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Wednesday, August 14TH
Listings will end starting at 8pm Eastern Time. -
Bidding starts now, and ends on Wednesday, 8-14-2019. Listings will end starting at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Item Description
020.Circle brand size 10 medium women's cowboy boots, excellent condition. Marked on the bottom and on the inside. Comes with the original box.10e6.
021.4 tier double metal black shelf. Outside
022.6 by 6 extending metal ladder in good condition just a little dirty. Outside
023.Miniature green painted milk cans with eagle decal. 11D5.
024.Autographed Michigan State Spartans football. 11B3.
026.Pink and white with gold toned detail around mirror . Kids play vanity 11D1.
027.J.Sietsema wooden crate. See pictures for details 1W..
028.Little TIkes basketball hoop . Good shape . Hoop netting also in great shape 1B1..
029.Wooden telephone table with drawer cute little piece 2I1..
030.Blue painted one drawer end table 2G1..
031.Viking Sweden model 6030 2I3..
032.Drop leaf end table with claw feet and roar. Some slight scratching on the top.
033.Drop leaf end table with claw feet and roar. Some slight scratching on the top.
034.Drop leaf wooden gateleg table.
035.Oak wood end table with ginger cut face, see pictures were measurements.
036.Grandma's wood-framed rocking chair with a velvet seating and backing.
037.Oakwood antique school desk.
038.Three drawer waterfall wooden dresser with brass hardware. Some slight scratching. Beautiful piece of furniture.
039.three drawer antique dresser floral design, antique hardware matching mirror. Mirror part needs to be repaired see pictures. Missing casters. Definitely a gorgeous piece for a redo or. See pictures for measurements.
040.Antique 2 tier wooden end table with curved cabriolet legs and pie crust edging. See pictures for measurements.
041.36in to oakwood plant stand with fancy spindled leg.
042.6 drawer dresser with wood framed mirror, light scratching on the top see pictures. See pictures for measurements.
043.6 drawer vanity table with fancy and boxed front. See pictures for measurements.
044.Singer sewing cabinet with cast iron base and sewing machine.
045.Gentlemen's waterfalls dresser. Made from knotty pine. Dovetail joint. Beautiful condition. See pictures for measurements.
046.Retro floral rolling chaise lounge with cushions.
047.Aluminum frame to vintage patio chair with a retro vinyl cushions.
048.Aluminum frame to vintage patio chair with a retro vinyl cushions.
049.Two-piece China hutch with cabinet space below. Diamond design on the front of the glass. Three tiers of shelves on the inside. She pictures for measurements.
050.Two-piece Thomasville China hutch Crest hardware, illuminated. Good condition. See pictures for measurements.
051.Blue painted wooden table,see pics for meas.nw...
053.Cape cod-style vanity / desk, see pictures for measurements.
054.7 drawer desk / vanity. Need some hardware. See pictures for measurements.
055.Retro wooden blue glass top coffee table see pictures for measurements.
056.Pier 1 imports return and the metal base table original label on the bottom.
057.Saunders lumbar traction system with storage case and paperwork. Appears to have been barely used.
058.Rectangular drop leaf kitchen table. Half of it needs some TLC. Beautiful retro spindle legs.
059.Monogrammed barware set with case. 2I3..
060.Old fashioned electric lamp with glass chimney and milk glass floral shade. 1F1..
061.Vinyl covered ottoman. Storage space on the inside. 2F1..
062.Vintage girl scouts dress with tie. 2I2..
063.Saks fifth avenue real fur vintage hat. 2G2..
064.Mink fur vintage headpiece. 2G2..
065.Vintage leather coach, marked on the inside good condition. 1F6..
066.Vintage leather coach, marked on the inside. Good condition. 1F6..
067.Black fur vintage coach, marked on the inside. Excellent condition. 1F6..
068.cranberry glass lamp.UF...
069.Royal Doulton Falstaff LARGE toby mug.SC1..
070.1998 Tiger black & white furby with original tag.SC1..
071.1998 brown and tan furby by tiger with original tag.SC1..
1072.Container full of household linens.10g1.
1073.1073 box of various types of light bulbs.
1074.High-rise toilet seat with Box.
1075.Vintage keepsake pack wedding dress in original box. Never been removed.
1076.Pipe insulation still in original packaging. 10f1.
1077.2 file crates.10f1..
1078.Health high-rise twit Lucy with original box. Up to 350 pounds.10f1.
1079.Paper lined bushel basket.10f1.
1080.Holiday wreaths with box.10e1.
1082.Pro lift models see – 1004 mechanic's creeper looks like it's never been used.10w..
1083.Lifelike orchid plant in stoneware pot.
1084.Large box of holiday string lights.10g8.
1085.Amerglas filter material with box.10w...
1086.Boxful of household linens.10g6.
1087.Octagon fish tank with supplies.10g6.
1088.Ice sculpture molds swan, comes with the original box.10f1.
1089.Mirro matic electric corn popper.10g5.
1090.Box full of holiday string lights.10f5.
1091.children's clown Halloween costume with accessories.10f5.
1093.crystal hat flower frog.10g5.
1094.imagination station chalkboard vinyl surface still in original packaging. 17.7" x 57.1".10g5.
1095.vintage floral area rug.10g5.
1097.Bionaire air filter.10f4.
1098.Autumn harvest collection ha ha ha happy Halloween musical ghost wreath.10g4. wax nativity scene by Clover Hill.10g4.
1100.hand-painted ceramic cake plate with the original box. Made by CIE.10b3.
1101.3 pfaltzgraff Christmas tree shape plates.10g4.
1102.Delta Airlines wool blanket.10g3.
1103.Dorothy C incorporated California vintage decorative plate comes with a little history on artist and plate.10g4.
1104.Royal Albert bone china Chelsea trinket dishes.10g4.
1105.Glass desert stand or flower vase. Homemade piece.10f3.
1106.At-home ceramic canister. Marked on the bottom see pictures.10g3.
1107.Cobalt blue and white decorative ceramic pitcher.10f3.
1108. Crystal candlestick holders.10g2.
1110.Vintage glass pretzel jar.10f3.
1111.Crystal decanter some chipping on topper .10f3.
1112.Ceramic cream and sugar set.10g4.
1113.Lamplight Farms cobalt blue stoneware base oil lamp. Marked on the bottom.10f3.
1114.Bavarian village cobalt blue and white stoneware base oil lamp.10f3.
1115.Blue and white stoneware hand-painted serving bowl.10g2.
1116.Cobalt blue and white collectible plates see pictures for brand names.10g2.
1117.Cobalt blue bowl with a beautiful design see pictures for marking.10g2.
1118.collectible cobalt blue plates, see pictures for brand name.10g2.
1119.collectible cobalt blue porcelain plates, see pictures for brand names.10g3.
1120.collectible cobalt blue plates, see pictures for brand names.10g3.
1121.IKEA Portugal porcelain plate.10g3.
1122. handmade and signed pottery piece candleholder.10f3.
1123.2 blue and white bowls made in Holland see pictures for markings.10f3.
1124.Milk maid and milk maid planter .10g4.
1125. assortment of woven placemats.10f4.
1126.diamond cut crystal chimneys.10f3.
1127. wooden cheese board with iron frame basket.10f4.
1128.the official 1998 United States Congress in a holiday ornament and the official 1995 United States Congressional holiday ornament..10g4.
1129.White House historical Association presidential bicentennial addition and the official 1994 United States Congressional holiday ornament.10g4.
1130.the official 1996 United States Congressional holiday ornament and the official 1997 United States Congressional holiday ornament.10g4.
1131.the official 2000 United States Congressional holiday ornament and the 1999 United States Congressional holiday ornament.10g2.
1132.unmarked glazed cream painted ceramic footed flower vase.10f2.
1133.Portugal stoneware soup terrine, marked on the bottom see pictures.10f2.
1134.ceramic Bogart figurine, a letter n and crown stamped on the bottom. Researchers do your research on this one. Slight chipping see pictures.10g2.
1135.Glass apple paperweight.10g2.
1136.2 holiday cherub candlestick holders.10g5.
1137.wooden coasters, cork coasters, pink ladies and more.10e2.
1138.Assortment of vases. Includes crystal rose glass and the black one is handmade according to label on bottom.10g2.
1139.4 decorative snowmen. One made by Midwest.10e4.
1140.state of Michigan enrolled Senate Bill number 154, and state capital East elevation print. See pictures.10e5.
1141.future bowl, stemware and candlestick holders all made of pewter names include Pfaltzgraf and more .10f3.
1142.vintage folk art doll, plush and plastic body.10f4.
1143.handmade Spanish dolls, marked made in Spain on the back.10e2.
1144.Marla Alayna plush doll with a wool skirt. Made in Portugal.10f3.
1145.handmaids folk art doll no markings. Possibly made in Spain.10F3.
1146.vintage soldier doll with a brass hat, cannot find any markings.10F3.
1147.vintage Middle Eastern doll, cannot find any markings.10F3.
1148.vintage Middle Eastern doll cannot find any markings.10F4.
1149.vintage African-American plush style, stamp Trinidad on the front.10F4.
1150.plush handmade African cloth doll.10F4.
1151.large African-American folk art doll.10E4.
1152.Harpers fifth reader, copyright 1889.10E5.
1153.the committee for the American Bicentennial presidential inaugural invitation see pictures. For George Herbert Walker Bush.10E5.
1154.autographed Michigan State University novelty football see pictures.10E2.
1155.vintage Army uniform patches see pictures.10e2.
1156.electronic cords cartridges and more.11e2.
1157.Hewlett-Packard printer, Dell keyboard and instruction manual.10e7.
1158.the new year party favors and hats.10e7.
1159. Halloween clothing, costumes and accessories.10d8.
1160.vintage floral fabric remnants.10e5.
1161.Lugnuts genuine hand-painted bobble head doll collectible series with original box.10e5.
1161.Lugnuts genuine hand-painted bobble head doll collectible series with original box.10e5.
1163.Nebs check file 939 metal box. Original label on the front.10f2..
1164.wkar limited edition figure with box.10f2.
1165.Berol Giant pencil sharpener.10e2.
1166.Burwood MCMLXXXVII made in USA sun hat wall accents.10e2.
1167.SMH stamp booklets with stamps.10e2.
1168.Large circular filter.10d8.
1169.Streamline extra extra large sporting vast. Good condition.10e2.
1170.Burlington and Jackie for her tights. Mostly a size b.10f2.
1171.Hatbox with straw hat. Box is in good condition.10e6.
1172.Summer breeze ceramic planter made by pfaltzgraff.10f2.
1173.Taylor digital scale, needs batteries.10e6.
1174.Auto bakery bread maker with instruction manual.10e4.
1175.Assorted ponchos including your Michigan State University poncho.10e3.
1176.Fabric remnants plain and printed.10c6.
1177.75 th sitting chef series Michigan State University and Michigan State University MSU alumni association.10d5.
1178.Safer Go car power inverter with original box.10f2.
1179.Biltrite special edition ice skates.10e2.
1180.Emerson stereo fm-am dual cassette recorder. Missing face to the cassette.10d8.
1181.Tool bit organizer with an assortment of tool bits see pictures.10d2.
1182.Shadow box frame with needlepoint bunny.20d8.
1184.Blank recordable CDs, some still in original packaging.10f2.
1185.Ricky Martin, eagles, macarena, John touch and more fantastic CDs to get your groove on.10b5.
1186.Box of really nice Christmas tree ornaments, see pictures.10b1.
1187.Box of really nice Christmas tree ornaments, see pictures.10b1.
1188.Martha Stewart crafting stamps, large stencil sets and stamping accessories.10f2.
1189.WearEver 16 quart stock pot.10e4.
1190.Conair paraffin and Remington summer rose with vitamin e paraffin wax and whiners.10d4.
1191.Raffles of Windsor handmade and hand-painted in the studios of John prine unlimited great British resin figure. 1993.10e4.
1192.Medready automated medication dispenser with plug.10e3.
1193.Armstrong New beginning extra strength and wax remover and shine keeper long-lasting floor polish. One is full the other is half full.10e4.
1194.Three Pyrex milk glass pie plates.10d3.
1195.Old English, Murphy oil soap, glass wax, clean power in the works Herschel cleaning supplies.10d3.
1196.Sewing thread, embroidery thread and knitting yarn.10d3.
1197.Fairfield 100% cotton knitting yarn.10d2.
1198.Fairfield 100% cotton knitting yarn.10d2.
1199.The Hunt for red October and Good morning Vietnam miniature VHS tapes. About the size of a cassette.10e2.
1200.Dumbbells and ankle weights.10d5.
1201.Partial bottle of ultrapure odorless smokeless candle and lamp oil by lamp light comes with Wolford lamps lamp oil.10d4.
1202.Beveled edge miniature brass frame curio cabinet.10d3.
1203.Handmade pottery serving bowl, sign on the bottom see pictures.10d6.
1204.Wooden serving bowl, see pictures for the signature on the bottom. Iridescent glaze on the inside.10d5.
1205.Royal doulton stoneware bowl. Pie crust edging. Sign on the bottom see pictures.10e4.
1206.Parian porcelain picture with an embossed bird designs.10e4.
1207.3 Maryland China odd shaped china dishes. See pictures.10d6.
1208.flying duck Paperweight.10e4.
1209.Bone china Rosina teacup and saucer.10e4.
1210.Pink floral tea cup and saucer, see pictures for the marking on the bottom.10d6.
1211.Hazelberry Laura Ashley made in Staffordshire England pick up some sausage.10c4.
1212.Hazelberry made in Staffordshire England dessert plates. See pictures from marking.10d6.
1213.Marble pen holder and matching paperweight.10d7.
1214.Noritake Reina snack plates and cups.10c2.
1215.Noritake Reina cream and sugar set.10d7.
1216.Noritake Reina China teapot.10c3.
1217.Rodger brother Incorporated silverware box. Still has the original labels.10e7.
1218.Vintage baby blanket, christening gown and booties. 10D4..
1219.Vintage men's grooming kit with casing. 10D4..
1220.Indoor outdoor extension cord. 10D4..
1221.Two partial bags of multi-purpose sand.10w..
1222.Vintage perma nyl USA flag . 10D4..
1223.2 vintage oil cans. 10D7..
1224.Made in Italy large glass canister with ceramic latch topper. 10C3..
1225.I believe in Santa Claus stool .
1226.Samsonite and other carry on and travel fold up purses. Some come with matching wallets and wristlets others come with little agenda books . Great for your next vacation.
4000.Small wooden box. No markings. 10e4.
4001.Norelco satin 1200 travel beauty set. 10e4.
4002.Small wooden stool. 10d4.
4003.Binder full instruction manual see pictures. 10d4.
4004. Rockaway metals metal storage box. 10c2.
4005.Iron base, flatiron and weight. 10d2
4006.First alert fire extinguisher with box. 10D7..
4007.Large box a various size clothing. Vintage and newer styles. 10C5..
4008.Reed & Barton silverplate frog and candy dish. 10D7..
4009.Wood & sons genuine ironstone ellgreave floral teapot. Chip on the rim see pictures. 10E4..
4010.Bakelite vintage grooming necessities. 10G5..
4011.JP France two cups and serving platter. 10C4..
4012.The president's cabinet 1992 to 1967 25th anniversary University of Detroit Mercy 1990 paperweight. 10E4..
4013.Colorado 1876 centennial state souvenir hand mirror. 10D5..
4014.JP France China double handled covered dish. 10E6..
4015.Hand decorated eggs. 10C3..
4016.3 pressed Glass cruet.10c3.
4017.Goreham and richest corporation coasters.10c3.
4018.Glass tableware including syrup dispenser salt and pepper shakers and jam jar.10c3.
4019.Porcelain and brass bells.10c2.
4020.Green and black Oriental covered ceramic canister see pictures for brand-name.10c3.
4021.Table and travel alarm clocks.20c2.
4022.Red enamel bowl and 2 stainless steel bowls.10c4.
4023.Porcelain ashtrays, see pictures for brand names.10c4.
4024.Diablo and Timex clocks.10c4.
4025.Stoneware pottery dishes, some still have signatures on the bottoms.10c4.
4026.Assortment of letter opener to including fancy parrot handle openers.10ç4.
4027.Vintage glass barware measuring cup and shot glasses.10c4.
4028.Assorted depression glass dishes.10c4.
4029.Volcanic hourglass timer Gerald falls.10c4.
4030.Vintage cooking aprons.10c2.
4031.Novelty stir sticks. Some new in packaging.19c2.
4032.Scissors scissors and scissors Tama including new in package CVS bandage scissors.20c2.
4033.Half-Moon shaped oriental rug.10d1.
4034.Recordable DVD and cases.10c5.
4035.Liz and Dick, the whole nine yards, town and The Green Mile.10c5.
4036.Battle of China, Battle of Russia, war comes to America, Indian wars and more VHS collection sets and movies.10c1.
4037.Like new cooking grate comes with original box.10c1.
4038.Assorted fabric remnant vintage.10c6.
4039.Lady Buxton deluxe jewelry box. Marks on the back.10c5.
4040.Babcock vintage jewelry box. With Mediterranean design on the top.10c5.
4041.Hammered aluminum covered serving dish with divided glass liner.10b2.
4042.Footed brass candy dish, made in India.10b2.
4043.Monogram wood handled silent Butler, made in Italy.10b2.
4044.Silver plated dishes and serving Ware. See pictures for brand names.10b2.
4045.2 gold tone hand mirrors with lace backing.10b2.
4046.Royal cauldon Bristol ironstone June Garden saucers and cups.10b2.
4047.Royal cauldon Bristol ironstone June Garden made by England's oldest pottery established 1652 salad plates and dinner plates.10b3.
4048.Vintage attena box.19b3.
4049.XM radio attachment with cords.10b2.
4050.Silver-plated flatware organizer.10c1.
4051.RCA converter box.10b1.
4052.Sharp forehead VHS player.20b1.
4053.Delphi myfi xm2go.10b2.
4054.Insect chemicals, upholstery cleaner, non streaking cleaner and the leather conditioner.10b5.
4055.Green painted wooden stool.20c1.
4056.Framed black-and-white Tom izzo print.10b2.
4057.6 sky blue beautiful plastic ice trays in wonderful condition.10b4.
4058.The silver solution, silversmiths gloves gloves and silver cleaning rag. 10b4.
4059.Golfing necessities and accessories including 2 storage bags.10b1.
4060.two blue tarps.10b6.
4061.Monogrammed brass 1971 oil can.10b3.
4062.Bag of bungee cords.10b3.
4063.Studio one petite pink checkered dress.20e2.
4064.Jane Maddie 3 jigsaw puzzles, 2 in shrink wrapping.10b4.
4065.Collection has large and small records.10d6.
4066.Avon mi Hummel Crystal candlesticks set of 2. Department 56 tree lot accessory and porcelain lighthouse see pictures for brand-name.10b5.
4067.Schmid Norman Rockwell music box with original box.10b3.
4068.Large stained glass circular suncatcher.10b5.
4069.2001 porcelain lighthouse Angel music box see pictures for brand-name.10b4.
4070.Hummel like decorative egg.10b3.
4071.Lighthouse prism with Bass.10b4
4072.Pewter lighthouse figurines, see pictures for brand names.19b4.
4073.Pewter lighthouse figurines, see pictures for brand names.10b4
4074.Gray large tension chart.19a2.
4075.Basket woven China corn cob plates.10b4.
4076.Peanuts treat dispenser.10a3.
4077.Ceramic matchbox holder with wooden base.10a3.
4078.Metal rustic chic spiritual wall accent.20a4.
4079.Oneidacraft deluxe stainless flatware with knife.10a3.
4080.Anne Klein black corduroy hat.10a3.
4081.4 wooden snack bowls.10a3.
4082.silver plated coffee carafe.10a4.
4083.Silver plated water pitcher, see pictures for bottom.10a4.
4084.Ladies and men's belts.10a3.
4085.Yamaha recorder. Tested and works.10a2.
4086.Silver plated carafe, see pictures for brand-name.10a3.
4087.For partial cans of spray paint.10a3.
4088.7 tier metal bolted Brown shelf. Outside
4089.5 tier plastic grey and black shelf easy to tear apart and put back together. Outside
4090.5 tier metal white shelf with bolts. Outside
4091.5 tier gray metal shelf with bolts. Outside
4092.4 shelf Gray metal shelf with bolts. Outside
4093.Step 2 all grey outdoor toy chest with lid. Outside
6000.five different types of drink koozies. 11F2.
6002.Ceramic different types of heart-shaped coasters and ashtrays. 11f2.
6003.Vintage gasoline can by Midwest can company and a regular red gasoline can also feels to be about half. 11f5.
6004.Sony radio alarm clock. 11f2.
6005.Three different types of tennis racquets see pictures for name brands. 11F1.
6006.Four different brand of hubcaps mixed drink food Ford Chevy and one is blank. 11F1.
6008.Four different types of dishes. 11F4.
6009.Four different types of ceramic dishes. 11F4.
6010.Box full of a sporting equipment includes tennis racket frisbees knee pads and more. 11E1.
6011.Presto Grand pappy deep fryer in original box. 11F2.
6012.Various types of candle holders. 11F2.
6013.Stack of animal movies includes the river virtual aquarium wildlife in peril and more 11F4.
6014.NIV audio Bible in original packaging. 11F4.
6015.Pile of shelving brackets also includes two square levels. 11E3.
6016.Two clear plastic sorting boxes. 12F4.
6017.Box full of belts of different sizes and types. 11F1.
6018.Golf picture play jim harsha on it. 11F1.
6019.Tote filled with tennis rackets and different types of balls. 12F1.
6020.Blue and red flannel type sleeping bag. 11F5.
6021.Six cans of different type of paint. 11E3.
6022.Canon sure shot look camera cleaning equipment includes the camera also includes panoramic wide pie camera. 11F4.
6023.Silicone world map puzzle official Rand McNally maps. 11F4.
6025.Box filled with braces and other medical equipment. 12F1.
6026.Regent gallery trifle bowl set in original box. 11F2.
6027.Porcelain doll and Islam ceramic figure. 11F4.
6028.Seven different types of brands of remote. 12F3.
6029.Four different types of clocks. 12F3.
6031.The first year Brand step stool and storage. 12F2.
6032.Vintage electric sleeping Santa. 12F1.
6033.Vintage wood stool protective cover.12F2.
6034.Box of different types and sizes of jewelry. 11F4.
6035.White quilt 11F5.
6036.. Different types of wall hanging family pictures. 11F4.
6037.Dezz nuts cracker we got'em. 11F4.
6038.Unopened vintage beer from a world fair and Billy beer. 11F2.
6039.Porcelain flower vase with flower design on the neck. 11F2.
6040.Bunch of hinges cupboard locks shower heads and more. 12F3.
6041.Craftsman paint gun in good condition. 11F2.
6042.Vintage potty chair and a wooden wine rack. 12F2.
6043.Various types and sizes of picture frames.
6044.Single box book lot. 11F6.
6045.Sack of bowls and gold trim dish. 12F3.
6046.Baby blue Japanese theme cream jug. 11F2.
6047.Glass insulated electric topper. 12F3.
6048.Gary Cooper and Ruth Rossman Warner Brothers themed collectors plate. 12F3.
6049.Unique spindle replacement. 12F2.
6050.Multiple types of knives of different sizes. 12F3.
6051.Image Brand wildcats comic books. 11F4.
6052.Replacement electric socket covers. 12F3.
6053.Fabric remnants and the Barbie sleeping bag. 12F5.
6054.Assorted skewers. 12F3.
6055.Portable tabletop heater. 11F2.
6057.Numeral two squares. 11E3.
6058.Under the counter work late. 11E3.
6059.Tile laying tools. 12F3.
6060.Assortment of tools see pictures. 12E4.
6061.Various size sockets and wrenches. 12E4.
6062.Wooden and metal levels. 12F3.
6063.RoadPro cooler. 12F2.
6064.Tile foam floor mats. 12E1.
6065.Vintage glass dishes and bottles. 12E4.
6066.Crystal stemmed glasses. 12E3.
6067.Miniature Lil Dusty's clothing lot. 11E4.
6068.Plastic sorting trays. 12E2.
6069.Amber and brass table lamp with life like fruit on the inside. 12D1.
6070.Handmade pottery table lamp. 12D1.
6071.2 novelty wooden baseball bats. 12F3.
6072.Wood frame the ottoman with floral upholstered topper. 11E1.
6073.Wood frame to ottoman with needlepoint topper. 11E1.
6074.Mid-century plush toys. 11E4.
6075.Roll of replacement screen. 11E3.
6076.Large wood frame Kathy Jackson winter afternoon framed prints. 12W..
6077.Wood framed Garden print. 12W..
6078.Rectangular mirror, could be considered full length. 12w..
6079.Nautical wood framed prints. when you get to a
6080.These are the sounds of the annual wfbm antique auto tour book Time Life stations. 12E3.
6081.Far away thoughts by anan. 12E3.
6082.Seahorses lithograph art print still in shrink wrapping. 12E3.
6083.Frederic Remington a sushi lithograph print. 12E3.
6084.Returning from the hunt lithograph print still in shrink wrapping. 12E3.
6085.The Royal Honolulu Hawaii print. 12W..
6086.Patio end table, just needs a copper. 11D1.
6087.Rustic Chic Green painted wooden stool. 11D1.
6088.Wood framed Victorian style wall mirror. 11E5.
6089.Wood and slate framed abstract print.
6090.Framed accent print. 12W..
6091.Wood framed and slate abstract. 12W..
6092.Wood framed portrait print. 12W..
6093.Large glass centerpiece dish. 12E5.
6094.Wood framed wall accent mirror. 11E5.
6095.Wood framed canvas abstract print. 12W..
6096.W Eugene Smith the walk to Paradise Garden framed print. 12W..
6097.73 quart sterilite covered container. 12E6.
6099.Antique oak wood framed with print, crack on the glass. 12W..
6100.Hand signed canvas print. 12W..
6101.Wood framed owl print on board. 12W..
6102.Black and white pencil signed print. 12W..
6103.Japanese style wood frame old-fashioned print. 12W..
6104.Vintage wood framed accent mirror with detailed topper. 11E5.
6105.Changing horses large wood-framed lithograph. 12W..
6106.4 Staples black sterilite crates.
6107.Wood frame to accent mirror. 11E5.
6108.Basket full of rainy day books. Includes inside the O'Briens and Anne Rivers siddons the girls of August. 12D2.
6109.Retro TV trays. Tin lithograph toppers. 12D3.
6110.Wooden cut-out animals. 12E3.
6111.Webster's new international dictionary Indian paper edition. Copyright 1923 published by GNC Miriam company. 12E3.
6113.Box of records including Willie Nelson. 12D2.
6114.For partial gallons of paint. 12E2.
6115.Ornate designed metal planter box. 12D4.
6116.U-shaped light bulb. 12E5.
6117.Green stoneware table lamp with brass base. 12C1.
6118.Gold tone metal desk lamp. 12B1.
6119.Ceramic owl table lamp. 12B1.
6120.Green ceramic table lamp with wood base. 12B1.
6121.Vintage metal stool. 12D5.
6122.Mini cupcake stand that word candle holder. 12D2.
6123.Brass spindle table lamp with shade. 12A1.
6124.Slingbox 500 with original box and remote control. 12E4.
6125.Black metal cargo rack. 12E4.
6126.E-Z up swivel starlight easy water Christmas tree stand. 11D5.
6127.18 gallon sterilite storage container. 11D3.
6128.Vintage electric brisker. 11D3.
6129.EX officio large vest. 11D2.
6130.Wherever fondue set with the box. 11D1.
6131.Michigan State t-shirts, mostly a size large. Smell like they've been freshly washed. 11D2.
6132.Blue enamel teapot. 12E2.
6133.Green enamel cast iron griddle. 12E2.
6134.Cabin Chic comforter, appears to be full to queen size. 11E2.
6135.2 ready to paint coat racks. 11D4.
6136.Assorted cloth napkins. 12D3.
6137.Two milk crates, one made by Wilson's dairy foods. 11E2.
6138.Stack of vintage mystery records. Includes Elmer Bernstein, greatest Hits from the movies and the many moods of music. 11C3.
6139.Sanyo stereo cassette deck Rd gas to 2. May need to be repaired note on top. 12E4.
6140.Milk glass lamp shade with frame. 11C2.
6141.Coleman carry case with lantern. 11D4.
6142.Vintage Michigan State football team print. 11B3.
6143.Vintage Michigan State basketball print Michigan State vs Ohio State 1986. 11B3.
6144.Vintage Michigan State basketball framed print. 11B3.
6145.Rights and duties of drivers and others framed peace. 11B3.
6146.Green and white club, her a coach and MSU honorary coach vintage stickers. 11B3.
6147.Michigan State basketball 1977 to 1978 framed print. 11B3.
6148.The sporting news college football October 31st 1989 sprained magazine cover. 11B3.
6149.Vintage Msu framed basketball print. 11B3.
6150.The sporting news college football October 10th 1986 trains magazine cover. 11B3.
6151.Sports illustrated The incredible bulk magazine cover. 11B3.
6152.A farewell to jenison Field House 50 seasons of Spartan basketball 1939 to 1989. 11B3.
6153.1986 NCAA basketball championship first and second runs Dayton Ohio March 13th through 15 trauma. 11B3.
6154.The campaign for MSU advancing knowledge transforming lives book. 11B3.
6155.Oak framed autograph framed Prince. 11B3.
6156.Michigan State basketball bust Wednesday April 3rd 1985 autographed. 11B3.
6157.Michigan State basketball Michigan State vs Soviet national team dedication game November 21st 1989 crane crema. 11B3.
6158.Autographed Michigan State basketball bust Friday April 6th 1990 cancel it. 11B3.
6159.Michigan State basketball book Friday April 3rd 1987 autograph. 11B3.
6160.Michigan State basketball bust Wednesday April 3rd 1985 program autograph. 11B3.
6161.Michigan State University Spartan basketball Friday April 9th 1993 autographed Prince. 11B3.
6162.Michigan State University novelty football. 11B3.
6163.Daily Life by Chuck Daly with Joe falls autograph book. 11C3.
6164.Citizen-soldiers Stephen e Ambrose autograph hardback book. 11C3.
6165.Technology and the future of healthcare preparing for the next 30 years by David Ellis, autographed. 11C3.
6166.Autograph The book of virtues by William j Bennett. 11C3.
6167.Hexagon. Buy dichtomatik model t150 with storage bag. 11C3.
6168.Stacker records including blood sweat and tears. 11C4.
6169.Rubbermaid roughneck covered storage box. 12C3.
6170.Crafting and clothing vintage patterns. 12C2.
6171.Multicultural children's pants and vest. 12C2.
6172.Antique stoneware Willow pattern platter. Great decorative piece. 12C2.
6173.Bunny rabbit paperweight. 12E2.
6174.Michigan State sun visor, knitted Michigan State Snoopy hat and vintage baseball cap. 11B4.
6176.Michigan State basketball bus Friday April 4th 1986. Autographed. 11B3.
6177.Phone Michigan State finger, Michigan State bags and novelty license plate. 11B4.
6178.Michigan State Spartan football like new duffle bags. 11B4.
6179.Aperion silver plated pitcher. 11C2.
6180.Unmarked silver plated pitcher. 11C2.
6181.The Sheffield silver plated covered dish with Pyrex glass liner. 11C2.
6182.Silver-plated flip-top canister. Cannot find any branding name on it just a number to zero. 11C2.
6183.Vintage German China dish and canister that has been repaired. 11C2.
6184.Smuckers ceramic ice cream cups. 11C3.
6185.L.l.Bean size 7 wide winter boots. Good condition. 11D4.
6188.Candles and candle holders. 12D3.
6189.Assortment of hose attachments. 12C3.
6190.RS Prussia teacup and saucer. 12D2.
6191.Iridescent glass candle holder. 12D2.
6192.Hose attachments various types and sizes. 12C3.
6193.Large box filled with the different types of light bulbs. 11B6.
6194.Honeywell till tomatoes. 12E4.
6195.CPC two times teleconverter mc4 lens. 12E4.
6196.General electric meter reader. 12C2.
6197.vintage camera cases.
6198.Texas instruments TI-86 calculator with instruction manual. 12E4.
6199.Stoneware bedside lamp. 12A1.
6200.Black & Decker power scissors with original packaging. 11B4.
6201.Bri Mar curtain tassels. 12C2.
6202.Aqua blue double handled glass flour vase. 12D2.
6203.Maxwell, Memorex and TDK blank cassettes. 11E4.
6204.Vintage pale yellow stoneware mixing bowl. 11B5.
6205.Stoneware covered canisters with blue sponge painted design. 11B5.
6206.2 decorative China buses. 11B5.
6207.Bohemian cut flower balls. 11B6.
6208.Wicker woven sewing basket with sewing supplies. 11C4.
6209.Empire portable coffee maker with cups and storage case. 12B2.
6210.Bella casa serving platter with 3D life like fruit. 12B2.
6211.Linen and things comforter, hello and bed skirting. Probably full to queen size. Or larger 11A3.
6212.Assorted table linens. 11B2.
6213.Panasonic Bluetooth landline telephone. 11C4.
6214.Sony DVD player with remote control. 12B2.
6215.Wedgwood drinking glasses baby blue. 12B2.
6216.Wedgwood serving dish and ice bucket. 12B3.
6217.Yamaha natural sound stereo double cassette deck. 12B3.
6218.Yamaha VCR player with remote and manual. 12B4.
6219.Missouri bb-63 hat, text still attached. 11B2.
6220.U.s. army retired table decor with rubber backing. 11B2.
6221.Office envelopes, calculator and three hole puncher. 11C5.
6222.Assortment of cleaning supplies and brushes. 12B3.
6223.Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Anne-Marie and Mercedes.
6224.Winter hat and newspaper boy hat. 11B2.
6225.Bags bags and more bags. 11B7.
6226.Variety of signings and mirror including Maxine. 12B5.
6227.Regal 12 game set and word scramble I spy. 12B4.
6228.Game of Life, pictionary, trivial pursuit and checkers chess board. 12B5.
6229.Pitbull, dog sweater, toys and beds. 11A3.
6230.Cocktail spoons, one marked Norway on the back. 12E3.
6231.Disney VHS tapes. 11C5.
6232.Wood framed art print. 11D2.
6233.Hummel like framed print by Evans. 11D2.
6234.Wood, brass and silver plated frames. 11D2.
6235.Large wood frame with matting. 12w..
6236.Jar full of wine bottle corks. 11C1.
6237.Unique smoking pipe with twisted stem. Made by Danish pride. 11B5.
6238.Churchill smoking pipe. 11B5.
6239.Corn cob pipe and not find any marking except for a partial paper label on the bottom. 11B5.
6240.Georg Jensen pipe, made in Denmark. 11B5.
6241.Wooden pipe stand. 11B5.
6242.Belle and Beau ideal July 14th 1908 canning jar. 11B6.
6243.Spalding and company wooden racket, made in USA. 11B6.
6244.Primitive wooden toy. 11B6.
6245.Iron art cast iron spoon. 12B1.
6246.Vintage girl scout patches. 11B2.
6247.Yellow animal vintage cooking pot. 11B1.
6248.Indoor outdoor extension cord. 12A3.
6249.Caster cups, some still in original packaging. 12A3.
6250.Partial cans of spray paint. 12A5.
6251.Two hanging workshop lights approximately 24in. 12A3.
6252.Partial and full bottles of bleach. 12A5.
6253.Advertisement rulers. 12B4.
6254.Holly jolly Christmas lot. 11A2.
6255.Roll of replacement screen. 12A4.
6256.Montgomery Ward traverse rod center close.12A4.
6257.Is Sears fiberglass screening. 12A4.
6258.Advertisement folding yardstick. 12A4.
6259.TD special sanitary Tucker and Dorsey manufacturing company Indianapolis Indiana USA cabbage slicer. 12A4.
6260.Enterprise manufacturing company number 202 food chopper. 12A4.
6261.The cannasys college of Buffalo president's council benefactor flats. 11C4.
6262.Enchanted Garden moisture meter with original backing. 12A4.
6263.Made in Germany large holiday decorated with plate. 12A4.
6264.Made in Germany large holiday decorated with plate. 12A4.
6265.Sahara extra extra large Oldsmobile scramble sweater. 12A4.
6266.Pottery Barn antique beaded frame 4 x 6. Pewtertone. 12A4.
6267.China ginger jar whip topper made by Emery. 12B6.
6268.Silver plated platter, what a dish and bowls. 12B6.
6269.Floral enamel GMI dishwasher safe pot. 12A3.
6270.Small strainer pasta pot. 12A3.
6271.Stainless steel steamer pot. No brand barking. 12A5.
6272.Wicker paper plate holders. 12A3.
6273.Party napkins, plates, cups and Ziploc bags and stationary. 12A2.
6274.Multicultural children's vest and pants. 12A2.
6275.Sadek decorative pheasant plate. 12A3.
6276.The history channel club life member brass letter opener. 12A3.
6277.Markers, crayons and chalk. 12A5.
6278.Produce decorated kitchen rug.12A6.
6279.Johnny Horton's, Ray conniff, dance date, the Chipmunks see doctor little in more records. 11A2.
6280.Enesco floral ceramic base.12A5.
6281.Delft teacup and saucer. See pictures for the marking on the bottom. 12A3.
6282.Vanity tray, depression glass and vintage bottles. 11A4.
6283.Milk glass vintage bowl. 12A3.
6284.To navy blue wool blankets with lettering on them. 12A6.
6285.Iridescent Crystal cranberry glass with footed bases. 12A5.
6286.Don't have a cow but we have a cow for you and the other children's toys. 11A4.
6287.Wooden elephant figure. 12A2.
6288.Sing along with the grasshoppers, the Eaton rapids women's chorus, merry music for Christmas and more records. 11A5.
6289.China candlestick holder, made in France. 12A3.
6290.Stack of books for your bookshelf. Includes Plato and the music lover's handbook. 12A5.
8000.Light bulb party pack 150watt to 25 watt most new in package 12A5.
8001.Assortment of sheets and pillow cases 11B7,
8002.Lennox plates . See pictures for markings. 11B5.
8003.Lennox tea cups and saucers . See pictures for markings 12A2.
8004.Lennox serving bowl. 12A2.
8005.Halloween is coming yay. Pumpkin candy jar devils fork vampire costume and much more . 12C4.
8006.Mexican blanket . Great shape . Great earthy tones. 11A3.
8007.Hand towels and more .. Good shape ... 12C4.
8008.Black latching suit case with vintage hard shell sears suitcase 12F5.
8009.Variety of VHS tapes from web lord of the dance and more 11A5.
8010.Samsonite carrying bag good shape . Zippers are functional. 12D5.
8011.Women's clothes lot names include jacobsons and more sizes s to m 12E6.
8012.Black cushion with water cushion 11D2.
8013.Blue and red tub great for storing toys beach accssories and more 12A1.
8014.Coleman cooler very clean on inside 12E5.
8015.Vintage hard shell suit case cute little thing Would be a great pop of color for anyone's booth. 11C6.
8016.Food master meat grinder comes with different attatchments 11C6.
8017.Big box of packing peanuts 12A1.
8018.Big box of packing peanuts 12A1.
8019.Sears hard shell suit case 11D5.
8020.Vintage wooden wagon . Rolls well. Comes with lighted garland 1B2..
8021.White with floral patter comforter approx . Queen size 11E3.
8022.Pair of rolling luggage . Great for any trip 2A5..
8023.Little wooden table or plant stand . Great potential painted . 1B2.
8024.4 wooden legs .. 1B2..
8025.Smith system manufacturing metal storage boxes will attach to walls with brackets on back see pic for details 1B1/2A1
8026.Smith system manufacturing metal storage boxes will attach to walls with brackets on back see pic for details 1B1/1A1
8027.Smith system manufacturing metal storage boxes will attach to walls with brackets on back see pic for details 1B1/1A1
8028.Smith system manufacturing metal storage boxes will attach to walls with brackets on back see pic for details 1B1/1A1
8029.Mirro matic 22inch pressure cooker knob is on side 1W...
8030.Variety of curtain rods mostly all brand new 1B2..
8031.29x29 cutting grid board 11E5.
8032.Lithograph on board with beautiful embossed wooden frame 12W..
8033.Tote full men's pants cargo and jeans mostly size 36 1B5..
8034.Painted green spindle back chair 2I1..
8035.Ladder Back children's chair 2H1..
8036.Child's stool 2H1..
8037.Snap box full office filing folders 2I7..
8038.Fisher price little people car garage 2I3..
8039.Copper planter 2I7..
8040.Rubbermaid tote with lid 2F1..
8041.Folding wooden chair.
8042.Folding step 2 chalkboard / dry erase board.
8043.Partial bags of Morton salt an insect dust and buckets.
8044.Very nice folding outdoor chaise lounge.
8045.Holding patio furniture in beach chair.
8046.Drive deluxe Walker with storage basket.
8047.Wooden end table with magazine rack and lamp.
8048.Folding Wonder wheeler cargo Carrier basket.
8049.Antique wooden desk / table legs. Measures 25 inch by 26 inch by 5 inch.
8050.Drop leaf kitchen table, legs need to be attached. Hairpin brackets underneath. Legs need to be attached.
8051.Black drive wheelchair with removable extreme comfort cushion.
8052.To drafting board toppers see pictures for measurements.
8053.Retro 1 drawer nightstand with PEG style legs and dovetail joints. See pictures were measurements.
8054.3 small to large trash cans, to have stoppers.
8055.Grandma spindle back rocking chair with fruit design on the headrest.
8056.2 door metal cabinet lined with shelves, see pictures for measurements.
8057.Blue and white floral a bird themed rectangular area rug.
8058.Galvanized can less than half full of dried corn.
8059.Covered galvanized trash can original label still in the front.
8060.Ladder back wood chair with woven seating. This
8061.Set of 3 wooden TV trays.
8062.Metal frame wood top study table, would make a great crafting table. See pictures for measurements of the top.
8063.2 Kelsyes folding chairs with canopy toppers. See pictures.
8064.3 rolling office chairs.
8065.5 folding chairs.
8066.Rolling garbage can.
8067.Rolling Green covered trash can.
8068.Free oakwood side and Captain chairs. Made by Union City.
8069.King-size headboard, mattress, box springs and frame. Mattresses in Nice condition.
8070.3 partial buckets and bag of ice and snow salt.
8071.5 foot folding step ladder. 1W...
8072.Durham standard size folding card table.
8073.Costco standard size folding card table.
8075.Folding table, approximately 3 foot.
8076.3 plastic snow sleds.
8077.Bugs Bunny golfing Garden flag with wooden Pole.
8078.American flag with metal pole.
8079.Vintage wood frames black painted side table. Need some TLC.
8080.4 tier wooden bookcase. See pictures for measurements. 6 foot by 3 foot by 12 inch.
8081.4 tier double metal shelf, see pictures for measurements.
8082.Two rolls of upholstery fabric pastel roll is vinyl on the top and fabric on the bottom.
8083.Purple frames exerciser.
8084.Vintage standard size card table.
8085.6 to 7 foot like like tree with planter.
8086.Flush area rug with flower design beautiful. Approximately 3 foot by 4 foot.
8087.Oriental runner rug. She pictures for the measurements.
8088.Vintage Little tikes plastic wagon.
8089.3 mismatch table chairs.
8090.Glass front and top stereo cabinet see pictures for measurements.
8091.Large dark green tarp.
8092.Two vintage chairs.
8093.Vinyl covered stool. 2G1..
8094.1961 Michigan State Stein. 2I3..
8095.Alpine Lodge mini plates up. 1F2..
8096.Too tall glass flower vases with a ruffled edges. 1F1..
8097.Playing cards and card games. 1F2..
8098.Children's plastic toy shopping cart with basketball. 2I3..
8099.George Gershwin, Louis Jordan, Sammy Davis Junior and more CD's. 2I4..
8100.Vintage dolls, clothes and accessories. 2I4..
8101.Large lot of cooking booklet. 2I4..
8102.Floor vent covers. 1F2..
8103.White metal basket. 2I2..
8104.Two white metal baskets. 2I2..
8105.Large leather throw rugs. 2H2..
8106.Two large throw rugs. 2H2..
8107.Rolling cart. Holds up. 1W...
8108.Hallmark greeting cards collage frame. 12W..
8109.Quilted comforter approximately twin size to full size. 2I2..
8110.Shaggy floor throw feels like it's made out of wool. 2H2..
8111.4 plastic furniture legs. 1F2..
8112.Umbrellas, some with wood handles and others with the advertisement. 1F3..
8113.Large cream-colored throw rug, use it like cleaning. 2G2.
8114.Halloween's coming up you better have your you're riding stick for devil's night. 1W...
8115.Wood handle short whisk broom. Velvet wrapping around the base. 1W...
8116.Creamer pictures, salt and pepper shakers, gravy boat and ceramic milk bottle. 1F4..
8117.Silver-plated platters and covered dish. 1F4..
8118.Silver plated candlestick holders. 2I2..
8119.For two different styles brass candlestick holders. 2I2..
8120.Silver plated napkin holders. 1F5..
8121.Oval glass dish with metal base. 1F4..
8122.Silver-plated bowl, sauce dishes and candy dishes. 2H3..
8123.Silver plated oval serving dish with lion head handles. 1F5..
8124.Silver plated oval serving dish with lion head handles. 1F5..
8125.International silver company covered serving dishes in glass dish with silver plated rim. 2I5..
8126.Fashion pet travel gear soft shell travel case. 2G2..
8127.Decorative shelf sitting frogs, made by Russ. 1F5..
8128.Crocheted shawls and pashmina. 2I6..
8129.Glass oil lamp with ruffled shade. 1F1..
8130.Hot pink step stool. 2H1..
8131.38 quart sterilite covered container. 2F1..
8132.Blow up kiddie pool. 2G2..
8133.Ceramic shortbread pan bake beautiful shortbread comes with box and instructions. 1F6..
8134.Vintage sewing thread organizer with case. 2G3..
8135.Paint brushes and never been used watercolor paints. 1F6..
8136.Plastic storage container and thread organizers. 2H3..
8137.Satin like comforter, approximately twin to full size. Makes a great bedroom slip and slide. 2G3..
8138.Style Brook deluxe hat, marked on the inside. 2G2..
8139.Betmar leopard print vintage hat. 2G2..
8140.Glen of Michigan Bill Atkinson original design by madcap's hat. 2G2..
8141.Titania Saks fifth avenue vintage hat. 2G2..
8142.3 vintage wallets and clutches. 1F6..
8143.2 crocheted lap blankets. 2H2..
8144.Bag of various types of bags. 2E3..
8145.2 stoneware vases one marked made in Italy. 2G2..
9000.Vintage sticker books,childrens books,school book and ledger.10a2.
9001.The Black Arrow A cafe of the two Roses by Robert Louis Stevenson, copyright 1905.curio
9002.Lalla Rookh An Oriental Romance by Thomas ,can not find a copyright date.curio
9003.The Story of Cold Finished Steel Bars By Fred J Robbins,Fifth printing 1963.curio
9004.Footprints Under The Window By Franklin W Dixon,Author of the hardy boys.Copyright 1933.curio
9006.1941 The New Testament Of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,St Anthony Guild Press Paterson New Jersey.curio
9007.As A Thinketh By James Allen,can not find a copyright date.curio
9008.Economic History of the American people By Ernest L Bogart And Donald Kemmerer,November 1946.curio.
9009.True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin By the Blessed Lois Marie Grignon De Montfort Translated From the Original French By Cardinal Vaughn.Copyright 1909.curio
9010.Lettres De Mon Moulin by Par Alphonse Daudet,copyright 1897.curio
9011.Thais By Anatole France,printed in the USA.curio
9012.The Pink Motel by Carol Ryrie Brink,copyright 1959.curio
9013.Passion And Death Of Our Lord Jesus Christ by The Most Rev.Alban Goodier,SJ.Copyright 1944.curio
9014.Little Brown Koko by Blanche Seale Hunt Illustrated by Dorothy Wagstaff,copyright 1940.sc1..
9015.Gold Key Turok Son of Stone and Godzilla to Climb The Highest Monster.
9016.Diamond GI Joe sticker collectors album with top secret decoder.
9017.Giant Harvey Comics Sad Sack Laugh Special Sept.No.67 comic book.
9018.Charlton Comics Fightin Army Featuring The Lonely War of Capt.Willy Schultz No 87 Sept.
9019.Charlton Group Comics War World at War no 12 Feb.
9020.Gold Key Walt Disney Donald Duck The Robot that Wasnt There and Whitman Walt Disney Mickey Mouse
9021.Elvis Presley A Photoplay Tribute,1977 by Cadrant Enterprises.sc1..
9022.Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Magazine Febuary 1957 and Walt Disney Magazine Vol 3 No 2.
9023.Walt Disney's Magazine Vol 4,5 and 6.
9024.Walt Disney's Magazine Vol IV No 2 & 3.sc1..
9025.Dell Modern Screen The man all 3 Want and Sept 1967 Teen Screen Monkees 20 New Color Pix magazines.sc1..
9026.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 Vol 1 A to And & Vol II And to Aus.
9027.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 Vol III Aus-BIS and Vol IV BIS to CAL.
9028.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 Vol V CAL TO CHA & VOL VII CON TO DEM.UF...
9029.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 Vol VIII DEM TO EDW AND VOL IX EDW TO EVA.UF...
9030.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 Vol X EVA TO FRA AND VOL XI FRA TO GIB.UF...
9031.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 Vol XII GIC TO HAR AND VOL XIII HAR TO HUR.UF...
9032.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 Vol XX ODI TO PAY AND VOL XXI PAY TO POL.UF...
9033.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 Vol XXII POL TO REE AND VOL XXIII REF TO SAI.UF...
9034.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 VOL XXIV SAI TO SHU AND VOL XXV SHU TO SUB.UF..
9035.The Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition 1910-1911 VOL XXVI SUB TO TOM,XXVII TON TO VES AND Vol XXVIII VET TO ZYM.UF...
9036.Holy Bible Containing Old and New Testaments,Philidelphia John E Potter Company Nos 614 & 617.Can not find a date but guessing mid to late 1800's.sc1..
9037.Sheets Rockford silver plated coffee shop with serving platter and hagerty silversmith gloves.10a5.
9038.Wood frame to Michigan State football stadium photo print.12f1.
9039.Framed watercolor print.12f1.
9040.Pencil sign watercolor outdoor themed painting also number. See pictures for signatures.12f1.
9041.Framed Lansing State journal copyright 1986 September 25th Thursday news cover.12f1.
9042.28 to 27 MSU upsets number 1 Michigan framed newspaper article.12f1.
9043.Autographed MSU football framed photo prints see pictures for autograph.12f1.
9044.Framed 1978 Michigan State University football team program.12f1.
9045.Vintage gold wooden framed needlepoint art.12f1.
9046.Watercolor autumn themed print.12f1..
9047.Winter themed watercolor print.12f1.
9048.Pencil sign 1996 Sunday Kellogg 35 out of 50 artist proof.12f1.
9049.Pencil signed number to art, see pictures for signature.12f1.
9050.Pencil signed and dated wildlife print see pictures for signature.12w..
9051.1983 Rupert Johnston Michigan State Spartans framed poster.12w..
9052.Pencil sign New growth New Hope see pictures horse signature.12w..
9053.Floral watercolor tulip bouquet print. Placed in a really nice gold wooden frame.12w..
9054.The Taylors wooden signing.12w..
9055.Vintage wood framed with horse print on the inside. Gorgeous detailed framed.12w..
9056.Antique family portrait placed in wood vintage frame.12w..
9057.April blues bring my mail yellows Peter kitchell 1992 framed print.12w..
9058.Kitchell Tinguely's Tangled framed poster print abstract style.12w..
9059.Norton Abrasives India Oil Stone by Beher Manning,with original box.sc1..
9098.Beautiful vintage gold wood frame with glass. 12W..
13000.Arthur Wood Endland 59617 porcelain signed teapot,see pictures for marking on the bottom.sc1..
13001.Salisbury Bone China signed numbered teacup and saucer,made in England.See Pictures for inside of the cup.sc1..
13002.Staffordshire England Fine Bone china Crown Est 1901 teacup and saucer.sc1..
13003.Royal Albert Bone China Country Fayre Series Dorset teacup and saucer.sc1..
13004.Royal Sealy China Japan teacup and saucer,purple floral design.Marked on the bottom see pictures.sc1..
13005.Shelley England Fine Bone China England Begonia 13427,marked on the bottom see pictures.sc1..
13006.Wooden floral mini whiskey barrel with stand and miniature mugs.Partial label on the inside of the spout.sc1..
13007.Signed copper alphabet children's plate,see pictures for signature on the back.sc1..
13008.Lefon porcelain cherub figures,numbered on the bottoms.1 has a tiny piece broken off see pictures.sc1..
13009.Geo.Lefton Signed and numbered southern belle porcelain figure.See pictures for marking on the bottom.sc1..
13010.Ruffled edge marigold carnival glass candy dish with embossed floral pattern.See pictures for bottom of the bowl.sc1..
13011.Crackled cranberry glass footed vase with unique textured base,mold mark on the bottom.sc1..
13012.Pink depression glass square compote bonbon plate,chip on base see pictures.sc1..
13013.1940's Blue Willow cobalt blue and white 15 piece Japanese childrens china tea set.One of the plates have been repaired.sc1..
13014.HOIU hand painted made in Portugal ,marked on the bottom see pictures.Found a tiny flea bite on the rim see pictures.sc1..
13015.Iridescent German stein mug with raised design and metal topper.Marked KM Made in Germany 3925 on the bottom see pictures.sc1..
13016.Danmark iridescent stien mug,hand painted raised design.sc1..
13017.Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera, one of the advanced consumer cameras that ruled the day in the early 2000's. It has a built-in flash and an optical viewfinder in addition to the usual LCD display. This one is working well, has been tested.Comes with the original box,software, charger,manual and paperwork.10c5.
13018.1978 Solid Brass "Kieth"Baron buckle,marked on the back see pictures.sc1..
13019.Limited Edition made in USA NRA Golden Eagles brass belt buckle.sc1..
13020.1980 Bergamot Brass works grizzly bear belt buckle,see pictures for markings on the back.Old Time Buckle Collection by Oden's for Bergamot sc1..
13021.Handmade KEITH leather belt buckle.sc1..
13022.Algonquin Wooden Buckle "Lace" Redwood Burl belt buckle.sc1..
13023.Limited edition NRA Golden Eagles brass enamel belt buckle.Made in USA.Sc1..
80743.Vintage standard size card table.
12000.Glass top metal frame bar height patio table with 4 chairs. Stands 38 inches tall.nw...
12001.Metal framed glass top oblong patio table with the 4 matching chairs.nw....


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