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Wednesday, August 21st
Listings will end starting at 8pm Eastern Time. - Bidding starts now, and ends on WEDNESDAY, 8-21-2019. Listings will end starting at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Item Description
019.The item you have all been waiting for . Cast iron planter heavy bring help to load.
020.Wooden end table on casters . Great color and detail 2C1..
021.End table would be a great little restore project 1C2..
022.2drawer night stand porcelain knobs 2C1..
023.Michigan State University signed Santa Claus with wood base. Comes with certificate. 1B3..
024.Sonic technologies electro massage system with hard shell case. 1C3..
025.Pier 1 imports cobalt blue and bright yellow Sunshine cookie jar. 2E2..
026.Ypsilanti United States stove company Ypsilanti Michigan USA vintage electric stove, cord needs to be repaired. 2C2..
028.Targus portable DVD player with case. 2A2..
029.Do not enter metal road sign. 1D3..
030.GB Foster larger Carlton and United breweries unlimited beer can lamp. 1A1..
031.Chalkware geisha girl and the Buddha figures. Some slight chipping see pictures. 2A2..
032.Hull 02 to 10.5 USA planter. Chip on the handle see pictures. 3I2..
033.Foster Oasis Tom thumb cash register Cinderella manufacturing company. Button seem to work.3f3..
034.Optimus sound system with speakers and remote model number 13-1258
035.Metal latching crate from Vietnam . See pictures for markings.
036.Beautifully detailed butler stand with a red velvet seat. Nw..
037.Sears craftsman 12" band saw light weight nw..
038.Sears craftsman 9hp shredder has compression nw..
039.9 drawer dresser with mirror. Nw..
040.Wooden chair with yellow retro fabric and matching ottoman nw..
041.Blonde book case with chunky style feet cute little piece 31" x 11" x '2..nw..
042.Mersman drum table . Good condition nw..
043.Dixie 9 drawer dresser good shape .great detail. 5' x 19" x 32"
044.Double sides cabinet would make a great bar . See pictures for measurements nw.. 4'7 x 1'2 x 2'8
045.Pine telephone table . 1'11 x 1'5 x 2'3 Nw...
046.Unique hallway table brass hardware . Nice piece see pictures for measurements. 1'5 x 1'3 x 2'4
047.5drawer Dixie stand up dresser . Great condition 3'11 x 3' x 1'6
048.Oak locking gun cabinet with shelves . Does have key . 1'4 x 11" x 4'9 nw..
049.Wooden piano bench good condition 2'6 x 1'3 x 1'10 nw..
050.Mersman 1 drawer end table . 2'4 x 1'9 x 1'9
051. Lane chest bench great shape .. Do not have key but is unlocked see pictures for measurements 4'5 x 1'7 x 1'3 nw..
054.Amana 18 "Energy Saving Free-o-frost" refrigerator, works. Nw..
055.2 PC. Maple Corner hutch very light weight easy transport. See pictures for measurements nw..
056.Knotty pine 2-door cabinet with adjustable shelf. Cut out backing. See pictures for measurements.
057.2 door 1 drawer oakwood antique commode with wood hardware see pictures for measurements.
058.2 drawer 2-door tall cabinet, see pictures for measurements. Made by Continental cabinets. Original label still on the back.
059.Weiider weight bench with barbell has cast iron weights.
061.NordicTrack SL 528 stationary bike with digital monitor.
062.Bobby Ryder BodyPlex magnetic recumbent bike with instruction manual.
063.Brody Hall a rolling plastic cart Mart on several places.
064.3 Balboa furniture retro modern stools. Yellow vinyl seating.
065.Weller vase in great condition.
066.Uranium glass swan uf..
067.Jack in the music box by Mattel with original box.
068.Amythest geode
069.Very unique kaleidoscope .. Won't see one like this again
070.Antique Brass chandelier with beautiful detail still in original condition
071.Silver played heart box made in japan
100.Vintage intermatic timer with metal casing. 2B4..
101.Drill bits with organizer. 2B4..
102.Craftsman number 4514 top grain cowhide holster. 2A4..
103.Bandit veneer real wood facing, still in the original box. 2A4..
104.Eagle metal gas can. 2E5..
105.Plastic frame tool organizer with drawers. 2E5..
106.Black & Decker 2 hp circular saw 7 and 1/4 inch blade. 3G2..
107.The RO corporation pressure powered buffer. 4A1..
108.Various types of auger drill bits. 4A1..
109.Sears and Craftsman 4 and 1/2 inch sander grinder. 4A2..
110.Vintage Riplet ohmss reader with carrying case. 4A2..
111.Two vintage large clamps. 4A1..
112.Aro corporation random orbital sander with operations manual. 3A5..
113.Vintage pair of shears. 4A1..
114.Vintage sickle with wooden handle. 4A1..
115.Large yogasan vintage clamp. 4A1..
116.2 aro pressure drills. 3A7..
120.Craftsman electric buffer. 4A2..
121.Vintage pair of shears. 4A1..
122.Hand crank vintage drill. 3A6..
123.Precision power buffer. 4a1.
124.3 brink and cotton clamps. 4A2..
125.Multiple mountable v braces. 4C2..
126.3 soldering guns. 4A3.. guns
127.Multiple types of drill bits 4A2..
128.Two fold up yardsticks. 4A1..
129.3 different types of bird feeders. 5H2..
130.3 drawer storage tool box. 4B5..
131.LP gas propane torch hose. 4A3..
132.Multi drawer tool sorter. 4B6..
133.Fire extinguisher valve reads halfway on recharge. 5H2..
134.Pair of vintage tin snips. 4A1..
135.Kissan fiberglass measuring tape for a hundred feet. 4A2..
136.Vintage hand pliers. 4A1..
137.Ace heat gun. 4C7..
138.Chicago electric power tool belt sander. 5H2..
139.Drill Master oval precision drill. 5H2..
140.3 vintage hammers including two claw and one ball hammer. 5H2..
141.Various types of drill bits. 5H2..
142.Various types of auger bits. 5H2..
143.Four types of tape measures including of Detroit Lions theme tape measure. 5H2..
144.3 crimping tools and a various types of electrical adapters. 5H3..
145.vintage Wood shaver tool. 5H2..
146.2 vintage tin snips. 5H2..
147.Handful of different types of auger drill bits. 5H2..
148.3 various size of multi wrench. 5H2..
149.3 claw hammers. 5H2..
150.Various size of wrenches. 5H2..
151.Four pairs of pliers and one wire cutter. 5H3..
152.Three different size of adjustable wrenches. 5H2..
153.Four pairs of cutters. 5H2..
154.Sears heavy duty appliance rollers in original vintage boxes. 5H2..
155.Plano tackle box. 5H3..
156.Falstaff beer bottle storage crate. 5H4..
157.Door knob assembly. 5H3..
159.Long air pressure hose. 4B6..
160.Different types of screwdrivers. 5H3..
161.Different types of screwdrivers. 5H3..
162.Intex fabric camping mat in original box. 5H3..
163.Hinges dresser handles and more. 5H4..
164.Vintage hand drill with bit. 5H3..
165.Multi drawer tool sorter. 5H4..
166.Fire extinguisher meter reads full pin still in. 5H4..
167.Replacement pieces for a lazy Susan in original packaging. 5H2..
168.Black & Decker 1/4 utility drill. 5H3..
169.Black & Decker 1/2 corded drill. 5H3..
170.Replacement stool legs. 5H4..
171.Miniature dolly cart on casters. 5H4..
172.Stanley replacement hinges and their original boxes. 5H3..
173.Two.Made in the USA 9 Auto, adjustable wrenches. 5H2..
174.Four different types of wrenches and snips. 5H4..
175.Three vintage straight razors. 5H4..
176.Four different types of levels. 5H4..
177.4 miniature crowbars. 5H2..
178.Four tool sorting containers. 5G4..
179.3 wood saws. 5G2..
180.Vintage gas can. 5H1..
182.Vintage utility car jack. 5G3..
183.Vintage hydraulic jack. 5G3..
184.Vintage conduit pieces. 5H3..
185.Rubber suction clamps. 5G2..
186.Various types of power strips. 5G2..
187.Table-mounted dual grinder. 5G4..
188.Three pairs of filter painting Masks. 5H3..
189.Different types of screwdrivers. 5G3..
190.Argus projector with carrying case. 5H5..
191.Fuel cells for today original case see pictures for details. 5G4..
192.Stanley handyman clamped. 5F2..
193.3 wooden handled claw hammers and one replacement claw hammer head. 5G5..
194.Two cases of replacement drill bits. 5H3..
195.Roll of chicken wire and good condition. 5G1..
196.Large gray tarp. 5G1..
197.Two wooden V braces. 5G3..
199.Toet literally filled with work gloves. 5H5..
200.Three different sized wicker baskets. 5F1..
201.Sacco work gloves and mitts. 5G5..
1000.Wildlife poster. 1E2..
1001.Shannon Crystal 24% lead crystal freedom punch bowl with serving plate head label 1E2..
1002.Arlington 18-piece punch set with box. 1E2..
1003.Cleaning supplies and necessities. 1E3..
1004.Vintage hand-made doilies. 1E2..
1005.Vintage satin like zip up slip. 1E2..
1006.Advertisement horse head shoe horn. 1E3..
1007.Ladies dress gloves in the winter gloves. 1E3..
1008.3 storage containers and storage drawers. 1D1..
1009.Two brinn's collectible dolls. 1E3..
1010.Les David original hearing dodgers still in original packaging. 2E2..
1011.Franklin w Nixon books. See pictures for titles. 1E4..
1012.Franklin w Dixon books, see pictures for titles. 1E4..
1013.Franklin w Dixon books, see pictures for titles. 1E4..
1014.Franklin w Dixon books, see pictures for titles. 1E4..
1015.Carolyn keene hardback book see pictures for titles. 1E4..
1016.Sterilite 38 quart covered storage conltainer. 1D1..
1017.Sewing thread and sewing supplies. 1E3..
1018.Crochet thread and sewing thread. 1E3..
1019.Gooseneck desk lamp with USB port 1E3..
1020.Plexiglass cardinal decoration and celebration holiday Cardinal 10 inch plate. 1E3..
1021.Wagner's 1891 original cast iron cookware 11 inch Skillet griddle. 1D2..
1022.Stainless steel bowls. 1D2..
1023.Costco vintage step stool. 1D1..
1024.Memorex radio, CD player and tape deck. 1D2..
1025.Vintage baby clothes. 1E3..
1026.Rubbermaid roughneck tote filled with vintage patterns. 1C1..
1027.Creamer pictures, made by vandor imports. 1D2..
1028.Colorful cloth napkins. 1D2..
1029.Roughneck tote full of fabric remnants 1C1..
1030.Miniature manican on iron stand 1D2..
1031.Ralph Lauren pillow with other soft pillow 1C2..
1032.Rubbermaid tote full of fabric remnants 1C1..
1033.Rotisserie convection oven 1E4..
1034. Variety of hats gloves and scarves 1E5..
1035.Nice are rug . Great earthy tones 1C1..
1036.2 twin matching comforters . Good condition 1C1..
1037.Tote full of Tupperware and plastic dishes good shape . 1D3..
1038.TV tray rack 1W...
1039.2drawer kid cabinet would be great for play house 1C3..
1040.Wooden end table with spindle legs . American bald eagle detail on front matching a item 1041 2E1..
1041.American bald eagle wooden end table with spindle legs 2E1..
1042.Wooden foot stool . Great if u need a boost 2E1..
1043.Wooden end table . 2E1..
1044.Framed and signed portrait 1W...
1045.Large black bird cage with accessories. 2B1..
1046.Black metal bird cage with accessories. 2B1..
1047.Pair of Crystal cut lamps. 2F3..
1048.Vintage Michigan State baseball hats.1B3..
1049.Michigan State University license plates, towels, mug rug and the president club collectibles. 1B3..
1050.Metal grates 1B3..
1051.Needle point foot stool 1D1..
1052.Michigan State plush pillow. 1B3..
1053.Michigan State University independable 1995 MSU alumni association back. Good condition. 1B3..
1054.Michigan State University wool blanket. 1B3..
1056.Pair of matching ceramic table lamps. 2E1..
1057.Marble base prism table lamp with feathered shade. 2F2..
1058.Cement barrel Garden planter. 1D4..
1059.Cement barrel Garden planter. 1D4..
1061.Marble base Greek lamp. Porcelain Greek figure in the center. 2A1..
1062.Glass night light with ruffled shade. 2E2..
1063.Oval wood framed accent mirror. 1B4..
1064.Kenmore HEPA air cleaner. 1C4..
1065.Fire safe metal box. Needs to have replacement lock. 1B4..
1066.Showcase perimeter floor register 4 inch by 12 inch. 1B4..
1067.Royal ironstone China Alfred meakin England serving platter. 1B4..
1068.I saw Poland betrayed by Arthur Bliss Lane, see picture for copyright date. 1E4..
1069.Dimitri the romance of Leonardo da Vinci random House New York, see picture for copyright date. 1E4..
1070.Little Miss grouch by Samuel Hopkins Adams author of The Clarion, see pictures for copyright. 1E4..
1071.Undercover by John Roy Carlson see pictures for copyright date. 1E4..
1072.Manual of physical measurements by Reed. See pictures before date. 1E4..
1073.Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial, see pictures for copyright date. 1E4..
1074.Journeys to read dad I Brooks woodcuts by Allen Lewis, see pictures for copyright date. 1E4..
1075.The American scene, George Gershwin, Ken Griffin and more records. 1B4..
1076.Ethel merman, Bob newhart, Eddy Arnold & More vintage records. 1B4..
1077.Al Martino, Rodger Williams, Freddy Martin and more vintage records. 1C4..
1078.The two wool blankets. 2E2..
1079.2 vintage baby blankets. 2E2..
1080.Pier 1 imports ceramic oval serving platter. 1B4..
1081.Decorative eggs including marble. 1B4..
1082.Metal table lamp with tan shade. 2A1..
1083.Decorative stoneware whiskey jug. 1B3..
1084.Carrie Maxwell 1993 matted art prints. Morning light and three trees. 1C3..
1085.Mormon famille Incorporated hammered aluminum ice bucket with tongs. 1C3..
1086.Chinese brush painting workstation still has brushes and looks like it's barely been used. 2E2..
1087.Michigan State collectible posters. Two of them. 2E2..
1088.Variety of Michigan State sporting posters. 2F4..
1089.Poster size scenic photo prints. 2E2..
1090.Decorative wicker baskets and bread baskets. 1E2..
1091.Wooden and plastic utensils. 2E2..
1092.Mirro pressure cooker. 1A2..
1093.Glass vintage bird feeder. 1A2..
1094.Stainless steel fondue pot made by gourmet international. 1A2..
1095.Casablanca bakeware stoneware dish with base and glass topper. 1A2..
1096.Automatic bread and dough maker by red star. 2F4..
1097.Battery operated Revere Westminster chime tell chrome motor missing glass plate on the front. 2F3..
1098.Three drawer store model dresser with mirror. 2F3..
1099.Sears 8 by 21 binoculars. 2F2..
1100.Bausch & Lomb 7 by 35 binoculars. 2F2..
1101.Horn cribbage board with playing cards. 2F2..
1102.Car shaped slide viewer. 2F2..
1103.Harrington spelling book complete see pictures for date. 1E4..
1104.Rome its rise and fall by Meyer see pictures for copyright date. 1E4..
1105.Where Love is in the truth by Elbert Hubbard. 1E4..
1106.The national sports of great Britain by Henry alken copyright 1903. 1E4..
1107.The French quarter by Herbert Asbury see pictures for copyright date. 1E4..
1108.Technical mechanics by mauer third edition see pictures for copyright date. 1E4..
1109.Old Chester tales by Margaret DeLand, see pictures for copyright date. 1E4..
1111.Glittery ceramic bird signed Hunter and the bottom. 2E3..
1112.Blue doves e-150 made in Italy see pictures. 2E3..
1113.Borghi's woman figurine. Original label on the bottom. 1D1..
1114.China teapot, see pictures for the marking on the bottom. 2F3..
1115.China cream and sugar set, see pictures for marking on the bottom. 2F3..
1116.Stoneware little girl with dried flowers. 2F3..
1117.Triumph 22 karat gold Golden princess American Limoges covered serving dish. 2E3..
1118.Collectible glass whiskey bottles with leather casing. 2E3..
1119.Jumenau East Germany number ceramic candy and nut dish. 2E3..
1120.Granny square blanket. 2E2..
1121.Monumental news articles from around the world. 1B4..
1122.A golden heart by Bertha m clay book, see pictures for date. 1E4..
1123.SAE handbook society of automotive engineers 1929 1930 and volume one. 1E4..
1124.22 karat gold cream and sugar set. Porcelain. 2E3..
1125.Brass desk lamp with swing arm. 2E1..
1126.Phoenix brand 100% cotton 34 by 32 overalls good condition. 2F4..
1127.Panasonic telecommunications cordless telephone with box. 2F3..
1128.Airguide weather station made in USA. 2F3..
1129.Box full of crafting supplies including ready to make little girls headbands. 2F4..
1130.Large selection of music books.2F3..
1131.Wooden bowl, candy dishes and decorations. 2E3..
1132.Assorted music books including piano. 2E4..
1133.Recordable VHS tapes and cassette tapes. 2E4..
1134.Large lot of remote controls. 2E4..
1135.Blue ideal ball jar American eagle on the back. Made in USA. 1C2..
1136.Yamaha Alto recorder parque with case. 1C2..
1137.Wooden snack plates with coaster spot. 1C2..
1138.Different types of light bulbs with boxes. 1E5..
1139.12 in 8 watt light bulbs. Some still in original packaging. 1B2..
1140.Knives, forks and spoons. 2E4..
1141.Knives knives and more knives including electric. 2E4..
1142.Box full of kitchen utensils. 2E4..
1143.Chilton 6 gallon diesel gas tank. 1B5..
1144.Blitz 5-gallon gas tank. 1B5..
1145.Glass barware glasses with colored handles. 1E2..
1146.Wooden massager and reach easy electric massager. 2E3..
1147.Winter, summer and spring Japanese art prints. 1B4..
1148.Vintage tape recorders and alarm clocks. 1A4..
1149.Advertisement yardsticks. 1E4..
1150.Red and black vintage vinyl back table covering. 1B5..
1151.Princess there's class first class air mail scale. 1B3..
1152.Partial and full crochet thread. 1A4..
1153.Girl scouts and silver falcon vintage postcards. 1B4..
1154.1968 Miller studio Incorporated chalkware wall swans. 1A4..
1155.Vintage detachable blade small animal Oster clippers with attachments. 1A4..
1156.3 mens leather wallets. 1B2..
1157.Angel, holiday Merry Christmas clock and Angel figure. 1A4..
1158.Monarch aine vintage box fan. 1A1..
1159.Working poor division TV AM FM and cassette player. 1A5..
1160. Enamel cookware and topper.. 2F5..
1161.Magnalite 13 quart roaster. 1A5..
1162.To Graeter's, one is an all-in-one. 1A4..
1163.General electric turntable, tuner, amplifier and cassette player. 2C3..
1164.Lovely smelling candles and candle holders. 1A4..
1165.Glass platter, bowls and candy dishes. 2C3..
1166.American flag in appliqued banner. 1A5..
1167.Ceramic plates, trinket dishes and more. 1A4..
1168.Vintage compact cases and perfume bottles.
1169.Microphone mics with audio jacks. 1A4..
1170.Vintage portable clocks including a crystal Shannon clock. 1A4..
1171.Cabin chic wall decor. 1B3..
1172.Vintage satin like dress. 1B1..
1173.6 drawer wooden jewelry box musical. 1A5..
1174.Al fedora. Marked on the inside see pictures. 1A3..
1175.Three straw hats. 1A3..
1176.Denim newspaper boy hat. 1A3..
1177.Remington Mark compact cord cordless trimmer with case. 1A2..
1178.Vintage aprons. 1A3..
1179.Granny square lap blanket. 1A3..
1180.2 piece Oneida silver plated set looks like it's never been used comes with original box. 1A3..
1181.Wooden magazine rack with cut out hearts. 1A1..
1182.Vintage shirts and crocheted t-shirt.1A3..
1183.Handmade Monte Carlo leather holster. 1A3..
1184.1960 and 1965 reunions framed pictures. 1A3..
1185.Chalkware poodle wall accents. 1A3..
1186.Bluish green picture and ruffled candy dish. 1A3..
1187.Wooden scrapbook cover. 1C3..
1188.Outdoor wildlife photo prints framed. 1C1..
1189.Pair of souvenir maracas. 2F5..
1190.Ceramic chicken cookie jar, numbering on the inside see pictures. 2C2..
1191.Framed declaration, Royal society of health and army print. 1C4..
1192.Cooper's the pilot electric English classics textbooks, see pictures for copyright date. 1E4..
1193.Religious framed print. 2F4..
1194.3 metal wire sorting baskets. 2F5..
1195.Vintage patchwork quilt, hand-quilted. 2B2..
1196.George Foreman baby George rotisserie, looks like it's never been used or barely used. 2D2..
1197.Hamilton the scotch party bucket ice bucket and Scotch grill made by Hamilton. 2C4..
1198.Norpro apple pear slicer and corer. 2C3..
1199.Night light with plastic light shade. 2C4..
1200.Maverick the ice cream shoppe ice cream maker of here's to never been removed from the box. 2B3..
1201.Oster animal clippers 2C4..
1202.Florentine footed pottery flower planter. 2C4..
1203.Safety first aid kit and supplies. 2C3..
1204.Wrought iron courting candle. 2C2..
1205.Advertisement yardsticks. 1B3..
1206.Wooden spice rack with spices. 2B3..
1207.Wooden spice rack with spices. 2B3..
1208.Fido need a new ball here you go balls and a squeaker. 2B4..
1209.Marble and wood cutting boards. 2B4..
1210.Sony HF Hi-Fi recording tapes. 2B4..
1211.Behrens galvanized bucket with swing handle. 2B4..
1212.Dirt devil handheld vacuum. 2B4..
1213.Pots, pans, skillets and cookie sheets. 2A3..
1214.Slow cooker with a veggie pattern. 2C5..
1215.Graniteware enamel cooking Ware. 2C5..
1216.Recordable VHS tapes. 2A2..
1217.Alabama, Sonny and Cher, Peter Paul and Mary and more. 2B5..
1218.Alabama, mamma Mia in more cities. 2B5..
1219.Broadway classics, shine, James Taylor and more cities. 2B5..
1220.Voices in harmony, Peter Nero, a gift of the sea and more. 2B5..
1221.Merle Haggard, Charley pride, Oliver and more vintage records. 2A4..
1222.Framed prints and signings. 2A4..
1223.Glass lighting fixture shades. 2A4..
1224.Two pieces of signed pottery, see pictures for signature. 2A2..
1225.Igloo liquid dispenser. 2E5..
1226.Ttk manttra pressure cooker. 2B3..
1227.American light potatoes burlap bag. 1C2..
1228.Original sign drawing play stand wood frame. 2E4..
1229.Lions international Honolulu Lions club and Lions club Tokyo tapestries. 2F3..
1230.Terracotta moon and star wall decoration has been repaired see pictures. 2A2..
1231.Vintage address stamps and envelopes, some from 1913. 1B4..
1232.Wooden and metal bookends. 2A3..
1233.Sony transistor radio. 2A2..
1234.Emerson xr200 radio AM FM. 2A2..
1235.Ceramic rum Don the beach ombre barrel by Royal haeger. 1B2..
1236.Marigold carnival Glass footed covered candy dish. 2E3..
1237.Vintage doll, doll size boots in doll size roller skates. 1A2..
1238.Ceramic basset hound figure. 1A2..
1239.Miniature terracotta wine jug. Hand-painted. 1B2..
1240.Brass footed flower vase 1B2..
1241.St George coffee cups with toppers. 10 total. 2E5..
1242.Retro ceramic mushroom themed cookie jar and canister. 2E4..
1243.3 vintage glass pitcher some with painted foil design. 3I2..
1244.Metal framed art print. 4w...
1245.RW Watson framed print. 4W...
1246.Lithograph on board. Play stand gold wooden frame. 4W...
1247.Milk glass lace edge compote fruit dish. 3H2..
1248.Lace edge milk glass fruit bowl.
1249.LSS floral china serving bowl. 3H2..
1250.Divided China nut candy dish. Just numbered on the bottom see pictures. 3H2..
1251.Glass and silver plated trays and tribbett. Brand names include wm Rogers. 3I2..
1252.Royalton China company fine China tea cups and saucers. 3I4..
1253.Royalton China company gravy boat in double handled covered-dish. 3I4..
1254.Royalton China company to serving china dishes. 3I4..
1255.Royalton China company dessert plates. 3I4..
1256.Royalton China company covered butter dish and serving dish. 3H3..
1257.Royalton China company serving platter and gravy boat with under plate. 3H3..
1258.Royalton China company luncheon plates. 3H2..
1259.Risque woman next to Thunderbird black and white print. Placed in wood frame. 1D3..
1260.Yellow stoneware decorative pitcher. 3I2..
1261.Oil and vinegar ceramic decanters. 3I2..
1262.Holiday vintage ceramic cats. 3I2..
1263.Chateau de la foret Havre framed lithograph. 3H4..
1264.Framed lithograph print of castel do repairs. 3H4..
1265.Pencil signed 37 out of 60 framed bright colored print see pictures for signature. 3H4..
1266.Signed portrait sketch, see pictures for signature. 3H4..
1268.Original pencil signed artist proof Roy Orbison 1994 see pictures. 3H4..
1269.Juicer puree maker with original box. 3I7..
1270.Redmond picnic basket with accessories. 3I7..
1271.Virgo March 1944 the heirloom tradition pin-up girl coffee mug. 3I3..
1272.Milk glass vintage cigarette holder. Top hat shape. 3I3..
1273.Amber glass bird bigger, chip on the beak. 3I3..
1274.Angeline original hand-painted porcelain bisque a bird. 3I2..
1275.6 porcelain plates, flower pattern. Made in Germany. See picture for marking on the bottom. 3I4..
1276.Set up 7 porcelain bird themed plates with lace edging. 3I4..
1277.Made in Portugal hand-painted rooster. 3I3..
1278.1988 Castagna poodle figure. 3I3..
1279.Handmade hand-painted bird, made in Mexico marked on the bottom see pictures. 3I3..
1280.Napco footed egg-shaped number flower buzz.3I3..
1281.Denton China bone china floral arrangement figure. Slate shipping on the pedals. 3I3..
1282.Staffs England porcelain floral arrangement figure. Slate chipping on the pedals. 3I3..
1283.Decorative stoneware picture, numbered on the bottom. See pictures. 3H3..
1284.Resin Victorian woman statue, wood base. Felt bottom. 3H3..
1285.Advertisement burlap sack. 1C2..
1286.2 milk glass serving bowls. 3H2..
1287.Early times old style Kentucky whiskey framed advertisement. 3H4..
3048.Floral print blue flowers framed next to sundial. 3F3..
4000.Japanese scroll art, see pictures were markings. 3I2..
4001.Japanese ruler, see pictures for markings. 3G3..
4002.Japanese scroll art on wood, good condition. 3G3..
4003.Japanese scroll art on wood, Japanese markings. 3G3..
4004.Japanese scroll art on fabric. 3G3..
4005.Japanese scroll art, see pictures for markings. 3G3..
4006.Japanese scroll art, see pictures for markings. 3G3..
4007.Levi's action jeans 42 by 32. Good condition. 3H3..
4009.Vintage wood tool box with padlock latch and metal handles on the side. 3H4..
4010.2 seal a meal by Daisy and Ziploc freezer bags. 3G2..
4011.Gold standard genuine porcelain China dinner plates. 3I5..
4012.Serving platter and serving bowls. 3G3..
4013.Gold standard genuine porcelain China soup bowls and fruit bowls. 3G3..
4014.Gold standard genuine porcelain China dessert plates and salad plates. 3I6..
4015.Gold standard genuine porcelain China tea cups and saucers. 3G3..
4016.The Royal horticultural Lillian swelling the garden footage coffee cups. 3I6..
4017.2012 Ohio license plate. 3I6..
4018.Green plastic storage case with sewing thread. 3I6..
4019.Wooden bear, cat and globe. 3I5..
4020.Petmate kennel cab, small enough for a cat or ankle biter dog. 3H5..
4021.Handmade coffee cups, made in Italy signed on the bottom see pictures. 3G2..
4022.Made in France set of plates each have a different scene. See pictures for the marking on the bottom. 3G3..
4023.Cobalt blue and white collectible Wedgwood plates. 3G3..
4024.Nesting glass swans. 3G4..
4025.Milk glass plates and small bowl with a laced edge design. 3I5..
4026.Amber glass candy dish with embossed fruit center design. 3I5..
4027.Ruffled edge amber glass dish. 3i5..
4028.CT porcelain candle holder. 3I3..
4029.Lil Dusty's miniature clothing lot. 3I1..
4030.Box lot of pillows including down feathered. 3I1..
4031.Metal sorting basket. Great for the workshop. 4G4..
4032.3 Skeins of multi and salad blue yarn. 3G4..
4033.The morning Star blind 1 inch vinyl mini blinds with tilt one and valence new safety tassel included. Easy to install operate clean and shorten. Whip 35 in length 64 in slat color wood tone.4h...
4034.Box full of memories. Including certificates pictures and more.3h4..
4035.RCA VCR player.3h5..
4036.Vintage pioneer converter box.3h5..
4037.Sony AM FM tape deck player.3h5..
4038.Ceramic turducken pheasant made by Holland mold company. 3f3..
4039.Flower themed egg cups, personal sticker on the bottom see pictures.3f3..
4041.Vintage music box. Wooden.3f3..
4042.Greek colonial plastic wall accents.3h4..
4043.1913 Morris needlepoint framed art. 3F3..
4044.Bernard and Harriet framed print with hummingbird. 3F3..
4045.Paris Lee boulevard framed print, see pictures for signature. 3F3..
4046.Framed Paris prints, watercolor prints. See pictures for signature. 3F3..
4047.Burton tower University Michigan watercolor signed. 3F3..
4049.Black and white framed print. 3F3..
4050.Paris watercolor print, see pictures for signature. 3F3..
4051.Michigan alumni sketch print, see pictures for signature. 3F3..
4052.Watercolor Paris print Eiffel tower, see pictures for markings. 3F3..
4053.Amber glass large table lamp with burlap shade. 3H1..
4054.Vienna woods fine China mustache mug. Marked on the bottom see pictures. 3I3..
4055.3 decorative ceramic vases. 3G3..
4056.Porcelain ceramic and seashell trinket boxes. 3F3..
4057.Mixture of stoneware and china dishes. Brand names include shenango China USA. 3G2..
4058.Miniature dragon where teapot. 3I3..
4059.Assorted eight-track tapes including Elvis. 3H3..
4060.Lifestyle 2 qwaser microwave. 3G5..
4061.Combination leather upholstered box appears it was a to-go barware box. Just some stir sticks left in it. Made by sesame. 3G5..
4062.China Garden original design by shafford covered baking dish. 3G4..
4063.Japanese style covered baking dish, no brand markings. 3G3..
4064.Fraunfelter covered Japanese themed baking dish. 3F2..
4065.Grandma's wooden rolling pin. 3G3..
4066.Homedics paraffin with wax inside. 3F2..
4067.Rival deep fryer. Good condition. 3F2..
4068.Glass canister with wood topper and metal scoop. Made by winsome wood. 3F2..
4069.George Foreman grill with instructions and VHS tape. 3E2..
4070.English wear covered trinket dish. 3F3..
4071.Gooseneck desk lamp. 3F3..
4072.2 piece pottery set, signed on the bottom see pictures. 3F3..
4073.Judson Handley England vitrified stoneware pitcher. 3f3..
4074.Country cabin decorated picture. 3F3..
4075.Signed Italy hand-painted urn. 3E4..
4076.Hand-painted slate art. 3E4..
4077.Oak wood jewelry box. 3E2..
4078.Knit & crochet girl and boy babies Clarks and JP coat magazine. Awesome pictures and patterns. Also great for scrapbooking. 3E2..
4079.Ceramic covered dish with flower pattern. 3E4..
4080.Uranium glass footed candy dish with gold trim. 3I3..
4081.Made in England stoneware pitcher. 3E4..
4082.Made in Italy flower candy dish. Signed on the bottom. 3E4..
4083.Candle holder wall sconce crackled glass and marbles.3e4..
4084.Lifelike potted plant they sent stoneware planter made by crickets.3e3..
4085.Vintage satin like party dress. With ruffled collar.3i2..
4086.Vintage tulle brides maid dress.3f4.
4087.Vintage ladies sweaters.3e4..
4088.Euro blaster as seen on TV cleaning machine.3e4..
4089.Handmade stoneware vaz or canister.3e4..
4090.Handmade stoneware vaz, on the rim.3e4..
4091.Coleman lantern with the original glass.3e4..
4092.Handmade stoneware covered canister vintage.3e4.
4093.Vintage lawn beverage holders with original box.3e2..
4094.Sears hostess center food grinder.3e4..
4095.Vintage ice fishing Dipper.3e2..
4096.Cut glass with gold trim.3e2..
4097.Glass lighting fixture shades.3e2..
4098.Pressed Glass platters and dishes.3e4..
4099.Signed stoneware cat food dish.3e4..
4100.Pressed Glass candle holders.3e5..
4101.Mister bartenders products stainless steel shaker.3e2..
4102.Two different size glass plates.3e5..
4103.Stoneware crock pickling.3e5..
4104.Flower shaped glass plates. H branding mark on the bottom.3e4.
6000.Two matching bar stools with black leather seating. 3D1..
6001.Handful of throw pillows of different designs. 3D2..
6002.Two stacks of kiss and tell and boy with kite printed art. 3D3..
6003.Tote filled of various types of pillows. 3C2..
6004.Box of different types of blankets. 4G1..
6005.Bag of tan powder. 3D3..
6006.Tall wicker doll. 3D3..
6007.Tote filled with kitchen utensils and appliances. 4G6..
6008.Plastic step stool. 3C3..
6009.Small red igloo cooler. 3C3..
6010.Office Max paper shredder with original box and Aurora paper shredder. 3B2..
6011.Stripa design from Ikea Carina bengs. 3B3..
6012.Ground anchored garden hose stand. 4G3..
6013.Three stacks of paper in original wrapping and a one fresh notebook. 3D3..
6014.Steerix and zoomair vintage helicopter and remote control helicopter. 3C3..
6015.Garage hanging utility racks. 3C3..
6016.Box filled of kids types of toys. 3B1..
6017.Various types of glass bottles some with corks. 3D5..
6018.2 whole bunch of different sizes and a paper sorter. 3B2..
6019.Box filled with various types of glass. 3C5..
6020.Large candle holder and four different sizes of oil lamp toppers. 3B4..
6021.Stacking ceramic dishes including metal base. 3D5..
6022.Vintage steel skillet. 3D3..
6023.Three different types of hanging wall art. 3B3.
6024.Large blue tarp. 3B5..
6025.Two kids storage boxes filled with crayons and markers. 3B4..
6026.Box filled with wooden blocks. 3C4..
6027.Large under the bed tote filled with Christmas decorations. 4G2..
6028.Box of playing cards poker chips and poker accessories. 3B3..
6029.Box filled with garden supplies. 3A8..
6030.Sams sons and Bear mountain packaging boxes. 3C5..
6031.Large box filled with candle holders. 4F5..
6032.Famous chefs Holly start for on starting fluid. 4G3..
6034.Two large heavy duty garden hoses. 4wall
6035.Different types of salt and pepper shakers. 4G5..
6036.Sonic games silver and Metal dishes. 4G5..
6037.Various types of shot glasses. 3D3..
6038.Four comic books including titles from RoboCop Uncle Scrooge and darkhawk. 3D4..
6039.Sears and Craftsman electronic circle buffer. 3A8..
6040.Four bottles of different types of cleaner. 4G4..
6041.Various sizes of gardening pots. 4Wall
6042.Replacement cupboard door knobs. 3D4..
6043.collection of vintage glassware.
6044.Miniature glass bottles. 3A4..
6045.Ceramic pots various design. 3A4..
6046.Box filled with teapots. 4G5..
6047.Box of various Christmas decor. 4F3..
6048.Large stack of records. 4F2..
6049.Sonoma large leather coat. 3A6..
6050.Box literally filled with stoneware dishes. 4F3..
6051.Stack of collector's plates in original boxing. 4F2..
6052.Two stacks of buckets. 4F1..
6053.Glass and ceramic pictures. 4F4..
6054.Variety of glass serving dishes cups and more. 4Wall
6055.Souvenir vintage collectible plates and China plates and dishes. 4F4..
6056.Boxer figurines and more mystery surprise lot. 4F5..
6057.1 gallon gas tank with less than half fuel in it. 3A4..
6058.Ceramic dishes, decorations and more. 4F2..
6059.Ceramic and glass flower vases. 4G1..
6060.China dishes and plates. 4F4..
6061.Pressed Glass and Prescott dishes. 4F5..
6062.Covered storage container filled with a mixture of toys. 4f1..
6063.Wooden sculpted bunny with storage inside 3D4..
6064.White, black and hot pink patchwork quilt. 3A6..
6065.Box full of fabric remnants. 4F1..
6066.Rubbermaid roughneck small storage container. 4E1..
6067.Cellophane, freezer paper, wax paper in the oven bags. 4E1..
6068.Box full of table linens and other household lemons. 4D2..
6069.2 CorningWare baking dishes. 3A5..
6070.Stack of CorningWare baking dishes with glass stoppers. All but one have the blue cornflower pattern. 4D3..
6071.Japanese ceramic pillar candle holder with chimneys. 4E2..
6072.Vintage floral wooden snack bowls. 3A2..
6073.Candyland, micro nails and perfection. 4D3..
6074.Religious and spiritual books including Bibles. 4D3..
6075.The Savannah collection glass dishes with original box. 4E5..
6076.Fox fur jacket, see pictures for inside. Proximately a medium-to-large. 4D4..
6077.2 Reels of wiring.
6078.Bols ballerina collectible liquor decanter. Plays music when not overwhelmed. 4E2..
6079.Sparkly devices vintage barware spritzer. 3A1..
6080.Woven handmade wall tapestry. 3A2..
6081.Box of different types of fabrics. 4B3..
6082.Hanging wall art see pictures for details. 4D2..
6083.Partial and full bags of polyfill. 4D2..
6084.Two vintage box speakers. 4D1..
6085.Art prints and original. 4D4..
6086.Stack of vintage records and record books. 4C5..
6087.Storage container full of lemons. 4D1..
6088.Compact Conair fabric steamer. 4D1..
6089.Cranberry and pigeon blood stemmed glasses some marked France on the bottom. 4D2..
6090.Mid-century bread cookie storage tin container. 4C5..
6091.3 by 4 area rug with floral border. 4Wall
6092.Multicolored area rug, thick and plush. Needs a like cleaning. Approximately 3 foot by 4 foot. 4Wall
6093.Authentic furniture products El Segundo wooden milk her stool. Mark on the bottom see pictures. 4E4..
6094.Wooden four legged stool. 4E4..
6095.Vintage Kenmore sewing machine attachments and patterns. 4E3..
6096.Hinge top, 12 gallons tote made by akro mils. 4B1..
6097.The storage container filled with pieces of wood. Great for crafting with. 4B1..
6098.H & company Bavaria saucers, teacups, serving platter and serving dish. 4G3..
6099.H & company Bavaria dinner plates. 3A5..
6100.The h&t company Bavaria dessert plates and salad plates. Chipping. 4C4..
6101.2 quart size canning jars, one made by Atlas. The other ones they blew both. 4C4..
6102.Matte finish, wiping stain, latex and Moore paints. 4C4..
6103.Clear satin, extra white, semi-gloss and more. 4G4..
6104.Men and women belts. Various sizes. 3A5..
6105.Multi-purpose lubricant. Partial cans. 3A2..
6106.Three tubes of caulking. Tubes are soft. 3A2..
6107.Wall thermometers and clocks. 3C4..
6108.Matte finish medium base and paint and primer. Both feel almost full. 4G4..
6109.Greenlight home pest insect control and weed stop for lawns plus crabgrass killer. 4F2..
6110.Staples stacking file crate and recycle milk crate. 4A1..
6111.Dumbbell with various sized cast iron weights. 4B2..
6112.Black and white reunions photograph, alumni memorial Hall. 3A3..
6113.Pair of leather work gloves. 3A3..
6114.Cast iron weights. 3A4..
6115.Slide viewers, alarm clock and portable radio. 4C4..
6116.Two partial gallons of paint. 4C6..
6117.Two staple black milk crates. 4A1..
6118.2 partial cans of paint. 4C6..
6119.3 partial cans of paint. 4C6..
6120.2 stackable Staples milk crates. 4C1..
6121.2 knitted quilts. 4B2..
6122.Christmas Box filled with Christmas tree ornaments. 4C7..
6123.Mr. Coffee coffee maker looks to be in good condition. 4B2..
6124.Box full of electronics. 4A3..
6125.Large amount of arts and crafts supplies. 4C3..
6126.Various types of extension cords and power strips. 4B3..
6127.Various types of ty beanie babies. 3A3..
6128.Various types of ty beanie babies. 3A3..
6129.Various types of ty beanie babies. 3A7..
6130.Various types of ty beanie babies. 3A7..
6131.Various types of ty beanie babies. 3A7..
6132.Andrea by sadek beautiful ceramic urn. 4B3..
6133.Multiple types of croissants. 4G4..
6134.The original Colorado lava rocks in original box. 4C5..
6135.Two knitted quilts. 4C3..
6136.Stack up in various types of records including the temptations wish it would rain Little gems from big shows Christmas carols and songs and more. 4A1..
6137.Two type of throw blankets. 4C3..
6138.Large sterilite tote with lid. 4C1..
6139.Glass Christmas tree ornaments.
6140.Different types of Mexican wooden figures. 4G4..
6141.Pair of Congo drums in good shape. 4F3..
6142.Stack of records including the Duke of iron living strings & More. 4B4..
6143.Mini book lot. 4C7..
6144.Peak RV and Marine antifreeze. 4C8..
6145.RV pling antifreeze unopen. 4C8..
6146.RV pling antifreeze unopen. 4C8..
6147.RV pling antifreeze unopen. 4C8..
6148.Cassandra ceramics apple pie themed container. 4F3..
6149.Forecast cosmetic case from Sears. 4B4..
6150.Large lot of unopened McDonalds ty beanie babies. 4B3..
6151.Large lot of unopened McDonalds ty beanie babies. 4B3..
6152.Large lot of unopened McDonalds ty beanie babies. 4B3..
6153.Wooden oval storage box. 4C2..
6154.Oster imperial ice crusher. 4B5..
6155.Hamilton Beach drinkmaster with cup. 4C2..
6156.Mixmaster by Sunbeam includes bowl and beaters. 4B5..
6157.Various types of pots and pans. 4A4..
6158.Various sizes of mixing bowls. 4C6..
6159.Stanley monarch mirror decor includes reflections dish. 4F3..
6160.Various types of cooking utensils includes cheese greater rolling pen and more. 4B5..
6161.Two large cooking dishes. 4A1..
6162.Two milk white glass shade covers. 4A2..
6163.Two weighted bases. 4A2..
6164.Dietz vintage oil lamp with hole in glass. 4A2..
6165.Vintage mole trap. 4C4..
6166.Wooden bird sculpture of a roadrunner...yeah we'll go with roadrunner. 3A4..
6167.Metal toilet paper holder looks brand new. 4A1..
6168.Heinz pure food 1869 advertisement sign. 4A1..
6169.Bon ami advertisement sign 4A1..
6170.We sell cowhide brand overalls and pants advertisement sign. 4A1..
6171.Demand Kayo advertisement sign. 4A1..
6172.Grandpa's orchard fresh apples advertisement sign. 4A1..
6173.Two different size limited storage bowls. 5H3..
6174.Multiple types of kitchen knives. 5H4..
6175.Sling media pro HD converter box. 5G3..
6176.Rubbermaid storage tote with lid. 5H1..
6177.Various types of plumbing and cleaning chemicals still in box. 5F4..
6178.Sterlite folding lid tote. 5H1..
6179.4 party glasses and accessories. 5G5..
6180.Pair of boots and rubber covers. 5G8..
6181.Pair of Cabela's winter boots. 5G8..
6182.Replacement go-kart steering wheel. Or lawn mower or a dune buggy maybe? I don't know. 5G5..
6183.Box full of kids toys. 5F4..
6184.Tonka dump truck toy truck. 5E2..
6185.Different types of insect killer. 5F4..
6186.Delicates spa brand medium bathrobe. 5F2..
6187.Four The friendly village collector's plates. 5F2..
6188.Three different types of collectors mugs. 5G7..
6189.Two miniature waste baskets made in the USA. 5H5..
6190.Box of electric timers and surge strips. 5E2..
6191.57 t-bird picture of the shirt from South link. 5G6..
6192.Bath and beauty Box. 5G6..
6193.Different size storage crates. 5E2..
6194.Medium size kennel cage. 5E1..
6195.Medium size kennel cage. 5E1..
6196.Different types of a saw blade bits. 5H5..
6197.2 miniature vintage hats. 5F2..
6198.Box of funnels. 5E2..
6199.Remote control with keychain transmitter. 5F2..
6200.Home Depot 12-inch garden stakes in original packaging. 5G6..
6201.3 tennis rackets one from Omega brand to from sportscraft. 5G7..
6202.Meijer brand premium lawn fertilizer bag unopen. 5E2..
6203.General electric remote control with chain transmitter. 5G4..
6204.Pittsburgh hand riveter and palm rivets. 5F2..
6205.Yellow Jack stand ingrate, good condition. 5E2..
6206.With handled hatchet. 5F2..
6207.Woodworking plane. 5F2..
6208.Manual grinding wheel. 5F2..
6209.Vintage pipe wrench. 5F2..
6210.Vintage soldering rods. One is electric. 5F2..
6211.Cast iron cobbler tools. 5E2..
6212.Plane woodworking tool. 5F2..
6213.Craftsman hedge trimmers or tremors. 5F2..
6214.Three hand saws, various sizes. 5F3..
6215.Oak wood storage box. 5E3..
6216.Vintage pipe wrench. 5F2..
6217.2 long handled multi-purpose mirrors. 5F2..
6218.Assorted drill bits. Various makers. 5F2..
6219.Various types of files. 5F3..
6220.Large plush happy gorilla. 5E4..
6221.4 sterilite shoe box storage containers. 5E5..
6222.4 sterilite shoe box storage containers. 5E5..
6223.4 sterilite shoe box storage containers. 5E5..
6224.4 sterilite shoe box storage containers. 5E5..
6225.4 sterilite shoe box storage containers. 5E5..
6226.Hanging organizational rack with hardware. 5E5..
6227.Galvanized multipurpose tray. 5E3..
6228.Under the bed covered storage container. 5D1..
6229.Assortment of chair cushions and pillow. 5C2..
6230.four days the historical record of the death of President Kennedy compiled by United States press international and American heritage magazine hardback book. 5F3..
6231.Life magazines based around John f Kennedy. 5F3..
6232.John f Kennedy Dell magazine and look magazines. 5F3..
6233.Monumental newspaper articles great for scrapbooking or more. 5F3..
6234.Nixon will resign, Nixon's financial future, Mount saint Helens, volcano explodes, Kennedy's and more newspaper articles. 5E2..
6235.Hymns for junior worship, my first piano hymn book, holiday on ice 1964 piano and organ books. 5E2..
6236.Life magazine Dwight d Eisenhower July 21st 1952. 5E2..
7500.Baking Stuff
7501.Slip and Slide Baseball Diamond. Used once. Our lawn is too hard. Includes everything including the box (box, slide, bat, ball)
7502.Space Heater. Works great. See pictures for condition
7503.2 Pans
7504.2 containers: Power Steering Fluid and Automatic Transmission Fluid. Both about 1/2 full. See pix.
8079.Mixed lot of wood . Nw..
8080.Metal garment rack on casters .
8083.4tier shelf great for hallway or nook 30"x 9 1/2" x 3' nw...
8084.Red devil seed spreader nw..
8085.Blue floral area rug needs cleaning but good condition
8086.Blue floral area rug matches 8085 nw..
8087.Table saw lightweight. Nw..
8088.Rolling tool cabinet nw..
8089.Roll of chicken wire unsure of amount but roll stands 6ft high nw..
8090.Wooden coffee table would be great redone as a kids play table. Nw..
8091.2door cabinet . Great restoration piece. Cute detail.
8092.Rolling wooden table . Wood make good patio cart nw..
8093.2 shelf book shelf retro style nw..
8094.Antique coffee table . See pictures for scratches and size nw..
8095.1drawer end table . See pictures for measurements. 2'10 x 1'10 x 2'6 nw...
8096.2 drawer nightstand nw
8097.1 drawer end table nw
8098.Lil dusty mystery box lot.. Who knows what treasure awaits you .
8099.2 wooden three drawer desk ends.
8100.Oakwood desktop. Goes perfect with the deskins.
8101.Wooden handles, curtain rods and more.
8102.4 hockey sticks, brand names include Cooper Franklin in Seneca jr.
8103.Samsonite standard size folding card table.
8104.Four barrel back table chairs, to our captains.
8105.Hammered brass fireplace screen.5....
8106.Retro step stool folding.5....
8107.20 foot extending ladder.
8120.Folding wooden ironing board, would make a wonderful make over sofa table.
8121.Studio RTA folding dry erase sandwich board.
8122.4 brass and wood floor table lamps.
8123.Scott's spreader with precision flow control.
8124.Dirt devil and Hoover vacuum cleaners.
8125.Cart of original art, art prints, pencil signed art frames and more.
8126.John Deere black and yellow gas powered blower.5....
8127.Garden hoe, trimmer and tiller.
8128.3 fishing rods with reels, brand names include zebco and trilene.5....
8129.2 fishing reels with rods, brand names include sportsline and Kmart.5....
8130.Dusters, brooms and mops.5....
8131.Wood handled garden shovel.
8132.2 wood handled Garden shovels.
8133.Six foot folding oblong table with linoleum topper.
8134.Macrame knock nautical folding lawn chair.
8135.Wood framed vintage chair with remote removable blue cushions.
8136.Green plastic covered trash can.
8137.Plastic covered dog house, looks like it can come apart into two pieces to clean.
8138.2 drawer and 4 drawer wooden filing cabinets, makes great repurposing projects.
8139.Galvanized can with hoses.
8140.Three wooden chairs and barstool.
8141.Folding wooden Butler stand with macrame braided seat.
8142.Full size mattress and boxspring along with headboard and footboard. Headboard and footboard can go up to a queen size.
8143.Kitchen appliance lot. Cart not included nw..
8144.Cast iron fireplace utensils 6E1..
8145.Iron fireplace tools 2 of the tops are missing see pictures . 6E1..
8146.The Davis hill weather sticks . 5F3..
8147.Eagle galvanized can little bit dented still holds fluid. 6D6..
8148.Furniture dolly 5D3..
8149.Rules of the game the complete illustrated in 1974. 5E3..
8150.1946,48,49 and 52 the pines yearbooks 5E3..
8151.Stinger mini wet dry vc 2 gallon . 6D6..
8152.Sewing lot . Includes pins needles patches and lace 5E3..
8153.Fry tyre in original box 5D2..
8154.Army green hammock 5D2..
8155.Vintage blue suit case 5F1..
8156.2 curtain rods new in package 5F5..
8157.Oriental wall art top is coming undone 5D2..
8158.Wiccan broom . Mused to sweep negative energy out of spaces 5D2..
8159.Sterile storage tote with lid 5C1..
8160.Large lot of pots and pans 5C4..
8161.Iron plant stand with swivel top 5C1..
8162.Lot of diamond crystal salt . Winter is coming 5A3..
8163.Stack of buckets some have lids 5B1..
8164.Lawn and garden lot 5A2..
8165.Metal shoe organizer. 5D5..
8166.Large cuddle pillow with real animal fur 5D3..
8167.Enamel roasting pot. 5C3..
8168.Woman's scarves 5C3..
8169.Simplicity sewing patterns 5C3..
8170.Boy Scout picture and bag .. Bag still has tags 5C3..
8171.Stretch and sew patterns with bullica rug patterns 5D4..
8172.Hamper filled with table cloths and other linens 5C5..
13000.Murano Cranberry Amethyst glass duck figure,stands 5" tall.sc2..
13001.Fenton Milk and cranberry case glass ruffled edge candy dish,meas 3" x 7".sc2..
13002.4.5" cobalt blue Shirley Temple creamer pitcher.sc2..
13003.Pink depression glass cream and sugar set with floral etched design.Both are 4" tall.sc2..
13004.Pink depression glass candle stick holder,fleabite on the rim.sc2..
13005.Art deco cranberry glass candy dish,meas 2.5" x 5".sc2..
13006.Amethyst and clear crystal vase,meas 6" x 5" x 4".sc2..
13007.Moonstone hobnail footed 5.5" flower vase.sc2..
13008.Moonstone hobnail 7" x 2"french perfume bottle,meas 6.5" x 2".sc2..
13009.Silver crest 11" opalescent flower vase.sc2..
13010.Glass hobnail vintage perfume bottle,chipping on the stopper see pictures.Stands 7" tall.sc2..
13011.Vaseline glass footed covered candy dish,etched design.Flea bites on the rim.Stands 7" tall.SC2..
13012.Fenton Satin glass compote candy dish,signed on the bottom and original sticker on the inside.Meas 5" x 6.5".sc2..
13013.Vaseline glass side dish with etched design,meas 9" across.Chipped on rim see pictures.sc2..
13014.Mosser Maxi and Niki slag glass clown figurines,marked on the back and bases.Stand 3.5" tall.sc2..
13015.Napco Gold Finch porcelain bird figurine.Signed on the bottom see pictures.Meas 5" x 4" x 2.5".sc2..
13016.Nuova Capodimonte decorative floral porcelain basket.Marked on the bottom.chipping on the petals.Meas 5" x 2.5".sc2..
13017.Vintage ceramic chicken creamer pitcher,meas 4.5" x 2".sc2..
13018.Vintage ceramic planter figurine,numbered on the bottom see pictures.Meas 8" x 4".sc2..
13019.Belleek Ireland 3 leaf clover porcelain 8" vase.Marked on the bottom.sc2..
13020.Footed ceramic covered candy dish,3D rose design on the top.Signed Italy on the bottom.Meas 6" x 4".sc2..
13021.Borghese hand painted peasant chalkware ,stands 11" tall.Chip on the basket see pictures.Original label on the bottom.sc2..
13022.Stelio Mola Ceramic Cagliari Old Women,Signed on the bottom.Made in Italy.Stands 11" tall.sc2..
13023.Mexican pottery handmade pottery bird,signed mexico on the bottom.Meas 14" long.sc2..
13024.The Lady of January by Anthony Trillope,copyright 1878.Book is pocket size.Meas 5" x 3".
13025.Dresden porcelain colonial figure,marked on the bottom.Stands 10" tall.sc2..
13026.Glazed ceramic art deco cat figure,felt bottom.Meas 8" x 8" x 5".sc2..
13027.Ceramic Fat Cat salt & pepper shakers.Meas 4" x 2".sc2..
13028.Mini wooden wind up chime clock,meas 6" x 3.5" x 2".sc2..
13029.Wood and metal antique style 5.5" candle stick holder.sc2..
13030.20" Cherub table lamp with shade.uf...


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