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How to Buy

Lil Dusty Online is an ascending price auction. The bid you enter is the highest amount you are willing to pay for that item. This is a private bid, no sellers or other buyers will know your bid amount. Lil Dusty places your bid automatically until you are outbid or the bidding exceeds your maximum amount . If outbid you will automatically be sent an email not-unless the auction is within the last 5 minutes and not receive an email. At this time you may enter a new bid amount. New bids must be a minimum of .25 above the current bid amount. There are no restrictions on how many times you may bid on a single item. All items have a minimum bid of $1.00. Any amount bid less than $1.00 will automatically become a $1.00 bid.

Bidding increments:
Bid Amount - Increment
1.00 - 0.25
10.00 - 0.25
25.00 - 0.50
50.00 - 1.00
100.00 - 2.50
500.00 - 10.00
1,000.00 - 25.00

Place bids in the box to the right of the item. At the bottom of the page enter your bidder number and password. Click the 'Submit Bids' button. Click on boxes to agree to the terms and conditions and then click 'Continue'. Review the bid amount and click 'Submit Bids'. You may also enter bids on the item detail page you are wishing to purchase.

To review bids you have already placed, you can enter your account from the Current Auction page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your bidder number and password. This will show all the items you are already bidding on. You may also increase bids from this page.


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