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Bidding extended on Open items for 5 minutes since last bid.
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Wednesday, March 25th
Listings will end starting at 7pm Eastern Time. -
Bidding starts now, and ends on Wednesday, 3-25-2020. Listings will end starting at 7pm Eastern Time.

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001  COVID 19

By the order of the Governor we are all to stay home and non essential businesses must shut down. Lil Dusty is attempting to comply and will be operating under temporary guidelines to get through these difficult times. We realize that many re sellers rely on this auction and we are essential to their livelihood. We will attempt to maintain weekly auctions based on participation and space. We may be forced into every other week during this time and smaller auctions due to limitations on our acquisitions. We all are in uncharted territory and we will be doing our best to survive this challenging time.
002  Pick Up procedures
All winning bids will be processed for TAKE OUT only! Please call ahead and let us know that you are coming by to pick up if you can. If your not able to pick up until this blows over we ask that you call in your payment and we will box up your order and store until you are able to pick up. We will guarantee all orders that are paid for. If this stay at home policy by our Government is extended and we can no longer store winning bids due to space requirements. Any invoice that has not been paid for and has been here for longer than 3 weeks may be returned to stock.
As with every auction, even when times are good and unrestricted, we have several New Bidders that do not understand or fail to read the rules. Many winning invoices are never paid for or picked up and we have to re process items. My fears are with this stay at home restrictions we will have many new bidders that are bored and will just bid to pass the time. This runs the prices up for everybody!
004  Our plan to avoid this will have to remain the same as far as shutting down bidding privileges. Should an invoice go 2-3 weeks with out being paid will will have to limit bidding. Even loyal and weekly bidders may lose track of what was spent or what volume they may have won... And when this all blows over... We will have a very difficult time sorting out the paid from the unpaid that eats up storage space for those that have paid. So, if you win and item and wish to keep it, Please call us and pay for it even if you cant pick it up right away. This will allow us to pay our consignors and people who list for all of us to enjoy a variety of items!       ended
005  EVERYBODY, PLEASE BE SAFE. We hope you enjoy the auction and any decisions as to whether we can pull this off on a weekly basis or bi-weekly will be made based on the results of this auction and how smooth it goes in the future. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BID IN ADVANCE       ended

Due to the impact of COVID-19, We will be limiting pick ups for the next few weeks to appointment only.

All pick-ups will be by appointment only. Please call the office to schedule.

Additionally, We will not be adding storage charges to those who call in payments.

Please call or email with any questions



T_6041.JPGSet of 2 Pampered chef Valtrompia bread tube-flowers. 7D3..       ended


T_6168.JPGDetroit Michigan city maintenance cards. 9D6.. 1 8636 3.16   ended

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