 1b4..
1142. 3 plastic containers filled with electrical hardware 1b4..
1143.Collection of Plates Mark on Back says SONGS Fondeville New York 1f4..
1144.Don's East Lansing Kiwanis Bowling shirt. Made by King Louie Company Size xl 1b4..
1145.Boy Scout Troop Leader Uniform with matching hat 1b4..
1146.1946 Varsity Sweater Great Condition 1b4..
1147.Apex Dvd Player New in Box 1b5..
1148.Vintage wall mounted Pencil Sharpener 1b5..
1149.Norelco Electric Shaver in original case 1b5..
1150.Box full of Light bulbs. Flood lights and much more 1b5..
1151.Replacement Speaker 1b5..
1152.regulation seal in original box1b5..
1153.Kiddie Fire Extinguisher 1a3..
1154.Vintage Norelco Electric Razor 1a3..
1155.Mens Electric Razors 1f5..
1156.Leather Water pouch. Pouch is stamped but cant make out marking 1f5..
1157.Deep amethyst Double Handle Glass Vase with Flowers Painted on front. 1a3..
1158.Antique Paw Traps 1a3..
1159.Multi colored Sherrie glasses 1a3..
1160.Variety of Cd's a big array of musicians 1a3..
1161.4 DVD's 2 copies of Pearl Harbor, Protocol and Breakdown Palace 1f6..
1162.arrangement of cd's 1f6..
1163.Blazing Saddles, Grumpy Old Men and more. 1f6..
1164.Everybody Loves Raymond 2nd Season appears to be missing a disc 1f6..
1165.Michigan VS Michigan State Cold War Hockey Puck 1f6.
1166.Magnavox vhs player with head cleaner 1a3..
1167.Wide Variety of Cds . Coca Cola Christmas and much more 1a3..
1168.2 full packs of blank Vhs Tapes 1a4..
1169.Realist 8 Track Player with Manual 1a4..
1170.Pioneer Dual Cassette Player 1a4..
1171.Sony Alarm Clock Cd player Combo 1a4..
1172.New in package Maxwell blank cassette tapes 1a4..
1173.Hawk Kite .. 1a4..
1174.Kite new in package 1a4..
1176.Musical Note wall hanging 1A4..
1177.Change purses and wallets 1a4..
1178.Sony Handycam Video 8 with carrying case 1a4..
1179.8 remote controls for all sorts of Gadgets 1a4..
1180.Wooden shoe stretchers 1a4..
1181.A Collection of Memories Personal stories from WWII Veterans of Ionia County also A book on Michigan State Police 1f6..
1182.Bobble Kids bobble head new in package 1f6..
1183.American Auto History 1f6..
1184.Danny Kayes Stories From Many Lands 1f6..
1185.GM The First 75 Years of Transportation Products 1f7..
1186. Totes Dress Shoe Rubbers with Tingley easy off sandals 1f7..
1187.Variety of War Movies .. 1f7..
1188.Steamer with lid and swing handle comes with metal basket 1c4..
1189.Slide Viewers and Slides 1a5..
1190.Collection of candles flameless candles and candle holders 1f8..
1191. S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A Advertisement , coasters napkins and more 1f8..
1192.Vintage Linens and Table cloth 1a5..
1193.Vintage Scale says Improved Spring Balance Warranted on the back 1f7..
1194.3 packs of fishing line 1f7..
1195.2 cribbage boards 1f7..
1196.Collection of Playing cards and poker chips. Lot includes in GM playing card as well 1a5..
1197.Vintage and newer matches. Also includes Brass Matchstick holder and peweter match boxcase 1a5..
1198.Some days seem like they will never end wall décor 1d2..
1199.Salt and pepper shakers with peach luster shakers. 1f8..
1200.Flares and 2 road side emergency flashers 1f8..
1201.Vintage News paper clippings 1f9..
1202.Craftsman Portalign 1f9..
1203.Retro Stoneware dishes 2i2..
1204. Retro Stoneware dessert plates 2i2..
1205.2 souvenir spoons 1b3..
1206.Mixed Christmas lot 2i2..
1207.4 Mini Cars from buddy corp. One appears to be a little broken 2i2..
1208. Arrangement of ashtrays. One is wedgewood 2i2..
1209.Cardinal Music Box 2i2
1210.Multiple pairs of scissors 2i2..
1211.Chair cushions and throw pillows 1e1..
1212.Shoe and clothes lot 1e1..
1213.mixed lot of ceramic figurines 2i3..
1214.Black and Decker 6 1/2 inch Utility Electric Saw . Tested and Works 2i3..
4065.Kero heat kerosene heater .2wall..
4066.Mason elevator company half bag lawn seed 2i7..
4067.Motorcycle and atv coolant , and rv coolant 2i7..
4068.Totes green fold up camping chair 2i7..
4069.Stack of buckets some have lids 2h1..
4070.Easton graphite carbon bat with 2 softballs and a baseball2i7..
4071.Bb's, shot gun shell and other ammunition2i4..
4072.Armor all protectant and ATP son of a gun vinyl protectant 2i4..
4073.Happy birthday plates with napkins 2h3..
4074.School supply lot lines paper msu notebooks rulers and more 2h3..
4075.Selection of scissors some are wiss2h3..
4076.4 BBQ lighters 2h3..
4077.Mixed hardware lot . Contains nails screws and much more 2h5..
4078.Box full of records . Includes the statler brothers encore and more 2h5..
4079.Strictly sentimental record signed by lee talboy.2i2..
4080.2 handmade place mats 2g2..
4081.Fabric remnant 2h4..
4082.2 new in package stero dual cable 2h4..
4083.Shop craft drill with black and decker drill. Tested and works 2h4..
4084.Black spot lamp with green bulb 2g3..
4085.24 inch and 18 inch towel bar 1f10..
4086.Box of mason jars . Ball and mason brands2e5..
4087.Assortment of mason jars 2e5..
4088.Mixed lot of brushes and wire brushes 2f4..
4089.Warmers 1f10..
4090.2 sharp adding machines 2f3..
4091.Electrical lot can corders Philips cd rom2c1..
6000.Standing black modern floor lamp. Nw...
6001.Two standing black modern floor lamps. Nw...
6002.Hand-built workbench just missing the top. Measurements are 5 foot x 2 foot x 32'. Nw...
6003.Wooden and metal desk. NW...
6004.Wooden cabinet on casters with black glass doors. Nw...
6005.Lil Dusty's mystery box lot. NW...
6006.6 tier workshop shelf. NW...
6007.6 tier workshop shelf. NW...
6008.Metal folding up table with wood like design. NW...
6009.Hoover decade 80 retro matching bagged vacuums. Nw...
6010.Two four shelf wooden tool shelves. NW...
6011.White mop wringer 2wall..
6012.Whole lot of screwdrivers all different sizes 2h3..
6013.Wooden handles screwdrivers 2h3..
6014.Assortment of files 2h3..
6015.3 heavy duty multi wrenches 2f3..
6016.3 galvanized buckets 2g1..
6017.Coca cola plastic tray with dividers. Two dividers are chipped .2e4..
6018.2 garden hoses one is a room saver .2wall..
6019.Big piece of marble back says sink . Measures 29*15 1wall..
6020.Vintage gas heater . Would be great in garage 2g1..
6021.Hen planter marked on bottom can't make out see picture 2e2..
6022.Shovel tool art . Cute looking thing 2c1..
6023.Bird shovel art . Made of shovels golf balls and other yard tools 2c1..
6024.Stoux circular saw with metal case 2b5..
6025.New in box 1 1/4 ton hydraulic jack 2c5..
6026.Life long chimney cleaner in original box 2c5..
6027.Princess crystal punch bowl with matching cups 2f2..
6028.Porter cable belt sander . Tested and works 2f2..
6029.Skill belt sander . Tested and works 2f2..
6030.Iron plant stand 2wall..
6031.2 fire extinguishers one made by kiddie 2f3..
6032.Gardening lot water cans garden tools and more 2e2..
6033.Music books . Includes starlight so long mother and many more 2e3..
6034.Molly on a trolley, by golly with you , radio eyes , moonlight down in Dixie and many more 2e3..
6035.Barney Google oh what a pal was marry she's still my baby and more 2e3..
6036.Assortment of kitchen utensils, spoons knives forks and more 2e4..
6037.10 smokey glasses . No chips or cracks 2e2..
6038.Wooden chicken porch decor1c1..
6039.Wooden goose decor 2g1..
6040.Spindles vintage newspaper rack 1wall..
6041.Pink rotary vintage phone2e2..
6042.2 rotary phones 2e4..
6043.Cool interesting rock 2c3..
6044.Ceramic elephant . Missing ear 2c2..
6045.Aluminum corner brackets 2e4..
6046.Vintage poodle planter made by Sampson co2g3..
6047.Mixture of planters . Vintage and newer 2f1...
6048.Wooden advertisement stand with honey bottles 1852 pure honey 2g2...
6049.Wooden vases with metal flowers 2c4..
6050.Chicken planters and more .. Newer and vintage pieces2c3..
6051.2 chicken baskets and a rabbit basket . Names include little red company 2c4..
6052.Vintage flare kit 2b3..
6053.Clear plastic tote with latch lid one side of lid is cracke 2b1...
6054.Masonry tools and allot of them 2b2...
6056.Antique cattle guard. Keep your cow's head out of the fencing! Mooooo! 2c4..
6057.Antique glass bottles2c2..
6058.Antique spoke shave 2c3..
6059.Chainsaw blades 2c3...
6060.2 antique manual hand drills2b2..
6061.Antique hand brace shaping bits. 2c3..
6062.Variety of taps 2a2..
6063.3tin snips 2a2..
6064.3 Speed Wrenches. 3/8" and 1/2" drives 2a2...
6065.Two ball peen hammers 2a2...
6066.5 drop pins 2a2...
6067.Wire strippers and cutters 2a2..
6068.3 Basin wrenches 2a2..
6069.Jorgensen miter saw with stand 2a2..
6070.Wedge hammer 2a2..
6071.Tee and joint pipe 2wall....
6072.Tarps and drop cloths 2a1...
6073.Norleans chicken made in Italy. His beak is chipped comes with chicken egg holder2b2...
6074.Vintage spoon holder and pot holder hook . Made by curious critters 2a2...
6075.Rooster and hen pitchers made one is made in Italy 2b3...
6076.Hatchet and sheath 2a2...
6077.Vintage wiener dog organizer great for 45's2b2..
6078.Selection of chicken salt and pepper shakers 2a2..
6079.Antique folk art toy wooden rifle 2b2...
6080.Ideal toy trailer . Made from the ideal toy company 2b3...
6081.Play mobile ambulance and astronaut 2b3...
6082.Selection of chicken figurines 2b4...
6083.Smokey glass exterior light fixtures . Great vintage look 2a5...
6084.Collection of drinking glasses and more 2a4....
6085.Wooden ashtray stand 2a4..
6086.Chicken mosaic stepping stone 2a2...
6087.Green thermos cooler 2a3...
6088.2 mini Budweiser mugs made in Brazil 2a3...
6089.Collection of birds by border fine arts 2a3...
6090.Table top decorative bird feeder lamp 2b1...
6091.Selection of chicken Devore and figures2a4...
6092.Turkey and chicken planter with pope old kitchen magician 2a1...
6093.Vintage baseball mitts 2a2...
6094.Collection of chickens .some made in Portugal others are marked2b4...
6095.Vintage Wilson and homer baseball glove 2a2...
6096.Nesting chicken baskets 2a4...
6097.Roselane plante made in pacedena California 2a5..
6098.Lanshire self starting electric clock 2c4..
6099.Vintage 7 up bottles 2a2...
6100.Wire chicken basket 2a5...
6101.Collection of chicken mugs 3i2...
6102.Glass vases and pitchers 3i2...
6103.The rooster may crow but the hen delivers the goods wooden wall sign 2a3...
6104.Homoco bird figurines with little birdie music box 3i2...
6105.Glass vases 3h2...
6106.Chicken creamer pitchers with matching salt and pepper shakers 3i3...
6107.Fancy porcelain vases some names include vc ago and some are numbered 3h2...
6108.3retro canisters with latching lids 3h2...
6109.Little wooden box with hinges and latching lid 3h3...
6110.Selection of lefton and napco vases some are chipped 3i3...
6111.Hand painted roosters made in japan 3i3...
6112.Glass and ceramic chickens . Couple of them say made in Mexico 3i3...
6113.Chicken home Decor3h3....
6114.Corning ware milk glass dishes 3h3...
6115.4 pack Midland GXT771 2 way radios with charger. great for hunting season coming up. 3h3...
6116.4 pack Midland G-11 and G-15 2 way radios with charger. Xtra talk wallow talkies 3h3...
6117.Wall mounted gun rack with ammunition spot3i1...
6118.Turkey tail feather plaque . Back says 2004 3h1...
6119.Turkey tail wall plaque back says 2004 3h1...
6120.2 turkey tail feather wall mounted plaques3h1...
6121.Cow skull 3h1...
6122.Bullhorns 3h1...
6123.Recoil pad with compact 25 round rue magazine 3g3...
6124.Moose picture 3g3..
6125.3cases of silicone gun and reel cloth 3g3...
6126.Leather strop3g3...
6127.Antique gun parts 3g3....
6128.Simple Striker Turkey caller. in good working condition. GOBBLE, GOBBLE! 3g3...
6129.Deer grunt by Primus, Game caller. 3g3..
6130.SafTbak size size m hunting coat 3g3..
6131.SafTbak orange overalls for hunting size m 3g3...
6132.3 books on collectible firearm field guides 3g3...
6133.Collection of fire king mugs 3g3....
6134.Variety of ceramic and glass vases . Some made in Italy japan and more 3g2...
6135.Ceramic Indian head planter 3f3..
6136.Vintage glass bottles 3g3...
6137.Ceramic donkey planter 3f3..
6138.Vintage ceramic figures cute pieces 3f3...
8108.5 1/4 gallon kerosine can . Has more then half full in it 3g5...
8109.2 wall mounted wooden shelves . 3g1...
8110.3ft 4 inch Uncle Sam totem made of wood 3walll...
8111.4 ft chicken totem pole 3wall...
8112.Wooden foot locker with handles and latching lid 3walll...
8113.Medal one seated walker on wheels. Great for Auctions! 4wall...
8114.Vintage fisherman belt with bait box 3f3...
8115.Garden and yard ornaments 3i1...
8116.Iron garden decoration with bird and birdhouse made of resign3i4..
8117.Long handled shoe horn 3i2...
8118.Vintage enamel bed pan3g3...
8119.Stoneware bowl with design to look like cross stitch 3i4...
8120.Enamel chicken design popcorn bowl 3i4...
8121.Variety of sport stik stickers . Vinyl and weatherproof 3g1...
8122.Sterlite 58qt storage tote with lid 3g1...
8123.Pyrex glass baking dishes. Nice shape 3i6...
8124.2 blue ball mason jars 3g2...
8125.2 ball mason jars one is missing lid 3g2...
8126.Wooden bowling pin 3g2...
8127.Metal double handled basin .. Maybe used for maple syrup. This is large and would make a great flower pot. 4d5...
8128.Chicken party in a box . All sorts of chicken decor 3i4...
8129.Vintage enamel urinal made by the jones company 3g2...
8130.Country hen tea pot made in japan 3g2..
8131.2 lefton figures of rooster and hen . Has some chipping on rooster 3f3...
8132.Rooster champagne glasses 3g2...
8133.Camping fish cooker 3f3....
8134.Mixed poultry lot lamps vintage bottles and more 3i6....
8135.Scott's winterizer full bag . Never been opened 3g5....
8136.25 lb bag of halite melting crystals3g5...
8137.Vintage full can of dextrin II automatic trams fluid 3g5...
8138.Vintage can of supping zerex anti freeze and coolant 3g5..
8139.Vintage can of pennzoil hydra flo type f trans fluid 3g5..
8140.Collection of multi lingual coke bottles 3i6...
8141.Burlap bags with advertisement3i5...
8142.Tea pot with 2 tea cups and sugar bowl with matching stand 3i4..
8143.2 Fenton vases 3f3..
8144.Wooden decoration lot. Clock, watermelon, and more 3h4...
8145.2door latching double handle Dog Box. Just in time for hunting season. .. Nw...
8146.Retro style peg leg coffee table 15*3ft*20 nw...
8147.2 matching wooden plant stands
8148.Retro coffee table with peg legs matches item 8146 just a tad bit bigger 18*48*24 nw...
8149.2 two wheel dolly
8150.3 4 tier book shelfs matching one is missing shelf 3ft *3ft*11 nw...
8151.Singer sewing machine with wooden stand nw..
8152.Vintage sears kenmore box fan needs new plug nw...
8153.Art on a cart . All framed and matted also uncles vintage wooden mirror and more nw...
8154.Erickson folding round table on casters nw...
8155.4tier wooden book shelf nw...
8156.4tier wide book shelf nw..
8157.6ft extends to 12ft painters ladder nw...
8158.5 tier book shelf 6ft *2ft *1ft nw...
8159.Encore 6 shelf book shelf Nw..
8160.5tier metal shelf
8161.Wooden old door .. Nw...
8162.2 wooden closet organizer would be great for mud room too
8163.2 6x6 8ft sections nw
8164.Beveled edged glass mirror isle1
8165.Ortho seed spreader nw..
8166.Wooden pillar made in 1929 bottom says nd3..
8167.Roto speed nd3..
8168.Antique spindle legged plant stand nd3..
8169.Antique hall table . Would be cute painted nd3..
8170.Lumex 2 wheel seated walker nd3..
8171.Antique the master key belcantola Victrola missing back casters nd3
8172.Garden wheel barrow nd3..
8173.Red wheel barrow needs air In tire nd3...
8174.Gas powered cultivator nd3..
8175.Wheel barrow cart. Nd3...
8176.Gt200a echo gas powered weed whip nd3..
8177.Ryan gas powered weed whip nd3..
8178.Handmade wooden gun rack nd3..
8179.Antique louden Hay bale Fork nd3..
8180. Hooker Illuminated entertainment cabinet nd3...
8181.Puleo 8ft Christmas tree nd3..
8182.2 7 1/2 x4ft Fiberglas insulation and 1 7 1/2 x 2ft sections
8183.Hooker illuminated entertainment cabinet
12000.NWTF Pocket knife sc1..
12001.Original American Made Hellig Salhi Hemometer in duplex case sc1..
12002.Brass Rooster Hatchet type tool with Jewel inlay . Fascinating piece sc1..
12003.Geneva Platinum Watch sc1..
12004.Murano Long Stemmed Glass Flower sc1..
12005.Murano Long stemmed Glass Flower sc1...
12006.Murano Long stemmed glass flower sc1..
12007.Murano Long stemmed glass flower sc1..
12008.Charley McCarthy Silver plated spoon sc1..
12009.GMG Crystal wine decanter sc1..
12011.Cast iron fence piece with rails ND...
12012.Portable oil fires 125000 btu . Model number 3ev50a. Seller just had repaired and works well.
12013.Garden tool art . Nifty little guy 2e1..
12014.Cast potbelly ash tray 2g1..
12015.Kane o seat 1wall..
12016.Wooden antique clamp
12017.Solid brass chicken planter 3g2..
12018.Vintage syrup container 3g2...
12019.Pink chicken covered dish 3g2...
12020.McCoy planter made in USA 3g2...
12021.McCoy cookie pot made in USA 3g2...
12022.Miniature catch ice fishing sled 3g1....
12023.Locking trunk with key . Trunk has nesting tray and is in great shape 3wall..
12024.Antique bow saw 3wall..
12026.Two brass and marble candle sticks with crystal prisim. Marble is cracked from age uf...
12027.3 brass pillar candle holders . Made by globel wide India tallest is 2ft shortest is 16 inch uf...
12028. brass lamp with hobnail milk glass shade uf...
12029.Copper lattern without out designs on top blue glass with a frosted white a-plaque swirl design uf...
12030.6ft*18*1ft wooden Mission Style Grand Mothers clock uf...
12031.Vintage milk glass hanging lamp with 10inch milk glass tulip shade . Uf...
12032.Metal frame utility shelf . .. With wood shelfs. Great for storage comes assembled . 6ft*10ft*2ft
12039.Craftsman snow blower. parts or repair nd3...


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